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Gavin Newsom and Shirley Weber
Gov. Gavin Newsom and Assemblywoman Shirley Weber. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

What Made CA Gov. Newsom Order Bars to Close in 7 Counties?

Remember when Gov. Newsom groundlessly claimed that the virus started in a nail salon?

By Katy Grimes, June 28, 2020 7:04 pm

Gov. Newsom isn’t using Dr. Singleton’s medical science – he’s using ‘political science.’


Even as the number of coronavirus deaths per day continues to fall in June, despite the number of cases increased due to ramped up testing, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Sunday he was “ordering” and “recommending” bars to close in 7 counties because as he said, “COVID-19 is still circulating in California, and in some parts of the state, growing stronger.”

What does that mean? And what about the thousands protesting in the streets that the governor clearly supported? Did they have nothing to do with more “cases?”

What about the 3,500 inmates Gov. Newsom has already released, and now wants to see that number doubled? He’s willing to stop the spread of coronavirus in prisons by releasing inmates back into the community. Think about that.

When the governor speaks and the media reports a “spike” in “cases,” that only means those who test positive for the virus. It does not translate into overrun hospitalizations or increased COVID-related deaths. And most people are asymptomatic.

The governor has required bars in Fresno, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles and Tulare counties to close, while Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Stanislaus and Ventura counties were only “recommended” to close.

Newsom’s order impacts bars, brewpubs, breweries, and pubs unless they serve food. Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal.

Take a close look at the impacted counties:

Impacted Counties
Recommended Bar Closure: Mandatory Bar Closure:
  • Riverside
  • Sacramento
  • San Bernardino
  • Santa Barbara
  • Stanislaus
  • Ventura
  • Fresno
  • Kern
  • Kings
  • Los Angeles
  • Tulare


Where is San Francisco?

“Despite the rise in cases, Covid-19 patients fill only 8 percent of the available hospital beds,” Dr. Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD, recently wrote in an op ed.

“The virus is also a lot less deadly than previously thought. According to revised CDC estimates, the coronavirus mortality rate is 0.4 percent—which is considerably less than the 3.4 percent death rate that was initially reported by the World Health Organization. Again, as testing increases, the mortality rate decreases,” Dr. Singleton said.

Yet the governor and his California Department of Public Health Sunday released new “guidance” on the closure of bars for counties on the County Monitoring List. “The Department recommends that counties on the County Monitoring List for three or more consecutive days, but less than 14 days, close bars through local health officer order (or do not allow for the opening if bars have not yet been allowed to open in the county). Counties which have been on the list for 14 days or more are required to immediately close bars.”

Apparently Californians were getting a little too used to getting back to the real normal, and not buying into Newsom’s “new normal.”

“Californians must remain vigilant against this virus,” said Gov. Newsom. “COVID-19 is still circulating in California, and in some parts of the state, growing stronger. That’s why it is critical we take this step to limit the spread of the virus in the counties that are seeing the biggest increases. Each of us has the power to limit the spread of this virus. Wear a face covering and keep physically distant outside the home. Don’t gather in groups, and if you are older or have a condition that puts you at higher risk of COVID-19, protect yourself by staying home.”

My BS meter is off the charts.

We know that Covid-19 impacts those over the age of 65, and even higher percentages over 85, particularly those in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. Dr. Singleton says this age group accounts for 80 percent of California Covid-19 fatalities.

Yet Gov. Newsom still claims to be “using data and science to guide our response to COVID-19.” He obviously hasn’t talked with Dr. Singleton.

Isn’t it interesting that the governor is only attacking bars, when hundreds of thousands of Californians everyday shop at a Home Depot, Walmart, and Costco? And they get to shop for their weed from pot dispensaries and booze from grocery stores – large and small.

But bars, where people go to socialize, meet friends, drink summer cocktails and cold beer, and unwind and have fun, are somehow the culprits of “the spread of this virus.”

Remember when Gov. Newsom groundlessly claimed that the virus started in a nail salon in California, but refused to say where and when?

Recently I was told that while nail salons only very recently opened up, the mostly Vietnamese owners know why they were targeted for lockdown so long – they are entrepreneurs, small business owners, and a mostly conservative community. Not only did they flee Vietnam from communism, they fled seeking economic opportunities for themselves and their families. They work long hours to provide for their families, and to provide opportunities for their children. Those who understand and embrace economic principles tend to be more conservative.

