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California Cities Find Themselves In An Eviction Crunch Less Than Two Months Before AB 1482 Begins

California Becomes A Battleground State Among Democrats

General Versus Special Statutes

A Scene from a Democratic Convention

Newsom and the Nineties

Democratic Party of California Increases the Use of Technology For 2020

CA Governor Grandstanding On PG&E Takeover Threat

A Bill’s ‘Keys’ – What Are They?

California’s Boondoggle Archipelago

Joe Biden Swings Through Los Angeles To Solidify His Union And Immigrant Base

Rep. Adam Schiff and DC Beltway Activists ‘Fell on Their Faces’ in Wednesday’s ‘Impeachment Witch Hunt’

Inland Empire Assembly Race Faces A Tight 2020 Battle

If California is So Totally Awesome, Why Are So Many Residents Leaving?

Democrats in Deep Schiff

Why MainStreet’s Viral ‘$10,000 To Leave The Bay Area’ Offer Will Only Hurt The Region

California Inches Closer To Legalizing Sports Betting

Effective Versus Operative Dates of Statutes

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hopefuls Descend Upon California This Week

PG&E To Become A Public Utility Under Proposed Legislation

California Leads Country In New Ranking of States with Most Homeless Street People

California Wineries Survive Wildfires But Face A Difficult Time Ahead For Tourism

No-Show Newsom

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez To Become Next President of American Bishops

Oakland City Council Reneges on Army Base Redevelopment Project

Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Workers Delay Strike After Death Of Company CEO

San Francisco Voters Elect Son of Cop-Killing Terrorists as District Attorney

Utilizing Lobbying Coalitions

A Schools Choice Organization Is Gathering Signatures For the Education Freedom Act

Possessing a Firearm While Being an Alien Unlawfully in the United States

A photo of homeless vagrants in Sacramento

Declaring California a ‘Compassionate State’ – That’ll Fix Everything

Assemblyman Todd Gloria Gets Stern Finger Wag From FPPC on Campaign Violations

Governor Newsom Announces New Commitment To The Central Valley And The Inland Empire

Increase Of Overseas Tariffs Starting To Affect California Ports

35th Assembly District Challenger Enters Race

Hearing Over University Campus Climate Of Diversity And Marginalization Held In Berkeley

Deafening Silence by Gov. Newsom and New CA Surgeon General on California’s Growing Homeless Public Health Crisis

Illegal Alien “Murdered My Deputy”

The Work of the Legislature’s Joint Committees

Facebook Is Under Investigation In California

With Hasty Resignation From Congress, Katie Hill Scandal Reveals Even More

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