About Us

California Globe is an independent, professional news website obsessively chronicling everything political throughout the state of California. We are pro-growth and pro-business, non-partisan and objective; we report what we see and hear without fear or favor. 

Edward Abbey wrote, “There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” This site takes pride in delivering authoritative, comprehensive coverage of the people, policies and pageantry of the most magnificent state in the country.

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Katy Grimes – Editor in Chief

Katy Grimes is Editor in Chief of California Globe. A long time investigative and political journalist, analyst, and author, Grimes reports on the California Legislature and politics from the State Capitol in Sacramento, providing readers independent, thoughtful coverage, important news often overlooked, and the unvarnished truth of what’s going on in the biggest state in the nation. Grimes co-authored California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses? with James Lacy, published September 2017, and contributed the chapter on Crime in California to James Lacy’s Taxifornia 2016.

Evan Symon – Senior Editor

Evan V. Symon is the Senior Editor for the California Globe. A graduate of the University of Akron, Evan began his career as a journalist working for the Cleveland Plain Dealer on the west side suburbs beat. From there he moved on to being a reporter, and later, lead reporter for Cracked’s personal experience section where he covered everything from the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions to helping track down some of the last war criminals in Germany. After a short stint with the Pasadena Independent, Evan joined the California Globe in 2019 and has since covered stories and events across the state with a focus on Southern California. Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, Evan currently lives in Pasadena, California where he enjoys hiking, travel, and going to Dodgers and Guardians games.

Corrections policy

California Globe publishes fresh, original content every day. Errors are regrettable but inevitable. When mistakes occur, it is our policy to address them with a correction, update, clarification or editor’s note as quickly and as transparently as possible. Our aim is for readers to understand exactly what mistake was made, the correct information that replaces or supplements it, and in some relevant cases, why the mistake occurred (eg, we misunderstood what a source was telling us vs. simply mistyping a year). While minor mistakes of spelling or grammar are corrected without special mention, mistakes that alter the thrust or understanding of a story are appended in a way that clarifies what went wrong and how it’s been corrected.

If you believe a story in California Globe is in need of correction or clarification, please email us at editor@californiaglobe.com.

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