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School Choice Initiative Quietly Gathers Support

L.A. Councilman de León Bungles Pledge of Allegiance, Gets Lambasted on Twitter

Businesses Scramble To Reopen Following Sudden Reopenings Across California

New Assembly Bill Would Create Mental Health Protocols For Students Post-Pandemic

CA Labor Secretary Julie Su is ‘Failing Up’ After Massive EDD Fraud and Failures

California’s 2020 Unemployment Fraud Claims May Top $31 BILLION

Bill That Would Stop Scholarship-Driven Financial Aid Reduction Introduced in Assembly

Governor Newsom, CDPH Announce Statewide Lockdown, Curfew Order Lifted

Gov. Newsom Moves COVID Goalposts Again: Lifts Regional Stay-at-Home Order but Restrictions Remain

Now that Joe Biden is President, COVID is Over and California Will Re-Open

Fearful of Successful Newsom Recall Campaign, LA Times Trashes Organizers

Prop. 22 SEIU Lawsuit Should be Rejected by Courts

Senator Announces Push Pilot Program for Farmworker Vaccines in California

Excessive Number of New EDD Claims Points to Probable Rise of Fraudulent Cases

San Francisco Vows to Vaccinate All City Residents By June 30

Screeching Weasel Got it Right: ‘California Sucks’

Newsom Recall Gathers Momentum Over Policies ‘Atrocious and Polarizing’

Napa Valley winery

New Bill Would Permanently Change Winery Container Laws

CA Auditor Report: State Distributed Double CARES Act Funding To Larger Counties

California Supreme Court Turns Down Petition To Partially Reopen LA Public Schools

Sacramento Mayor and Council Votes to Eliminate Single Family Zoning in Residential Neighborhoods

Senator Scott Wilk Chosen As Next Senate Republican Leader

Following California’s Recall, Who Will Be Candidate for Governor?

Google Files Motion to Move Anitrust Case From Texas to California

Xavier Becerra

Attorney General Becerra Files 9 Last Minute Lawsuits Against the Trump Administration

Environmentalists Increase Influence on Local Governments

CHHS Secretary Ghaly Warns That High School Athletics May Be Postponed Again

Los Angeles Air Quality Agency Suspends Pollution Limits For Crematoriums

Uhaul 2020 Report Ranks California Last on One-Way Arrivals

LA Schools Superintendent Asks City, State to Have Schools Become Vaccination Sites

Off-Road Vehicle Regulation Bill Introduced Again in Senate

San Diego School Superintendent Cindy Marten Named As Biden’s Next Deputy Education Secretary

Gov. Newsom Names SOS Alex Padilla to Replace Kamala Harris as U.S. Senator from CA

PAGA Reform Should Top Lawmakers’ New Year’s Resolutions

Green Camouflage Humvee Stolen from CA National Guard

Gov. Newsom’s Brother-in-Law Arrested on Alleged Domestic Violence Charges

Schwarzenegger’s Videos Should Offer Hope, Not Polarization

Why are Some California Doctors Refusing to Prescribe Certain Meds to COVID Patients

California State Capitol – the People’s House – Also Under Lockdown

California Giving Convicted Criminals COVID Vaccine for Several Weeks Ahead of Vulnerable Elderly

Prop. 22 SEIU Lawsuit Should be Rejected by Courts

With the adoption of Proposition 22 by 58% of California voters on November 3, a new employment designation was created in

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