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San Francisco To Reallocate $3.75 Million From SFPD Budget to Black-Owned Businesses in City

Secretary of State Releases Final Recall Petition Signature Report

Truckers Request Appellate Court Rehearing Over AB 5 Ruling

Why Do Californians Have to Choose Between Food, Agriculture, and Fish?

Assembly Subcommittee Rejects Gov. Newsom Proposal to Create/Replace EDD With New Agency

Court of Appeal Rules on Governor’s Emergency Powers Challenge

California #50 (again) in Chief Executive Mag’s Best & Worst States For Business 2021

Bill to Require Improved Reporting of Child Marriages Passes Unanimously by Assembly Committee

Appellate Court Decision on Kiley/Gallagher Lawsuit Against Gov. Newsom’s ‘One Man Rule’

San Diego County Board of Supervisors to Halt Nearly All Evictions Under New Ordinance

California’s Gubernatorial Candidates Need to Show True Grit

Senate Unanimously Passes Child Labor Trafficking Bill

Senator Padilla Announces Proposal to Federally Protect Over 1 Million More Acres in California

UC Berkeley 2021 Conference on ‘Male Supremacism and Right-Wing Studies’

John Cox, Caitlyn Jenner Release First Recall Campaign Ads

CA National Guard Base Camp Roberts to House Thousands of Border Migrants

Miguel Santiago

Los Angeles Lawmakers Propose $20 Billion, Multi-Year Homeless Crisis Plan

Roughly 20% of Electric Vehicle Owners in California Replaced Cars with Gas Ones, New Study Shows

Department of Interior Approves Massive $550 million Riverside County Solar Power Project

Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Creating Enormous Problems for California’s Rural Communities

Lawsuit To Continue, Expand Veterinary Telemedicine Filed in Federal Court

Powerful Teachers Unions Dictating Terms of Reopening to CDC, School Districts

California Gas Prices Surging Above $4.00 Per Gallon. Again.

Public Safety Deceit: CA Releasing Felons From Prison While Violent Crime Spikes in State

Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Against Governor Newsom’s Brother-in-Law

Part ll: Who Are the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission Members?

State Lottery Bill To Maximize Public School Funds Passes Senate Unanimously

‘Corporate-Free Elections Act’ Gets Shelved by Assembly Elections Committee

Miguel Santiago

Bill That Adds Dependent Parents, Stepparents To Existing Insurance Moves Up in Assembly

California Senate Democrats Propose $3.41 Billion Drought Spending Plan

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Truckers Are No Longer Exempt From AB 5

Sacramento Police Department Report Shows Number of Victims Shot Up 333.33 %

Let the Waffling Begin: California Cities Already Backpedaling on June 15 Reopening Date

Who Are the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission Members?

Actor-Politicians of California: How 2021 is Only the Latest Round of Entertainers Running for Office

California House Republicans Urge Natural Resources Committee Action on California Drought

Jaywalking Decriminalization Bill Passes Assembly Transportation Committee 12-2

SF Appellate Court Rules That 3D Ghost Gun Plans Can Go Online Without Government Approval

AB 1316 Aims to Destroy Charter Schools

‘Have You Had the Shot?’

Why Do Californians Have to Choose Between Food, Agriculture, and Fish?

The long time political dispute between California farmers and state and federal water regulators predates the latest drought and will

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