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The Mechanics of California’s Forms of Direct Democracy

Dem. Senator Bans ‘He/She’ Pronouns During Legislative Hearings

Sen. Wiener Introduces Bill to Abolish Extra Time for Repeat Offenders

In Influencing the Legislature, Expect the Unexpected; Be Honest

Investigation of Former Lawmaker Ridley-Thomas Confirms Sexual Harassment

Will 2019 be California’s Year of Living Dangerously?

Senator: LAUSD Budget Crisis Could Take Down State Budget

Maxine Waters Dictates Policy to CBS News

Kevin McCarthy Leads GOP Condemnation of King

Build the Wall (in Malibu): Development To Feature 6′ Barrier and 24-Hour Guard Tower

Newsom Wants Tax on Water for ‘Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund’

Hedge Fund Media Group Offer to Buy Gannett

LA Teachers Ready to Walk the Line

LAUSD Strike: Teachers Union ‘Insulted’ by Latest Offer

The Impact of the State Budget on California Public Policy

What’s In Gavin Newsom’s 2019 ‘California For All’ Budget

Democratic Donor Ed Buck Gave to Newsom and Brown

Sacramento City Unified Financial Crisis Is No Surprise

DMV Enables Massive Voter Fraud in the Golden State

Trump Threatens to Pull FEMA Funds from California

Daraka Larimore-Hall Throws Hat in Ring for Dem Chair

Newsom Proposes State-Funded Health Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

Lt Gov Eleni T. Kounalakis Launches with High Profile

Joshua Tree Locals Pitch In When Government Shuts Down

Inauguration Day for Gavin Newsom, California’s 40th Governor

Two Reporters Ejected from Newsom Inauguration

California’s Constitutional Officers

Gray Davis Holds Court at the Fox and Goose

Gov-elect Gavin Newsom Promises the World to 40 Million Californians

Sherman Re-Introduces Impeachment Measures Against Pres. Trump

Governor Brown Appoints Longtime Aide to California Supreme Court

California Democrats All Vote for Pelosi

Deputy DA Outraged Over Brown’s Lawsuit to Stop Ballot Initiative

Assemblyman Wants California DMV To Be as Efficient as Amazon

More Than 90% of Calif Congressmen Silent on Cop’s Murder

California Globe Hires Veteran Journalist Katy Grimes as Editor

McCarthy Selects Ranking Members of House Ethics and Rules Committees

California Rings in the New Year With 1,016 New Laws

CNN Analyst Enten Still Hyping Kamala Presidential Prospects

Kamala Harris Faces Charges of Religious Bigotry

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