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California Globe Hires Veteran Journalist Katy Grimes as Editor

Political Journalist, Saucy Cynic, Fair-Minded Analyst. Never a Stenographer.

By Katy Grimes, January 2, 2019 9:00 am

Investigative Journalist Katy Grimes joins California Globe as Editor, January 1, 2019. Grimes is a longtime investigative political journalist, analyst, and author, and reports on the California Legislature and politics from the State Capitol in Sacramento.

California Globe Editor Katy Grimes with Jerry Brown’s 1974 Plymouth Satellite at the California Auto Museum.

Grimes has been published in numerous news outlets including Legal Insurrection, Frontpage Mag, Orange County Register, Washington Examiner, the San Francisco Examiner, the Sacramento Bee, Fox News, the Business Journal, the Canada Free Press, the Flash Report, Human Events, and Watchdog.org. She was a regular columnist for The Sacramento Union.

Grimes co-authored California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses? with James Lacy, published September 2017, and contributed the chapter on Crime in California to James Lacy’s Taxifornia 2016.

“Because my motto has always been, ‘Political Journalist, Saucy Cynic, Quintessential Analyst. Never a Stenographer.’ I’m really looking forward to ramping up my investigative reporting on California politics, and digging in at California Globe,” Grimes said. “This ‘daily website obsessively chronicling California politics’ is a perfect fit for me as I like to report on ‘the rest of the story’ and important news often overlooked, so readers know they are getting the unvarnished truth.”

California Globe publisher Kevin Sanders said,  “We hired Katy to open a window on what the power players of Sacramento are up to — the lawmakers, their staffs, the lobbyists and influencers. We know they’re already reading our site and now, with a great editor raising our game, anyone looking to reach those power players will know where to advertise.”

California Globe founder Ken Kurson said, “As newspapers disintegrate and the few remaining journalists obsess over national matters, California is starving for independent, thoughtful coverage of what’s going on in the biggest state in the nation. Katy’s experience, toughness and commitment to reporting issues from all sides make her the perfect person to build California Globe into the No. 1 resource for state political news.”

A California native, Katy lives in Sacramento with her husband Terry, her German Shepherd Hans Gruber, and cat Eleanor Rigby. Her son is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Katy Grimes

Katy Grimes, the Editor of the California Globe, is a long-time Investigative Journalist covering the California State Capitol, and the co-author of California's War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses?
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