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Woman Photographed Leaning out of Speeding Cadillac Holding AK-47 in San Francisco

Shootings have doubled in two years in SF, while Mayor is redirecting $120M from police to ‘address disparities in the Black community’

By Katy Grimes, August 6, 2021 3:20 pm

The San Francisco Police Department photo of a woman hanging out of a Cadillac with AK-47.
(Photo: SFPD)

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” file, a bail agent in San Francisco sent the Globe this photo, posted by the San Francisco Police Department, of a woman hanging out of the passenger seat window of a speeding Cadillac holding an AK-47.

Our friends at Press California posted a news video of the scene.

San Francisco, as with many other “woke” cities, recently announced budget cuts to the police department. “San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a major budget cut to the San Francisco police and sheriff’s departments over the next two years,” ABC7News reported July 31, 2021. “In a press conference Friday, the mayor said $120 million in funding would be redirected from law enforcement agencies to instead be spent on addressing disparities in the Black community.”

Shootings and gun violence incidents have nearly doubled over the past two years with 26 homicides so far this year in San Francisco, CBS San Francisco reported. This photo certainly makes it appear that the streets of San Francisco are lawless.

But hey, as one commenter on Twitter observed, she has a Full Eye lash set on… “better look pretty when i pull out my AK47.”

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8 thoughts on “Woman Photographed Leaning out of Speeding Cadillac Holding AK-47 in San Francisco

  1. Looks like something out of a G.D. Horror movie but no this is life as we know it in San Francisco Bay Area.
    Keep voting for Democrat Marxists and phony conservatives this is what your reap!

  2. Example #87,634 of why I say most of what’s wrong with California originates in the Bay Area.

  3. We have the right to bear arms. This picture doesn’t show criminal activity and discussing shootings in the context of the picture is like having a picture of Gordon Ramsey during a cooking show and talking about mass stabbings and the recent beheading in Minnesota.

    The AK-47 is an awesome and reliable tool and, in these times, many responsible families should consider keeping at least one of them around. That being said, it also looks pretty cool and I can see why someone would want to take a fun photo op with it.

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