Bar owners are small business owners. Small business owners must be economically responsible and prudent. They understand the hardships and successes of business ownership, and are usually fiercely independent.

As Congressional Candidate Andy Caldwell notes, “I would love to know why he believes bars are at the center of our county’s problems?”

And says, “The local ‘experts’ have surmised our new cases could be arising from high density living conditions and carpooling!”

What science? Gov. Newsom isn’t using Dr. Singleton’s medical science – he’s using “political science.”

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12 thoughts on “What Made CA Gov. Newsom Order Bars to Close in 7 Counties?

  1. Excellent points here about who is being targeted by these whimsical and always-changing orders and why. It seems that every time the public begins to get its bearings, and back to some sort of normalcy as you say, one of these phony orders is issued by the governor. Have I finally lost track of time or has it been happening every single day? So much for stability in one’s life and being able to take a break from having to monitor this guy’s edicts for 24 hours. But I think that is another topic for another time.

    This behavior from Newsom and those who surround him in Sacramento is not only affecting people economically and otherwise, I believe it is meant to affect their mental health. The evidence is in and I think it is undeniable: Newsom ENJOYS toying with people in this twisted and sadistic way and I think he has become very invested in doing it. I only WISH that this were all about giving the middle finger to Donald Trump; it seems about much more than that now. I hate to say it and I wish it weren’t so but there it is.

  2. If Kings county is so dangerous, I think Newsome should shut down work on the high speed rail here in the county. I still don’t understand how work on a railroad no one will ever ride on is deemed essential.

  3. “My BS meter is off the charts.”~Katy Grimes

    Katy you have one of the best BS meters I have seen. Yes,something stinks to high heaven here.

    I guess we could say Newsom is a buzz kill!

    If we get back to normal then what does he hold over on us all? I am sorry he lost his credibility a long time ago. His so called mandates are arbitrary as you stated in your article. It is time to reopen California. Quarantine the sick and let the healthy earn a right to a living!
    The Wuhan Bat Virus is being used to subjugate us.

  4. NOW will people get on board & recall this gravel-voiced power monger???

    He’s all about keeping the California economy destabilized until November 4, 2020…

    This article is right on the money & my BS meter pegs every time Governor Hairgel opens his trap.

    Recall Newsom now and VOTE for President Trump for four more years of driving these Democrats insane…. They and their Chinese Communist teammates will stop at nothing in their attempts to remove President Trump from office….

  5. once again, it’s all about politics and control, and not about health. Most of the “ordered to” counties are in the Republican central valley. No SF, Bay Area, Silicon Valley etc. I’m sure that’s all based on “science.”

  6. Let’s cut to the chase here: Do you know anybody who has had this virus? Do you know anybody, of anybody who has died of it? (Other than somebody who was already on their last legs and waiting for the big black bus.)

    Me neither.

    So this is all bullshit, complete with ledgermandered stats and overdetermined and stage managed news and ad images.

    So what’s the endgame them? A mandate for mail in voting and the consequent fraud? More freebies for the illegals and ghetto folks in return for votes? (The ugly woman – I use the term advisedly – standing next to him in the photo would be all for that.) Infantilise further the – Victor Davis Hanson’s term here – “Quarter Educated” public so that their gratitude will translate into their continued parasitical tenures?

    I do know that, with the exception of the germ phobics and hysterics, nobody is buying it in my circle. And that even includes, increasingly, the quarter educated who notice that the mass burials aren’t taking place.

    (But they might be. Don’t forget about all those repurposed FEMA Death Camps around Edwards AFB and Area 51! Snark.)

    This is going to backfire on them. People will ignore it, even if “Officials” don’t. For example, look for impromptu underground beer and cocktail bars popping up in somebody’s garage, right next to the bootleg gym setup. Ditto garage restaurants complete with salad bars and buffets. (Food trucks are already doing a booming business.)

    And come November, if enough people remember how pissed off they are – problematic with the short attention span voter – most if not all these clowns will be voted out of office.

    Just (another run-on) thought.


  7. I am glad to find people with common sense. I thought it was gone until I started subscribing to California Globe, you have given me hope.

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