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President Trump Lands Another Judge on 9th Circuit Over CA Senators Objections

Gun Owners of CA Joins First Major 2nd Amendment SCOTUS Case In Ten Years

Derailed: Trump Admin Pulls $1B in Funding for California High-Speed Rail Project

Exclusive: Warrant Details Search of Journalist’s Home in Adachi Leak Probe

Homeless Spending in CA: Where is the Money Going?

Pump the Brakes on the Bullet Train

Will $1 Billion Spending on California’s Homeless Fix the Problem?

Gov. Newsom Grants Seven Pardons

New Assembly Rule Could Kill Democrats’ and Bipartisan Bills Before Committee Votes

‘Spot Bills’ in the California Legislature

How Voters Can Transform California in One Election

Journalist Says Police, Feds Raid Home in Pursuit of Adachi Leak Information

California’s Executive Branch and Administrative Agencies

Gov. Newsom Touts Largest Tax Revenue Windfall in CA History in Budget, and Highest Spending

Sanctuary City Oakland Using State Gas Tax Money to Keep Streetlights On

ICE: ‘Ismael Huazo-Jardinez will remain in ICE custody’

CA Education Board Approves ‘Pornographic’ Sex Ed

Californians Face Residential Water Rationing Next Year Following Record 2019 Snowpack

BREAKING: Fugitive Manslaughter Suspect Ismael Huazo-Jardinez in ICE Custody

The Approach Gov. Newsom is Implementing to Achieve ‘Single Payer’

CA Senate Passes Bill to Force Presidential Candidates to Release Tax Returns to be on State Ballot

Project Packs a Sweetheart Deal for No-Bid Willie Brown Crony

Executive Branch Provisions Found in Statutes

California Gas Prices Causing Spike in National Average

No Change in California’s K-12 Performance Despite 60% Spending Increase Since 2011

Sacramento History: Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme Still Loves Charles Manson

California’s 2,300 Special Districts

CA Twin Tunnels Project Officially Dead

Immunity From Arrest for California Sex Workers Passes Senate

A Fix for California’s Election Integrity Issues or Something Else Entirely?

Should Campaign Funds Be Used for Babysitting Costs?

Housing and Transportation: Why California’s Legislature Gets EVERYTHING Wrong

Sen. Stern Forgot to Attend Hearing on his Special Privilege Bill

Enviro Group with Cal Poly SLO Posts ‘Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet’

Shmuley Boteach Upbraided By Lawyer Over Ilhan Omar Photo

California Senate President Toni Atkins Ramping Up For 2020 Reelection

California Politicos, Hollywood, Lawyers, Contribute to Kamala Harris

The Regulatory Zealot Behind California’s Surging Gasoline Prices

California City Government Overview

California Lawmakers React to Poway Synagogue Shooting

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