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Saks Fifth Avenue In San Francisco’s Union Square Switches To “Appointment Only” Shopping

New Books Gives Keen Insights into California’s Legislature and Lawmaking

New Report Shows Electric Car Sales Slipping In California

Orwellian: Gavin Newsom’s ’10 Ways California Leads the Nation’

Employment Assistance for Workers with Disabilities

Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Announces Run For Lt. Governor

Former CAGOP Chairman Shawn Steel Says California Is On Track To Pick Up 2 More House Seats This Year

Gov. Newsom Destroys Parents’ Rights; Elon Musk Announces Move of SpaceX from CA

Book on California’s Governor and Agencies Recently Published

Cal Lutheran Prof Denies Making Provocative Trump Post

Golden State Insurance Crisis: Californians Getting Insured Right Out of Their Homes

Ringside: California’s Water Economy – The Three Biggest Choices

General Provisions of the California Public Contract Code

Steve Garvey Outraises Adam Schiff By $1.2 Million in Q2 2024

Book on California Government Glossary of Terms Published

Congressman Adam Schiff Becomes Latest California Lawmaker To Call For Biden To Step Down From 2024 Presidential Race

Inmate Labor: ‘Slavery’ or Work Experience?

James Gallagher

GOP Assembly Leader Warns More Will Follow Elon Musk Out Of California

Elon Musk Announces X/Twitter and Space X Headquarters Are Moving To Texas over Dangerous Parent Secrecy Bill

Job Creation under the Unemployment Insurance Code

From the Cheap Seats: Meltdown in California Continues

New Law Bans E-Bike Speed Capacity Devices Already Creating Positive Change In CA

‘Behested’ Bonta Leverages Trump Assassination Attempt to Pass Lawmaker Personal Security Bill

California GOP Announces Big Gains In Membership Since October 2023

Have Gov. Newsom and California Lawmakers Hit ‘Peak Stupid’ or ‘Peak Evil’?

The Greenberg Brief: Roads lead back to San Francisco

Newsom Vetoes Bill to Give Annual Report On Homeless Program

Andrew Yang in Conversation in San Francisco with Michael Lai

Californian Lawmakers, Candidates From Both Parties Put Aside Differences Following Assassination Attempt On Trump

Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Dangerous Parent Secrecy Bill AB 1955

New K-12 Science Standards Compete with Woke Norms in American Classrooms

Trump Playing the Long Game, Taps Senator J.D. Vance for VP

California Sends 61 Officers To Help Bolster Security For 2024 RNC

California Legislature Appears Poised to Pass Anti-Pharmacy Benefit Manager Legislation

The Solution to the Political Pollution of Medical Freedom

The ‘By Any Means Necessary’ Party Escalated Tirades Against Trump to the Assassination Attempt

Ringside: An Overview of California’s Water Economy

SoCal Congressmen Mike Levin, Scott Peters Join Growing List Of Lawmakers Calling For Biden To Not Run This Year

Allstate Looks To Increase Home Insurance Premiums By 34%

X/Twitter To Sublease 800,000 Square Feet Of San Francisco HQ

Have Gov. Newsom and California Lawmakers Hit ‘Peak Stupid’ or ‘Peak Evil’?

California Governor Gavin Newsom was more than 60 days overdue delivering his State of the State, and when he did

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