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California State Senate. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

What Is the Statutory Record?

An index of each section of the California Constitution

By Chris Micheli, September 6, 2022 10:45 am

There are a number of important legislative publications, including the Statutory Record. According to the Office of Legislative Counsel, which produces the legislative publications, the Statutory Record is an index of each section of the California Constitution, the 29 California Codes, as well as uncodified laws, that are affected by laws enacted by the Legislature or the People through the initiative process.

This legislative publication provides an index that indicates the year and chapter or proposition number of the affecting measure and is cumulative for a 10-year period. It also includes superior numbers following the effect to show any special rule of operation or effectiveness. The Statutory Record is published in the Summary Digest by the Legislative Counsel.

The Statutory Record looks like the following:





Additions, Amendments, Repeals, Revisions, and Supplements 

Affecting the California Constitution, California State Budgets, Codes, and Statutes Other Than Codes

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