California Budget Countdown Clock

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The ‘Right To Choose’ Does not Apply to Childhood Vaccinations Under Senate Bill 276

Record Public Safety and Judicial Pork Barrel Projects in California’s Largest State Budget

Gov. Newsom’s ‘Conformity’ Tax Proposal Cherry-Picking Changes to Federal Law

Rep. Eric Swalwell Unveils Gun-Control Plan at NRA Protest of 18 Attendees

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter Supports Impeachment of Trump, Has Her Own Ethics Concerns

Get Ready For Higher Gas Costs In Time for California Summer Travel

CalEPA and California Air Board Exempted In Budget From Open Meetings Law – Again

A Brief Look at the Commission on Uniform State Laws

Record Health and Human Services Pork Barrel Projects in California’s Largest State Budget

Streets of San Francisco

CA Democrat Rep. Norma Torres Says She’s Tired of ‘Sex-Starved’ Male Colleagues Talking About Abortion

Record Resources and Transportation Pork Barrel Projects in California’s Largest State Budget

Federal Gun Charges for Illegal Triple Manslaughter Suspect Ismael Huazo-Jardinez

Legislative Statutes and Cases Interpreting Them

Largest Budget in CA History ‘Falls Short’: $2 billion in New Tax Increases and Lots of Pork

California Legislation to Limit Predatory Lending Excludes Three Lenders

Record Education Pork Barrel Projects in California’s Largest State Budget

California Bill to Ban Fur Sponsored by Animal Activists

Record Pork Barrel Projects in California’s Largest State Budget in Many Years

Restoring Obamacare in California

Job Killers: Business Tax Increases Pending Passage by CA Legislature

Gavin Newsom’s California Budget: Undocumented Immigrants Will Get Health Care Coverage

State Economy Rankings: California is a Real Dichotomy

Direct Democracy Statutes and Cases Interpreting Them

Authorized Power Outages Leave Californians Sweltering and In the Dark

California Budget Countdown: Focus on Single Payer, Individual Mandate Tax, Medical Socialism

Kamala Harris Claims California Could Lose 50,000 jobs Due to Mexico Tariffs

Tracking and Analyzing California Legislation and Regulations

Public Safety Unions Played a Decisive Role in Getting Brian Dahle Elected to California’s State Senate

California Bill to Allow Prison Inmates To Decide Their Own Sex

New Bureau of Environmental Justice Seeking Funding and Enforcement Power?

Big Blow to Mayor Garcetti in the defeat of Measure EE in Los Angeles

Senate District 1 Results: Brian Dahle defeats Kevin Kiley In Urban vs. Rural District

Is There Liability for Enacting Unconstitutional Laws?

New Suburbanism – A Smart Alternative to ‘Smart Growth’

High Speed Rail’s Top Consultant Suspended After Assemblyman Requests Ethics Investigation

California Top 500 Debtor List Is Out

Bill to End ‘Hair Discrimination’ In the Workplace Moves Ahead

Federal Privacy Legislation Needed Before a Patchwork of State Privacy Laws Inundate Businesses

Assembly Kills 50 Percent of Republican Assemblyman Steven Choi’s Bills Under New Rule

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