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Homeless-related Violence Continues as More Money is Thrown at Housing

State Government In the Way of California Cities and New Housing Goals

Impeachment by the California Legislature

The Many Unintended Consequences of AB 5

Republican House Leader Leader McCarthy Introduces the ‘Lower Costs, More Cures Act of 2019’

Author’s Stolen Photo Creates False Cancer Impression

Natomas Levee Project Levels Homes of Longtime Residents

Sacramento City School District At Tipping Point: Insolvency Next Year

Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine filed another police report against Omar Navarro after his arrest.

UPDATE: Threats Continue Even After Congressional Candidate Navarro Arrested and Posted Bail For Violating A Restraining Order

Former California Rep. Katie Hill Plays the Victim in Her Own #MeToo Case

Former Assemblyman Terrence Goggin Pleaded Guilty to Defraunding BART Coffee Shop Investors

Senator John Moorlach (Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

CA State Auditor Finds State Agencies Overpaying Millions for Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Legislative Oversight

Congressional candidate Omar Navarro arrested for violating restraining order.

Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

Proposed Settlements From Bondholders and Shareholders in PG&E Bankruptcy

New ‘Firearm Ownership’ Study Ignores Gun Violence by Criminals

California’s Minimum Wage To Go Up to $13 an Hour in January

Fire Policies Can No Longer Be Dropped By Insurance Companies In California

Assemblyman Chad Mayes Leaving the GOP Over Party Issues

Governor Newsom Blames President Trump Over Homeless Funding Delay

Voting on a Referendum

Mayor Liccardo Gains Support Over Plan to Make PG&E a Customer Owned Utility in San Jose

President Pelosi?

Assembly Select Committee on Sea Level Rise Holds First Meeting in Five Years

Closure of California Airports Leading to Increased Jet Traffic, Noise Pollution Issues at Others

With Harris Out, California’s Democratic Primary Becomes Wide Open

Gov. Newsom’s Climate Change Executive Order Looting Road Funds Short on Details, Long on ‘Social Investing’

California Air Resources Board Cuts Rebates for Electric Cars

Voting on a Recall Petition

Trump Administration Tries to Throw Out California Car Emissions Lawsuit

PG&E’s Lack of Power Line Maintenance Found to be Cause of the Paradise Wildfire

Congressman Duncan Hunter Changes Plea to Guilty Over Campaign Fund Misuse

CA Commercial Property Owners Facing Pervasive Tax Increases if Prop. 13 Split Roll Initiative Passes

California’s Sen. Kamala Harris Drops Out of Presidential Race

Relations Between The Governors Office and Trade Unions Worsens

California Pioneers Subsidized Housing for Public Employees

Driver Leasing Companies Surge in Popularity a Month Before AB 5 Becomes Law

Recall Effort Against Governor Newsom Gains National and International Exposure

Local Sacramento Politicians Propose 40-Year Climate Change Sales Tax

Is California a ‘Permanently Blue’ State?

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