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Sacramento Has 11,000 Homeless; City ‘Outreach Effort’ Moves 26 ‘Guests’ into Navigation Center

The Long, Controversial History of LA Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas

Monterey County Fracking Ban Overturned By State Appellate Court

Superior Court Judge Issues Order Halting Prison Guard Vaccine Mandate

LA Councilman Ridley-Thomas Indicted on Corruption Counts

SEIU Leader Charged With Fraud While Campaign Cash Gave Speaker Nuñez ‘Rich Travel Style’

Politicians Give Themselves Raises, Pass Frivolous Legislation While California Burns

SEIU Labor Union Leader Resigns Following Embezzlement, Tax Fraud Charges

Executive Director SEIU CA Charged with Fraud, Embezzlement, and Perjury

Hollywood Stage Employees Union Set Strike Date For October 18th

5 More Walgreens Closed in San Francisco Over City’s Retail Crime Wave

Sacramento City Councilwoman Says it Out Loud: Rules For Thee but Not For Me

Overview of 2021 Bill Actions by Governor Newsom

California AG Bonta’s Investigation into Huntington Beach Oil Spill ‘Political Posturing’

California’s ‘New Normal:’ PG&E Power Shut Offs on Windy Days

California High School Student Exposes ‘The Dark Ages’ of COVID Lockdown

Landscapers Say California Lawmakers’ Ban on New Lawnmowers, Leaf Blowers ‘Out of Touch’

Business Owners Say California’s Gender-Neutral Retail Toy Display Law is ‘Useless’

Californians’ TV Shows Are Under Attack

Orange County Beaches Open Sooner Than Expected Monday Following Oil Spill

Citizens Ballot Initiative filed to Fulfill Funding of Long-Overdue California Water Projects

SB 331 Prohibits Nondisclosure Agreements

What Were Reasons for Governor Newsom’s Bill Vetoes this Year?

California Globe 2021 Legislative Session in Review

Gov. Newsom Signs K-12 Ethnic Studies Bill: ‘State-Sponsored Antisemitism’

Mandatory High School Ethnics Studies Course Bill Signed By Governor Newsom

AB 61 Provides Business Pandemic Relief for Restaurants

Miguel Santiago introduced the free tuition bill.

Bill That Adds Dependent Parents, Stepparents To Existing Insurance Signed By Governor

Jesse Gabriel

AB 61 Extends COVID-19 Regulatory Business Pandemic Relief

SB 314 Allows Alcoholic Beverage Sales to Continue Under COVID Emergency Order

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Announces His Department Will Not Be Enforcing County Vaccine Mandate

California Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Prohibiting Secretly Removing Condom During Sex

AB 286 Limits Food Delivery Fees

Tesla Moving HQ From California To Texas!

California Civil Justice Reform Group Submits Ballot Measures

AB 1391 Prohibits Unlawfully Obtained Data

San Jose State University President Mary Papazian Resigns Amid Athletics Sexual Harassment Scandal

Two Sacramento Safe Ground Sites Have 23% ‘Success Rate’ in Getting Homeless off the Street

Cannabis Industry Hemp Expansion Bill Signed By Governor

SB 332: Immunizing Burn Bosses and Private Landowners with Prescribed Fires

California Globe 2021 Legislative Session in Review

With the conclusion of the 2021 Legislative Session, it is time to provide the annual review of legislative bill data.

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