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AB 331: AI Tools

Palm Springs City Councilwoman Lisa Middleton Announces Run For State Senate

AB 1182: Energy Incentives

SB 700: Cannabis Use by Employees

Maria Elena Durazo

SB 723: Displaced Workers

‘Journalism Usage Fee’ Legislation Proposed In CA Assembly

Conflicts of Interest in Contracting by California State Agencies

Californians for Equal Rights Foundation Announces Intent to Sue San Francisco Over Guaranteed Income Programs

Rep. Khanna Under Fire Over Fundraiser By GOP Backer

New Polls Shows Fewer Angelinos Support Hosting 2028 Olympic Games

Homeless Voucher Scheme: 2 Sex Offenders Accused of Raping Minor Girls at El Cajon Motel

OPINION: UC Davis Chancellor Schooled in Freedom of Expression, Diversity of Thought, and Inclusion

SB 725: Grocery Workers Bill Amended

LA City School Workers Begin Three-Day Strike

AB 1359: Paid Sick Days for Healthcare Workers

Indian Consulate In San Francisco Attacked By Protestors

LA Schools Service Workers Strike Expected To Start Tuesday

Pastor Counsels Roseville Kids on Sexual Identity & Gender Without Parents’ Approval

Brian Maienschein

AB 594: Labor Code Enforcement

Gov. Newsom Announces $30 Insulin Available Following Contract With Drug Maker

Students Trapped in California’s Failing Public Schools Deserve a Way Out

Why Do California Tax Bills Contain ‘Section 41’ Provisions?

Public Health? Who Knows? Public Comments? Absolutely Not!

California Motor Carriers Act

Stanford Law School Student Hooligans Shout Down Federal Judge

AB 52: Manufacturing Equipment Tax Credit

The 2024 California U.S. Senate Race: Where It Currently Stands Post-Feinstein

San Diego Proposes Ordinance to Ban Homeless Tents on Public Property

The Spark that Lit the Gas Stove Debate

Gov. Newsom Announces Proposed Regulations Against Oil Companies In California

Futile Spending on California’s Homeless Vagrant Population Has Only Grown the Problem

This Bill Has a Number of ‘Plus Sections’

New Shuttle Service For LA DA’s Office Employees Sparks Criticism In Los Angeles

What Are the Component Parts of California’s Codes?

Gov. Newsom Wants 15% Homeless Reduction By 2025, New Tiny Homes

Gov. Newsom’s ‘Stronger Proposal to Hold Big Oil Accountable’ is Full of Organic Matter

Report: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento No Longer Under Drought Conditions

California Teachers Association or Cover Their…?

Legal Analysis: California Court of Appeal Primarily Upholds Prop. 22

So Cal Water District Lifts Restrictions For 7 Million People Following Months Of Rainfall

Students Trapped in California’s Failing Public Schools Deserve a Way Out

During the pandemic, funding for California's K-12 schools and community colleges spiked from $79.3 billion in 2019-20 to $110.4 billion in

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