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Over 2,000 Gather At Protest Outside State Capitol Building

Darrell Issa, Judicial Watch Sue California Over Mail-In Ballot Order

Gov. Newsom’s ‘Trace Force’ COVID-19 Army

Gov. Newsom Announces Movie and TV Production Can Begin Next Week: Except Los Angeles

David Chiu

Controversial Home Mortage Deduction Cap Bill Withdrawn in Assembly

Bill That Increases Hate Crime Training For Police Passes Committee

Citizen Video Questions Legality of Newsom’s C-19 Emergency

U.S. Department of Justice Gives Gov. Newsom Stern Warning Over Church Closings

Increased ‘Porch Pirate’ Penalty Bill Voted Down By Senate Democrats

CA 28th Candidate Eric Early Discusses Rep. Adam Schiff’s ‘National Deception’

Foster Care Age Extension Bill Unanimously Passed By Senate Committee

Public Education is Changing Forever

Only Half of All Hotel Rooms for Homeless Filled in California

Undocumented Immigrants Crash State Coronavirus Relief Website

James Gallagher

New Resolution to Terminate California Governor Gavin Newsom’s Emergency Powers

Garment Workers Would Receive Expanded Worker Rights Under New Bill

San Diego County Indian Casinos Reopen Amid State, County Criticism

Sporting Events Without Spectators, Hair Salons To Re-open As Early As June

Senate Democrats Kill Sen. Moorlach’s Proposal to Include California in a 34-State Nursing Compact

Here’s a Look at the Coronavirus Hit to California Economy

Flavored Tobacco Ban Bill Faces Possible Changes Before Appropriations, Senate Votes

AB 5 Has Lifelong Democrats Voting Red for the First Time

Stanford Doctor Has Nothing but Bad News for Politicians about C-Virus

Influenza Pandemic Peer Reviewed Study: ‘There Is No Basis for Quarantine’

Two Californias: Full Govt. Paychecks vs. Full Unemployment

Atwater Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary City’, Ends All Lockdown Orders

Two Tales of One City: South Lake Tahoe

Scott Wiener

Small Businesses Could More Easily Leave Leases Under New Bill

Gyms Across California Form Alliance to Reopen

Cosmetics Chemical Banning Bill Passed in Committee

California Democrats Again Kill Fix to AB5

Shirley N. Weber

Assembly Committee Passes Bill that May Lead to Reparation Payments

Gavin Newsom

Gov. Newsom Cuts $6.1 Billion in Revised State Budget with a $54.3 Billion Deficit

Smith Concedes 25th Congressional Election to Garcia

California farming

Obama Judge Blocks Trump Water Plan due to Normal Trout Drought

Complaint Alleges State HR Office Declined Information Requests to Shield Unions

California State Capitol

Did Ballot Harvesting Impact March 3 Bond and Tax Proposals?

Understanding the California Legislative Process

California State Capitol dome shines against blue sky

Senate, Assembly Move Forward with Rent, Home Loan Relief Programs

California Health and Human Services Agency Denies it has Documents to Justify Lockdown or Re-Opening Policy

FACT CHECK: Is poverty deadlier than Coronavirus?

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