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San Francisco Begins Issuing More Concealed Carry Permits Following 2022 Supreme Court Ruling

New Bill To Repeal Prop. 47, Lower Felony Theft Threshold of $950 to $400

Bill To Increase Media and State Official Access To Prisons Introduced

CA Unemployment Agency Head Blames Trump Admin for Massive EDD Fraud and Failures

‘Cut-and-Paste’ Governmental Anti-Racism Group’s Overt Political Agenda

California State Assembly

Saving v. Grandfathering Clauses

Infant Formula Stockpile Bill Moves To Assembly Health Committee

Senate Republicans Call For CPUC To Alleviate High Natural Gas Prices

Coyote Parable Spells Out Perfectly What’s So Wrong With California

Bill To End California Mail-In Ballots Mandate Amended In Assembly

Sac Bee Lectures Rep. Kevin Kiley on How to Do His New Job

California Taxpayers and Their Bill of Rights

Are the Following Bills Substantive or Nonsubstantive?

Court Writs in California

Red Herring Alert: Comparing California and Japan High Speed Rail Falls on its Face

Is It Time for a Federal Tax Conformity Bill in California?

Grid Expert: Replacing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant with Renewables ‘Can’t Be Done’

Are Bills with Only Findings and Declarations Considered Substantive?

Goldman Sachs Predicts Drastic Downturns In The San Jose, San Diego Housing Markets In 2023

Shirley N. Weber

California Reparations Task Force Meets In San Diego With New Pressures Upon Them

Despite Endorsements From Major GOP Donors, Harmeet Dhillon Unsuccessful in Bid for RNC Chairwoman

California Physicians’ Free Speech Win with AB 2098 Injunction Upheld

30th House District 2024 Race Intensifies Following Schiff’s Announcement

Disqualification of Judges in California

Lawsuit Filed Challenging Constitutionality Of CARE Courts

State Increases Public Water Agency Allocations From 5% To 30% Due To Unprecedented Rainfall, Snowfall

Rep. Adam Schiff Announces 2024 U.S. Senate Run

Farebox Recovery: Free is Not Good Enough

Drafting Legislative Counsel Digests

California’s First Lady Produces ‘Gender Justice’ Films, Sells to State Public Schools

San Diego Moves Closer To Bringing In Sweeping Parking Changes

Gov. Newsom Calls 2nd Amendment a ‘Suicide Pact’ Following Mass Shooting

New California Law to Punish Doctors for ‘Covid Misinformation’ Heard in Federal Court

Secretary Of State Announces Fast Food Regulation Initiative Qualifies for Ballot

Why Is a Constitutional Amendment Given a Resolution Chapter?

2023 LA Homeless Count Begins

VP Kamala Harris To Visit California Wednesday Following String Of Mass Shootings

New Poll Finds Nearly 60% Of LA Councilman Kevin De Leon’s Constituents Want Him Recalled

Are Wasteful California Rail Projects Falling Out of Fashion?

California Voters Approve Over $3.0 Billion Per Year in New Local Taxes

‘Cut-and-Paste’ Governmental Anti-Racism Group’s Overt Political Agenda

Like so many organizations and foundations and inter-governmental efforts, it has a “who could complain about that?” name:  the Government

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