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Types of Lobbying Clients and Services

Miguel Santiago introduced the free tuition bill.

New Bill Would Make the First Two Years of California State College Free for Students

CA Rep. Josh Harder Compares California Homeless Epidemic to a Natural Disaster to Receive FEMA Assistance

Bill that Cracks Down on Planned Utility Blackouts Passes Senate Committee

California Lawmakers Want Audit of State’s Homelessness Spending

ADA Protected Industry Threatened By AB 5

CA Consumer Privacy Act: Enforcement Beginning Even Without Official Regulations Codified

Sex Education Parental Permission Bill Voted Down in Senate Committee

California Businesses Could Face Higher Taxes Based on Gap Between Highest and Lowest Wages

Senate Committee to Vote on Statewide Rehaul of Recycling System

Crime Journalist Arraigned on Theft, Forgery Charges

Enactment of Statutes and Adoption of Resolutions

Bill That Would Ban Surgery on Intersex Children Dies in Committee

Gov. Newsom’s 2020-21 Budget – A Big Pie, But Empty Calories

Gov. Newsom’s Billion$ for Homelessness Amount to California Stimulus

Fatal Hit-and-Run Sentences May Have Increased Penalties Under Returning Bill

How the National Football League Compares to Politics and Government

Governor Newsom Proposes Statewide No-Kill Animal Shelters

Fur Industry Sues San Francisco

Freelancers Angry Over Assemblywoman Gonzalez’ False Claims About Benefits

California Court Rules That Truckers Are Exempt From AB 5

California Appeals Court Rules That All Cities Must Follow Sanctuary City Law

Concealed Carry Expansion Bill Faces Another Tough Committee Vote

City of San Diego Awarded GE Mass Surveillance Contract Without Oversight

Proposed Bill Would Remove Deductions from Secondary Homes to Fund Homeless Programs

Despite More Water Flows, California’s Coho Salmon Spawning Numbers Plummet

Fake Robocalls Falsely Accusing Assembly Candidate Phil Graham Garner $10M FCC Fine

Nominations and Commissions by the Governor

Democrat Assemblywoman Gonzalez Says There Is No Data Proving Thousands of Freelancers Are Losing Work Due to AB-5

Overview of California’s Budget Process

Gov. Newsom’s 2020 Budget, ‘Unprecedented, Historic,’ ‘Once-in-a-Generation’

Bill that Would End Virginity Testing in California Introduced to Assembly

California Panhandle

Governor Newsom Proposes a State-Run Generic Prescription Drug Label

Legislative Deadlines

Uber Changes App to Comply with AB 5

Sacramento Press Club Hosts ‘How to Beat Trump in 2020’ Event

Flavored Tobacco and Vaping Products Face Total Ban in California

Hollywood Ignores the Homeless Crisis in Their Own Backyard

California Looks to Pass Backup Power Laws for Cellphone Towers Across the State

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