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Frequently Asked Questions about Lobbyist Exemptions

Human Trafficking Felony Bill Introduced In Senate

Scott Baugh, Dave Min Narrowly Lead U.S. House 47th District Against Other Dem, GOP Candidates

Gov. Newsom’s Office Denies Panera Bread Exemption in Minimum Wage Bill, But Doesn’t Back it Up

Another $170 Million – EDD Faces Fed Debt Interest Hike

Schiff, Garvey Lead U.S. Senate Race In Latest Poll

Gavin’s Conundrum: A Hypothetical Conversation Between the Governor and His Socks

‘Killing America’ Juxtaposes Woke Triangle: Dumbing-down, Indoctrination & Antisemitism 

Ringside: How to Deliver Affordable Energy Again in California

Frequently Asked Questions about Ballot Arguments

Macy’s Becomes Latest Retailer to Announce Departure from San Francisco’s Union Square

Support for Bill to Save Dozens Of Rural Hospitals

Gov. Newsom Exempts Billionaire Buddy from Fast Food $20 Minimum Wage Law

To Fight Corruption, San Francisco Must Decriminalize Construction

SF Board Of Supervisors Vote 11-0 To Apologize to Black Residents for Decades of Discrimination

Huntington Beach Sparks California Voter ID Debate

Frequently Asked Questions about Underground Regulations in California

SoCal Edison to Pay $80 Million In Settlement Over 2017 Thomas Wildfire

Senate Committee Advances Biden’s Labor Secretary Nominee Julie Su

Gov. Doth Protest: Gavin Newsom’s Tedious Denials About Presidential Campaign

LA Times’ Passive-Aggressive DA Race Coverage

The Greenberg Brief: Another Newsom Recall, Another Failure?

San Francisco’s Pro- Police Expansion Prop. E Gains Traction Ahead of Election

California Congressional Stock Trading: Members Acquire Wealth While Holding Public Office

Frequently Asked Questions about Agency Rulemaking Notification

Gov. Newsom’s New Ad Campaign Targets Abortion Travel Bans In Other States

Media Now Rushes To Garvey After Months Of Ignoring Him

‘Acting’ Labor Secretary Julie Su Behind Closed Doors

$61 Million in California Film Tax Credits Unveiled

Vietnamese People Admire Capitalist Economic Systems

It’s Recall Déjà Vu All Over Again for California Gov. Gavin Newsom

The Consensus Machine and the True Peril of AI

California Democrats Setting Race Relations Back 70 Years with ACA 7

Frequently Asked Questions about the Role of the Legislative Analyst in the Initiative Process

Los Angeles DA Gascon Sued – Again – By His Staff

Red Flags For A Noncitizen Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions about Lobbyist Prohibitions

Open Borders Mean the Dismantling of the United States

Frequently Asked Questions about Ballot Titles

New Poll Finds Trump Leads Haley By Massive 64%-17% Margin in California Republican Primary

Open Borders Mean the Dismantling of the United States

"Open borders mean equal opportunity for dismantling the United States." That statement was written in 2006 in a Newsmax article

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