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CAGOP Vice Chairman Warns about Dem Party Affirmative Action Platform

What the GM Strike Means For the Fremont Tesla Factory

RECAP: SB 273, The Bill Extending The Statute Of Limitations On Domestic Violence

The Sordid History of the California State Beach Smoking Ban: Part II – The Environmental Damage of SB 8 and AB 1718

CBS Sends Christoph Waltz and Liam Hemsworth to School

The Legislature Will Have Sent 1,037 Bills in 2019 Legislative Session to Governor Newsom

RECAP: AB 342, The Bill That Would Greatly Limit Oil And Gas Development In California

California Governor’s Role in the Legislative Process

President Trump Set to Revoke California’s Authority to Set its Own Auto Emissions Standards

RECAP: AB 32 Will Shut Down The Private Prison Industry In California

The Back Story of California’s Homeless Surge

It’s Constitution Day!

Gov. Newsom Issues Letter to President to Do More to Solve Homelessness and Housing Insecurity

RECAP: SB 347, When Safety Warnings Nearly Made It To Soda Cans

RECAP: AB 1343, The Bill That Would Have Taken Down For-Profit Universities In California

How Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez was Forced to Author AB 170 and Voted NO on Her Own Bill

The Sordid History of the California State Beach Smoking Ban: Part I – The Stolen Bills

Not All Product Bans Made it to the Governor’s Desk

California State Agencies and Their Role in Public Policy

Republican Veteran Aja Smith Running For Congress Against Democrat Incumbent Mark Takano

AG Becerra Turns Up Travel Ban to Eleven States

CA Legislature Passes ‘Trump Resistance’ Bill Threatening Water Supply

Newsom Grants Clemency to Felons for Serious Crimes Involving Firearms

California State Senate Approves Bill To Lower the Age of Opening a Social Media Account

Republican Sen. Jeff Stone: Mad as Hell and Not Going to be Lectured Anymore by Democrat Colleague

Three Political Party Names Would Be Made Illegal Under Urgent Senate Bill

Worker’s Compensation Expansion Bill Approved By the State Assembly

Aaron Persky, Brock Turner’s Sentencing Judge, Loses Tennis Coach Job Following Media Exposure

Sacramento Press Club ‘Conversation’ with CADEM Party Chair Rusty Hicks and CAGOP Party Chair Jessica Millan Patterson

Driving Licenses Can No Longer Be Suspended For Non-Vehicle Related Crimes Under Bill

Political Ad Text Messages Will Now Need To Disclose Who Is Paying For Them In California

Active Duty Military Will Pay Only a Minimum Security Deposit When Renting Under New Legislation

Senate Bill 1 Doubles Down on ‘Trump Resistance’ While Threatening CA Water Supply

When a San Francisco Supervisor Upheld the Second Amendment

California Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Fur Industry, but will Governor Newsom Sign It?

Rent Control Passes in the CA Legislature

California State Assembly Passes Bill To Have Emergency Planning Measures Be More Inclusive For Residents

Bill That Expands the Reporting of Child Abuse Passed in the Senate

Assembly to Vote on Expanded Gun Storage Laws

CA Senate Passes AB 5 Despite Pleas From Independent Businesses

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