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Gov. Newsom Applauds ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

Former Rep. T.J. Cox Arrested By FBI on 28 Counts for Election Fraud

California’s Tribal Government Gaming and Self-Sufficiency Act

California Congressional Republicans Urge Gov. Newsom to Raise Shasta Dam

Bill To Prohibit One Pound Disposable Propane Tanks Passed By Assembly

A sea of empty desks inside the California State Assembly

California Climate Catalyst Revolving Loan Fund

Gascón Recall Effort Fails as LA Registrar Recorder Denies 200K Signatures

California State Assembly in Session

California Target Area Contract Preference Act

CPUC Set to Strip CA Residents of Subsidized Broadband Service

House Minority Leader McCarthy Says He Will Be Speaker Next Year Should GOP Win Back House

Psychedelic Drug Decriminalization Bill Gutted Before Crucial Assembly Vote

California Citizen Complaint Act

Sac Bee Editor Tells Tall Tale in Preoccupation with Assemblyman Kiley

California Waste and Carbon Emissions Reduction Act

California ‘TOD’ Security Registration Act

California Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act

Overview of ‘CalSavers’ Act

Disposition of Senate and Assembly Measures So Far this Session

California State Assembly

When Does the 12-Day Period Begin for Possible Gubernatorial Action?

Governor Newsom Issues Proposal to Keep Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Running Into 2030s

California State Assembly

California Uniform Voidable Transactions

California Gun Control Bill Rejuvenated with 185 New Amendments

Bill To End Faithless Electors in California Passes Assembly

Ousted Former SF School Board President Gabriela Lopez Files To Run Again

California Tribal Court Money Judgment Act

Bill To Punish Social Media Companies For Addictive Features For Minor Users Killed in Senate

Sudden Oak Death Management Act

Why is Gov. Newsom Pushing Stricter Climate and Energy Goals?

CEC Announces New Increased Offshore Wind Power Production Goals

California Legislative Employee Unionization and Lawmaking

A sea of empty desks inside the California State Assembly

California Reliable Electric Service Investments

CA Supreme Court Associate Justice Patricia Guerrero Nominated by Gov Newsom For Chief Justice Slot

Death Valley Roads Will Take Another Week or More to Open Up Following Flash Floods

California Marine Life Protection Act

LA City Council Passes Ordinance Banning Homeless Near Schools, as Protesters Shutting Down Meeting

Sacramento County Board of Supes Announces ‘Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force’

Sacramento ‘Antifa’ Teacher Indoctrinating Students in Marxism/Communism Receives 3 years’ Pay to Resign

California Safe Harbor Agreement Program Act

Tesla Becomes the Top Two Selling Car Models in California in First Half of 2022

Union Sponsored AB 5 Hits Independent Truckers

California Gun Control Bill Rejuvenated with 185 New Amendments

Despite being rebuked by the highest court in the land over gun control attempts, California Democrats are still trying to

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