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Researching the Legislative History of an Enacted California Statute

Governor Newsom’s Company Found To Have Received Federal Coronavirus Protection Loans

Jim Patterson

Assemblyman Patterson Pushes For EDD Audit Following Mass Unemployment Delays

EDD To Extend Some Unemployment Benefits As CARES Act Winds Down

Assembly Offices Close In Sacramento Following 5 New Coronavirus Cases

Los Angeles, Oakland Push For Universal Income Projects

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Takes Latest COVID Restrictions To Dictatorial Levels

California Eviction Ban Backstory Reveals No Separation of Powers

Key Reminders in Drafting Legislation

Family Leave Expansion Bill Passes Senate

New Assembly Bill Would Limit Schools Of Any Coronavirus-Related Liability

Mandatory Face Mask Fines On The Rise In California

California Judicial Branch Policy Making

California Sues Cisco Over Indian Class-Based Discrimination

The Unseen Costs Of The Extended Eviction Moratorium

PG&E Exits Bankruptcy

California Judicial Branch Support Agencies

The Butterfly Effect of Janus v AFSCME on Two-Year Anniversary Offers California Hope Amid the Chaos

Senate Republicans Urge Committee To Keep Columbus Statue In Capitol Rotunda

Governor Rolls Back Reopenings, 19 Counties Face More Indoor Lockdown Measures

Gavin Newsom

Newsom Signs Executive Order Extending Eviction Moratoriums Until September 30th

Over 100,000 Californians Test Negative for COVID-19 in One Day

Firefighting in Orange County – Part Three, Placentia’s War for Independence

Governor Newsom Approves, Signs $202.1 Billion Budget

Two Month Resusable Bag Ban Ends In California

PG&E Public Utility ‘Backstop’ Bill Passes Senate, Awaits Newsom’s Signature

San Clemente Toll Road Limitation Bill Passes Senate, Moves On To Assembly

Democratic Party Of Orange County Continue Push To Rename John Wayne Airport

Bill That Would Mandate Debt Collector Licenses Passes Senate, Moves To Assembly

Congressional Candidate C. Antonio Delgado: Self-Made American Immigrant Success Story

Will Green Microgrids Reduce Deadly Fires and Brownouts?

Gov. Newsom’s Bar Closure Order Mostly Hits Nunes & McCarthy Districts

Gavin Newsom and Shirley Weber

What Made CA Gov. Newsom Order Bars to Close in 7 Counties?

A Breath of Fresh Air: Spike in COVID-19 ‘Cases’ Doesn’t Warrant Another Shutdown

Auditions for California Governor Are Officially Open

Assembly Approves 2020-2021 State Budget of $202.1 billion

Scott Wiener

LGBT Coronavirus Transmission Data Bill Passes Senate

To Speed Up Economic Recovery, Businesses Need PAGA Relief

Auto Emission Regulators Pass Sweeping Regulations For More Electric Trucks, Vans

Assemblyman Kansen Chu Rebuffs Demands He Resign for ‘Racist’ Remarks

Governor Newsom Approves, Signs $202.1 Billion Budget

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the $202.1 billion state budget, confirming state spending for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. A

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