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California Labor and Business Advocates Call For Diverse Energy Options and Solutions

Gun Snoops in White Coats

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 to Weaken Prop. 13 Fails to Pass Assembly

California Assembly Resolution Calls for Banks to Refuse to Lend to Gun Manufacturers and Retailers

Gov. Newsom to Sign Police Use-of-Force Bill

The Role of the California State Controller

Former Mayor of Palm Springs and Two Developers Indicted in Bribery Scheme

Hamid Hayat Released from Federal Prison

Has Assemblyman Todd Gloria Funded a Bogus Re-Election Committee?

Rather Than Tough-on-Crime Policies, Sacramento Sues 7 Transients For Harassing Businesses

High School U.S. History in California Taught ‘From Perspective of Marginalized Groups’

Role of the California State Treasurer

Riverside County Officials Warn Public About Deadly Bacteria in Santa Ana River

Gov. Newsom’s Credibility is Strained on the Middle Class Housing Issue

Racism in California Education

‘The Future of California’s Quality of Life is at Stake’ Unless Plastic Packaging Is Banned

Who is Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer?

The Problem with JUMP Bikes and Scooters

Propaganda Alert: California’s Phony Bad Air Report

California Democrats Play Water War Games To Get Even With President Trump

Gov. Newsom Triggered by Trump Administration’s End to Welfare-Dependent Illegal Aliens

California Education Department Produces Unintelligible Ethnic Studies Gibberish

Role of the Secretary of State

Legalizing Marijuana Has Created a Black Market Plaguing Riverside County

DMV’s Six Degrees of Separation From the Truth About Voter Fraud in California

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democrats Gutted CA Criminal Justice System While Passing Scores of Gun Control Laws

In Gender ‘Neutral’ California, Why Mandate More Women on Corporate Boards?

Gov. Newsom Announces Totally Partisan Council for Post-Secondary Education, Higher Education Appointments

California’s ‘Brave New World:’ Gov. Newsom ‘Inclined’ to Back Mandatory School Vaccine Bill

Bureaucrats Play, Taxpayers Pay

Role of the California Attorney General

Six Lawsuits Challenging Constitutionality Against Law Requiring Tax Returns to be On CA Ballot

Senate Bill 1391 Functioning as the MS-13 Empowerment Act

Leaving California: Interviews With Californians Who Moved To Greener Pastures, Part VI

Pacific Standard Magazine Abruptly Shuts Down

California Budget Larded With Billions in Record Pork Spending: Dog park, Sculpture Garden, Parking Lot?

Nor Cal Towns Rebuilding Following Devastating Camp Fire, While Chico Plays Politics

California Teacher Fired for Defending Western Civilization

News employee exposed freelance journalist at center of Adachi leak

Gov. Newsom Trolls Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell on Gun Control Following Shootings

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