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Laguna Beach City Council Votes to Keep American Flag Artwork on Patrol Cars

California Gas Prices Surging Above $4.00. Again.

A Totally Different USC Scandal

California’s Role in National Politics

California Bill Imposes Ban On Little Shampoo Bottles From Hotels

Direct Democracy and California’s Constitution Article II

California Teachers Union’s ‘Intent to Cripple California’s Charter Schools’

Police Use of Force Bill is ‘Epitome of Second Guessing’ by Lawmakers

California AG Enforces Travel Ban to South Carolina, Turns Blind Eye to Gov’s Trip to El Salvador?

LA DA Jackie Lacey Suddenly Struggling

California Lawyers Mandatory Re-Fingerprinting Turns Up 2,200 Criminal Records

Kamala Harris off to strong fundraising start

CA Air Resources Board Stonewalls on CA Data, Yet Sues Pres. Trump Over Emissions Data

CA Gov. Newsom Vilifies Trump Immigration Policy, Travels 3,000 Miles to Visit El Salvador

Direct Democracy and California’s Constitution Article II

CA Files Suit Against Trump Administration Over Rollback of Federal Vehicle Emission Standards

Is Mexico California’s ‘Great Neighbor?’

The Legislature and California Constitution Article IV

Sacramento’s Software Incompetence in the Software Capital of the World

Sacramento Attack on Statutes of Limitations Threatens Rule of Law Everywhere

Auditor’s Findings Alleging Nepotism and Retaliation in Dept. of Insurance Audit Challenged

Competitive Academic Program ‘Too White’ For Sacramento City School District Officials

U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Constitutionality of Bail, But CA Still In Legal Bail Limbo

Soda Consumption is Not Declining in Berkeley, Despite Hefty Tax

Assemblyman Lackey Proposes Bill to Protect Victims Over Death Row Killers

Sen. Scott Wiener Bill Would Allow State Control Over Parents/Doctors on Child Intersex Surgeries

Racist Tweets From Proposed CSU Fellows Program Director

Disproportionately One-Sided

The Legislature and California’s Constitution Article IV

Make California Affordable Again: The Grand Bargains We Ought to See

Beto O’Rourke Addresses Enthusiastic But Smaller-Than-Expected Launch Crowd

Gov. Gavin Newsom Traveling to Central America to Usurp President Trump

Black Lives Matter Activists Arrested in Sacramento For Protesting DA’s Luncheon Meeting

The Governor and California’s Constitution Article V

Thousands of Outraged Parents Rally At State Capitol Over Hyper-Sexualized K-12 Curriculum

Assemblyman O’Donnell Combats College Admissions Cheating by Allowing Students to Take Tests at School

Murder Victims’ Families Duped by Gov. Newsom in Pre-Death Penalty Moratorium Meeting

California Fur Ban: Assemblywoman Friedman Calls it a ‘Statement of Wealth and Fashion’

Three Personal Interactions with the Media’s Darkest Two Years

Top Republicans Say CA Rep. Adam Schiff ‘Unfit’ For Duty; Demand He Resign as House Intel Chairman

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