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California Moves to Set Water Pumping Limits Without Federal Input

California Pandemic Preparedness Defunding in 2011 Costing Lives a Decade Later

The New Power of Incumbency: How COVID-19 Has Changed Voters’ Expectations for Politicians

Man Who Derailed Train to Crash Into USNS Mercy Charged In Federal Court

CA Department of Public Health Suspending Nursing Home Relegations

3,500 Prisoners To Be Released Early Due to Coronavirus Threats

Sacramento Homeless Transients Take Over Vacant Home In Stunt by ‘Tenants Union’

Gavin Newsom

25,000 People Apply to California Health Corps in 24 Hours

Gov. Newsom Still Won’t Suspend AB 5, Even as it Continues to Kill Independent Healthcare Jobs

Gov. Newsom: Coronavirus Is ‘Opportunity for Reimagining a More Progressive Era’

Sonoma County Emergency Management Director Under Fire For Family Visit to Closed Beach

Reed Hastings Gave Over $4 million to Calif Politics in First Quarter

A sea of empty desks inside the California State Assembly

Key Provisions of the Legislature’s Internal Rules – The Assembly Rules – Part II

Post-Coronapocalypse Pension Reform Checklist for California

California Public School Buildings to Close for Rest of Year

New Bill Would Expand Paid Family Leave Benefits for Those Affected by Coronavirus

Gavin Newsom

California Small Businesses Given Several Tax Extensions by Executive Order

Trump Admin Names Gun Makers and Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide

Online Crisis Map For Los Angeles Region Created by Pepperdine Public Policy School

Redondo Beach Waterfront AES Gas Power Plant to Close by 2023

Former Fighter Pilot Mike Garcia Running For Congress in California’s 25th

Governor Newsom Unveils California Health Corps to Help Fight COVID-19 Coronavirus

California State Parks Closed to All Vehicles Following Massive Influx of Visitors

Gavin Newsom

A Massive Failure to Triage in California and New York

Sacramento City Schools Superintendent Aguilar Takes a Big Pay Increase While Schools Closed

California State Assembly

Key Provisions of the Legislature’s Internal Rules – The Assembly Rules – Part I

California’s Homeless Could Provide the Answer if the Cost of Our Economic Shutdown is Worth It 

Legislative Operations During Emergencies

UPDATED: Gov. Newsom and California Officials Sued by NRA, 2A Foundation, Over Closing Gun Stores

Taxes at a Standstill: How the Coronavirus Can Halt Ballot Initiatives in the Coming Years

McClintock: Covid-19 Didn’t Kill Our Economy; Government Policies Did

California farming

California Grocery Stores and Supermarkets Normalize as Panic Buying Subsides

Rent Evictions Are Banned For Two Months Under New Executive Order

All DMV Field Offices Close in California

Tax Foundation Compares State-by-State Legislative Responses to COVID-19

California, Banks Agree to 90-Day Moratorium on Mortgage Payments

Mystery Police Stopping Sacramento Residents on their Way to Work During Coronavirus Lockdown

Key Provisions of the Legislature’s Internal Rules – The Senate Rules – Part II

While Venice Beach Residents Under Lockdown, Homeless and Encampments Grow and Thrive

Ventura County Judge Censured for 8 Years of ‘sexist’ and ‘profane’ language

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Warns California May be in Lockdown Through June

On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the lockdown in California, including social distancing measures, will continue on through


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