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Dissecting California Legislation

Federal Court Dismisses Charges against Hamid Hayat

Kate Steinle Killer Ruled Incompetent to Stand Trial

2020 March Primary Preview: 1st State Senate District

Amid Trump’s Upcoming California Visit is a New Breed of Polarized Silicon Valley Donors

Last Minute Party Change Bill Signed Into Law by Governor Newsom

California’s CalPERS Public Employee Pension Fund Invested in Blacklisted Chinese Companies

Did Fake News Have Anything to do with McClatchy Filing Bankruptcy?

Gov. Newsom Sends Los Angeles County 10 Trailers for Homeless

Delegation of Authority by the Legislature

California School Nurses Would Need Another Year of Coursework Under New Bill

2020 March Primary Preview: 55th State Assembly District

Bill That Would Ban Cashless Businesses Moved to Senate Committee

Sen. Marsha Blackburn Proposes Ban on Funding to States that Give Drivers’ Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

CA Congressional Candidate Regina Marston Mired in Twitter Controversy

Horse Racing Safety and Medical Reform Bill Introduced in Assembly

Busted CHP Boss Aims to Spike State Pension

Compulsory Voting Bill to be Considered by Assembly this Spring

Coronavirus: US-China Talks Must Go Beyond Trade & Include China’s Biomedical Practices

Legislative Floor Procedures

Trump Administration Files Lawsuit Against CA For Private Detention Ban

Federal Judge Blocks First Attempt By Rideshare Companies to Halt AB 5

Texas Sues California Over Banning of Nonessential State-Funded Travel to 11 States

CA 2020 Primary; Chaos, Confusion and Last Minute Attempts to Change Election Law

EXCLUSIVE: LA Times Editor and Publisher Show Up for Bloomberg

Two Dozen Marines At Camp Pendleton Are Dismissed For Human Trafficking And Drug-Related Charges

Fighting the One-Party State at the Local Level in California

2020 March Primary Preview: 29th State Assembly District

Freelance Journalists Close to Receiving the Second AB 5 Exemption

CalFresh Benefits Would be Simplified for Senior Citizens Under New Bill

Why Are So Many Politicians Trying to Outlaw Bail?

Governor Newsom to Decide on Bill that Would Allow Last Minute Party Changes

Jennifer Siebel Newsom Wields National Influence

With Tax Day Around the Corner, California Still Has Highest In the Nation Individual Income Tax Rates

The Rules Committees of the California Legislature

Jane, Jerry and Peter

Other Types of Lobbying

2020 March Primary Preview: 19th State Senate District

Jane Fonda Hosts First California ‘Fire Drill Fridays Rally’ at Los Angeles City Hall

Guerrilla Artist Sabo Trolls Hollywood During Oscar Week With His Latest Billboard, ‘Parasites’

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