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New Poll Keeps Newsom Out Front, but Cox Creeps Closer

Cox Looks to Clean House at DMV

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Calls for More Border Wall Funding Ahead of his Bill

Feinstein Favors Reopening Kavanaugh Investigations

Feinstein and De León Finally Face Off

Congressman Continues Push for FISA Transparency

Donnelly Doubles Down, Attacks Cook and Disses Cox

Assemblyman Calls for High Speed Termination

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Endorses Proposition 4

Proposition C Pits Rival Start-Up Billionaires Against One Another

Family Ties Complicate Both Sides of Messy Congressional Race

Newsom Pits Base Against Trump

De León Endorsements Keep Rolling In

Halloween Star Draws Criticism Over Firearm Defense Character

Tim Donnelly Challenges Paul Cook from the Right

De León and Feinstein Will Meet for ‘Conversation’

Sacramento Captures Big Win to Combat Housing Crisis

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Looks to Fund Trump’s Wall

De León vs Feinstein Race Remains Bitter

Twitter Verifies Jane Mayer In an Hour

Cox Moves Past Debate and on to November

Cox and Newsom Do Battle At Gubernatorial Debate

California Democrats Look to Turn Kavanaugh’s Nomination Into a Blue-Wave

New Berkeley Poll Pits California Republicans Against the Odds

District 22 Competitor Looks to Sink Nunes with DCCC Funding

Kamala Harris Continues Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh

City of Sacramento Focuses on Economic Development Strategy

Equity and Justice Package of Bills Represents Unprecedented Reform

Maxine Waters Forcefully Denies Doxing US Senators

Huntington Beach Judge Rules Against California Sanctuary State Law

Gov Signs Law Requiring Corporate Boards To Include Women

Brown Audibles Again: No Shutdown of Cow Palace Firearms Sales

Sen. Portantino Goes 1 for 2 on Long-Gun Proposals

Governor Says No to ‘Two More Hours Of Mayhem’

McCarthy Holds Steady: Resolution on Immigrants Passes House

John Cox Launches New Spot Firing Away At Newsom

Governor Declares September 28th Native American Day

Stunner: Brown Rejects Senate Bill to Allow Non-Citizens to Serve on State Boards

Calderon and Others Back November ‘No’ Vote On Prop 6

California Representatives Explode In Opinion Over Kavanaugh Hearings

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