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California Budget Deficit Climbs To $68 Billion

LADPH Prevails in First Amendment Lawsuit: Judge Has No Idea How Politics Works

Congress: What Are You Up to, Julie?

Stores Across California Prepare For ‘Gender Neutral Aisle’ Law Effective January 1

Frequently Asked Questions about the Legislative Counsel’s Digest

Same As It Ever Was…Kinda; GOP Debates in Alabama

California Lags on COVID Shot Rates; Previously Ahead, Now Behind Nation

2023 Hollywood Strikes Officially Over Following New Contract Ratification By SAG-AFTRA Members

Ringside: California’s 2023 Legislative War on Affordability and Democracy

Biden Tosses in His Two Percent’s Worth

Former San Diego City Councilman, Radio Host Carl DeMaio Announces Run For Assembly

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Announces Retirement From House

The True Cost of of the 12 Gifts of Christmas from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’

More on OAL’s Review of Rulemaking Files – The ‘Authority’ and ‘Reference’ Standards

EXCLUSIVE: California Sheriffs Travel to Border – Are Alarmed and Appalled at What they Saw

Biden Administration Awards $3 Billion to Brightline West Las Vegas-So Cal High Speed Rail Project

Tubbs 2.0? Will Gascon Charge Alleged Serial Molester as an Adult?

Killer Stays Locked Up – George Gascon Ploy Fails

Assemblyman Evan Low Announces Run For Congress

California Was Just Named One of the Worst Judicial Hellholes in the Nation – Again

California State Assembly nearly empty except for a few folks in the balcony.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘Sunrise’ Process

Recent Legal Battle Latest in War to Protect the American Worker

The Greenberg Brief: Canceling George Soros

President Joe Biden To Travel To LA This Week for Two Fundraisers

Cruise Robotaxi Accused Of Misleading CPUC In Investigation Of October Crash In San Francisco

Sacramento County to Oust Local Restaurant from Sac Executive Airport after 24 Years?

California State University Workers Union Begins First Of Planned One-Day Strikes

More on OAL’s Review of Rulemaking Files – The ‘Nonduplication’ Standard

Car Kill Switch Survives Thanks to Reps. Kiley, Kim, Garcia and 16 Other Republicans

About Last Week… Flying Abortionists, Anyone?

The Broken Immigration Process

Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘Sunset Review’ Process

More on OAL’s Review of Rulemaking Files – The ‘Necessity’ Standard

Democrat and GOP Candidates Join 33rd Assembly District Race Following Asm. Devon Mathis Announcing his Last Term

Legislative Analyst Reports: California Facing $58 Billion Budget Deficit Over Next Few Years

San Francisco Office Vacancies Reach 35%, Breaking New Record

Newsom-DeSantis Debate Reaction Proves To Be All Over The Map

Adult Sex App in Public School Library Book Endorsed by Teachers Unions

Frequently Asked Questions about Signing Messages by California Governors

State Launches $20 Million Program Aimed At Expanding, Diversifying ‘Reproductive Health Care Work Force’

EXCLUSIVE: California Sheriffs Travel to Border – Are Alarmed and Appalled at What they Saw

"The border is closed; the border is secure." This is one of the most flagrant statements of the 21st Century,

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