The Latest Headlines

Leyva Determined to Bring Back two Bills Vetoed by Brown

Doug McIntyre Calls it a Day at KABC

Riverside County Certifies Its Vote—At Last

McCarthy Searching for Rules Committee Chair

More Dems Fall in Line to Pelosi

Newsom Officially set to be Sworn In

Lawmaker Looks to crack down on gun Violence

Travis Allen Launches new spot Attacking Gavin Newsom

Kamala Harris aide Resigns after Sexual Harassment Accusations Engulf the Office

Pelosi Won’t let DACA Build the Wall

Stanford Fraternity Battles Campus with Anti-American Flag Stigma

Legislators rally for free Community College

Public Officials Credit Voter Choice Act for high Voter Turnout

Lee Falls Short of Goal, but Pelosi Elevates to Co-Chair

Will She Or Won’t She?

Assemblyman Levine set to Introduce new State Gun Tax

Erika Contreras Nominated next Secretary of State Senate

Garamendi says Pelosi as Speaker is the Change Democrats Need

Mexico Opens Second Shelter for Migrants as Humanitarian Crisis Develops

California Lawmakers look to crack down on the sales of E-Cigarettes to Youth

Swalwell Prefers Gov Shutdown if Mueller Isn’t Protected

Rouda and Rohrabacher Prove Politics can be put Aside

Pelosi set to Reclaim Speaker Gavel for Second Time

Outlet Stores at the Border Offer Window on Skirmish

Sacramento City Council Races to Clean up After Homeless

California’s 21st CD is Last to be Called Nationwide

Governor Brown Appoints Four More Judges Before Exiting Office

Pelosi Slowly Silencing Speakership Opponents

State Senator Scott Wiener to Double Down on Car Robberies

Senate Democrats in Frenzy as Kamala Harris Could be Forced off Senate Judiciary Committee

Schiff Pulverizes Trump on CNN

Top Calif Dem Eric Bauman Pressed to Resign

Tensions Rise at California-Mexico Border

Former Senator Shows Congressional Hopeful Some Love

Feinstein and Others call on Trump to Remove Student Visa Guidance

Nielsen sets the Record Straight on Migrant Caravan

Rouda Vows to Support Pelosi for Speaker

California’s 21st Congressional District is Anything but Called

Congressman-Elect Gil Cisneros Targets key Issues

Adam Schiff Gets in Schoolyard Tussle with Trump

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