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California State Assembly in Session

A Look at 2023 Bill Introductions and Members, Plus Committee Assignments

Additional Categories of Bills Over the Past Few Sessions

Number of California Bills by Code

Gov. Newsom Vetoes Bill to Charge Parents With ‘Child Abuse’ for not Affirming Trans Children

Prop. 47 – ‘Not the Reason for the Theft Wave’

Ending Pay for Play in California Newspapers

Elon Musk Calls For The Firing Of SF Supervisor Dean Preston

Ins. Commissioner Lara, Gov. Newsom Announce Sweeping New State Insurance Plan

Declaring Border Situation, a Humanitarian Crisis

Music Icon David Foster’s Daughters Declare ‘Hate’ for Gov. Gavin Newsom

Endorsements for GOP Candidates in 2024 U.S. Senate Election Starting to Come In

California Moving Proposed Constitutional Amendments to November 2024 Ballot

Writer’s Guild, Studios Near Agreement to End 143 Day-Long Strike

She Can Stay: GAO Says Julie Su Can Be ‘Acting’ Labor Secretary Indefinitely

We need more housing, not more rent control 

California Gas Price Averages $5.79 per Gallon; Beyond $6.00 per Gallon in LA

Celebrating Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month with a Renewed Republican Vision 

Damn the Constitution – Full Reparations Ahead!

Gascon Campaign Already Wobbly?

Payouts for Harassers, the CSU Way

San Francisco Loses Another CVS Store As Retail Closures Continue

Writers and Studios Resume Bargaining Talks Wednesday, With Several Studio Heads Joining

Categories of Bills per Legislative Session

The Globe Talks With Sacramento DA & Attorney Following Public Safety Lawsuits Against City

Controversy-Prone LA Councilman Kevin de Leon Announces He Will Run For Reelection

Teamsters Union March Shuts Down Sacramento Streets; Demanding Gov. Newsom Sign AB 316

Union Leaders, Newsom Advisors at Odds Over Bill Requiring Driver in Driverless Trucks

Newsom Affirms His Support For VP Harris, Having No Interest In Running In 2024 In New Interview

Newsom Doesn’t ‘Love’ People Making Money Off of Family Connections

AB 316 Contains Interesting ‘Legislative Geek’ Provisions

Therapist has AHA! Moment, Gives Up Her License

DA Thien Ho Files Lawsuit Against City of Sacramento For ‘Exploding Homeless Camps’

California Bills: Introduced Versus Enacted

San Francisco Sees Deadliest Drug Overdose Month On Record

California Slavery Reparations Technology Boondoggle

Admission By Researcher Fuels the Fires of Climate Debate

California To Receive $102 Million In Federal Grants For Tree Planting, Green Spaces

California Legislature Passes ‘Tyrannical’ Package of 12 Gun Control Bills

Nine State Lawmakers Urge AG Bonta to Seek Removal of Trump From 2024 Primary Ballot

What Happens After a Bill Passes the Legislature?

Damn the Constitution – Full Reparations Ahead!

Early this week, a hearing to discuss the status of the San Francisco Reparations Plan convened at the chambers of

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