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De León Endorsements Keep Rolling In

The SF Bay Guardian Comes Out Against Feinstein

By Sean Brown, October 11, 2018 5:37 pm

With the number of days before the November election dwindling, Kevin de León’s (D-Los Angeles) endorsements keep growing.

Today, the SF Bay Guardian gave its backing to the 51 year old State Senate veteran and current Senate challenger. In its endorsement, the paper stated “Good for Sen. De León for challenging Dianne Feinstein. Our issue with the incumbent senator has nothing to do with her age; she is clearly still competent and qualified. We just don’t like her politics. De León offers a much more progressive, activist approach and is more likely to challenge Trump at every point and on every level.”

In an article published yesterday, the Globe noted Senator Feinstein took a lot of heat from the Democratic Party last year after she was viewed as having a somewhat conciliatory attitude towards Trump’s presidency. Perhaps this is what has allowed De León to capture the endorsement of the Democratic Party, which he proudly displays on his home website and twitter page.

The progressive Bay Guardian is one of many publications that have also endorsed De León including the San Francisco Bay View and the LA Opinion.

While this endorsement certainly comes late in the game, for any candidate the more the merrier. Perhaps they have seen a De León campaign that is energized after being marked within only 11 points of incumbent Feinstein in the latest poll.

The two rivals are scheduled for their first debate next week October 17th at noon.

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