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CA Lawmakers Say Presidential Candidates Must Release Tax Returns To Be on State Ballot

Democrats Want Nation to Adopt California’s Invasive Gun Control Laws

Sen. Harris Opposition to Death Penalty Represents Sudden Shift

That Time Jerry Brown Saved Don Felder’s Little League Park

Sacramento Unified School District on Verge of Insolvency While Super Takes $35K Junket to Harvard

Who Makes the Rules for the Judiciary?

Why California is Club Med For Murderers

CA Assemblywoman Friedman’s Fur Ban: ‘There is No Need For Fur in the 21st Century’

Napa Valley Vintner Caught in Varsity Blues College Scandal Is Hefty Political Donor

Top Attorney Caught In Varsity Blues Scandal Gave to Calif Dem

Central Figure in Varsity Blues College Scandal Is Prolific Political Donor

Governor’s Murderer Reprieve Trumps Voters, Trashes Crime Victims

Gov. Gavin Newsom Issues a Death Sentence on California’s Death Penalty

Cole Harris, Lt. Gov. Candidate Tied to Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions?

Stanford Hoover Institution economist targets socialism, fears ‘we may not make it’

Senator Moorlach Pushes Back Against Needle Exchange

Teachers File Class Action Lawsuit Against CA Teachers Unions and State Attorney General

California’s Judicial Branch of Government

CA Officials Want Mo Money From FEMA For Oroville Dam Repairs: $333 Million Isn’t Enough

Overview of California’s Executive Branch of Government

California Legislature Kills Bills to Reclassify Violent Sexual Crimes as ‘Violent’

Bills to Alter California Sex Offender Registry Ignore State Statutory Rape Law

California Parents Sue to Block ‘Creeping, Social Justice Warrior’ Instruction in Schools

CA Bill to Protect Sex Offenders Who Lure Minors Receives Minor Amendments

News Organization Joins Lawsuit Against AG Becerra Over Police Transparency Records

California Attorney General Suing Trump Administration for Ending Subsidy on Planned Parenthood

Former Police Union Leader Slams Late San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

California Supreme Court Cuts Pension ‘Air Time,’ but Preserves ‘California Rule’

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About California Legislative Committee Hearings

Capitol Staff and Downtown Sacramento Biz Warned As Sacramento Awaits DA’s Stephon Clark Decision

CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra Releases 2018 Armed Prohibited Persons Report

Gov. Newsom Names Lt. Governor Kounalakis as Representative on International Affairs and Trade

California DMV Audit Pending With Lawmakers Suspicious of Voter Fraud

California Local Governments Overview

Aspiring San Francisco Bay Area Bomber Gets 15 Years

California Murder Parolee Robs Sacramento Restaurant, Patron Shot, Car-jacked

Governor’s Lawsuit Against Huntington Beach: State Overreach vs. Local Control

High-Speed Rail Project Takes Heat from Every Corner

California Legislature Introduces 2,576 New Bills for 2019

California’s GOP Plays it Safe When Safe Equals Death

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