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Privileges of Voters in California

San Jose City Mayor Sam Liccardo Pushing for Tuesday Vote On Mandatory Firearm Insurance and Annual Fee

General Provisions of California’s Elections Code

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine For All California School Children Under New Bill

LA Unified School District Bans Cloth Masks Usage On Schools Beginning Monday

California’s Highest-in-the-Nation Gas and Diesel Taxes

Election Dates in California

California’s Death Tax Unleashed a Callous Tax Increase on Californians Grieving the Death of a Loved One

The Visually Impaired Voter Assistance Act

California Legislature: Complying with Court Decisions

California’s New Motor Voter Program

Prohibitions and Campaign Committees in California’s Political Reform Act

Declarations of Existing Law in California Statutes

Voter Qualifications in California

VP Harris Visits So Cal, Announces $600 Million in Wildfire Disaster Relief Funding

Bill Introduced to Allow 12 Years And Older To Vaccinate Without Parental Consent

California Online Voter Registration

Bill To Convert Municipal Golf Courses to Affordable Housing Killed In Assembly Committee

Liberally Construing California Statutes

A sea of empty desks inside the California State Assembly

California’s General Prohibitions Against Conflicts of Interest

Gov. Newsom Shocked California Looks Like ‘a Third World Country’

Appellate Court Rules LA, Ventura Counties Violated 2nd Amendment During Pandemic

House Antitrust Bills Have California’s $5+ Billion Tech Industry Concerned

California Statutes Codifying Court Decisions

California Increasing State Water Release from 0% to 15% of Requested, Following Winter Storms

California Has Existing Tools to Assist Struggling Restaurant/Bar Industry

Enforcement of the California Political Reform Act

Sacramento Mayor Steinberg Spending $23 Million on Another Homeless Hotel

Sen. Mike McGuire Named New Senate Majority Leader

Statements of Economic Interest by California Public Officials

Overreach in Technology Regulation Carries Multiple Risks

Attorney General Rob Bonta Launches Civil Rights Investigation Into Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith

Bill To Tighten Parameters of Expert Testimony Placed on Suspense File

California’s Conflict of Interest Codes

Gov. Newsom Announces #CaliforniansForAll College Corps Service Program

Proposed Education Funding Scheme Doesn’t Address California’s Needed Public School Reforms

Terms Defined in the California Elections Code

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti nominates Kristen Crowley as next LAFD Chief

Sacramento DA Arrests Woman in $2.75 Million EDD Fraud Scheme

Required Financial Disclosure of California Public Officials

Gov. Newsom Shocked California Looks Like ‘a Third World Country’

Californians have recently been treated to images of mountains of trash along the Union Pacific rail line in Los Angeles.

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