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Disney Announces Massive Lay-Off Of 28,000 Employees

California Enacts Several Elections Measures

New Lawsuits Against Alameda Co. and LA Mayor for Violating CA Public Records Law

Jeffrey Gundlach, Other Wealthy Californians Threaten To Leave California If Wealth Tax Is Passed

Wildfires Continue Large-Scale Destruction Across California

Bill Requiring Prisons To House Transgender Inmates Based On Gender Identity Signed By Gov

Soros Dumps Another $2.5 Million into George Gascón’s Race for Los Angeles DA

State Auditor’s Report Shows Lanterman Act Reform is Badly Needed

California Enacts New Food Delivery App Measures

Tom Steyer Selling San Francisco Home Because of ‘Climate Crisis’

Several Mental Health Reforming Bills Signed By Gov. Newsom

Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Regulating Food Delivery Apps

Senator Feinstein’s Husband Found To Have Given ‘Inappropriate’ Help In UC Admissions

4 UC Universities Found To Have Admitted Unqualified Students Over Connections

California Ballot Initiatives: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the Ugliest

EDD Fraud Case Grows, 87 Arrested Over Fraudulent Unemployment Benefits

How to Realign California Politics

Project Roomkey To Wrap Up Hotel Stays For Homeless In California

Protests Over The Breonna Taylor Decision Erupt Across California

Jim Frazier

New Bill Would Focus On Cutting Wildfire Carbon Emissions

Responses to Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order Banning Gas-Powered Cars

Governor Newsom Issues New Executive Orders: Zero Emission Vehicles, COVID

State Grants Temporary Endangered Species Protections For Joshua Trees

Gov. Newsom Orders Phase-Out of Gas-Powered Vehicles

Why Can’t Government Financial Reporting Match Private Sector Standards?

Los Angeles’ Largest Landlord Group Requests Injunction Over Eviction, Rent Freeze Moratorium

Nail Salons To Reopen, More Counties To Open Up Following CHHS Announcement

California Department of Education Announces New Statewide Anti-Racism Program

California’s Unemployment Averages 27 percent of All U.S. Claims

San Diego County Small Businesses Leaders, Owners Rally for Re-Opening

Gov. Newsom Signs Bill That Pushes Non-Presidential Year Primaries Back To June

EDD Halting Unemployment Claimants For Two Weeks, Will Overhaul Entire System

Eloise Gómez Reyes

AB 685 – Employer Notices of COVID-19 Exposures

LA District Attorney Lacey in Bitter Battle With Soros-Funded George Gascón

Sonoma County Health Officer Claims Day Cares and Schools ‘Infected’

Workers’ Compensation in the Time of COVID-19

California Rep. Maxine Waters Orders Senate Dems to Block President Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

SB 1383 – Expanding California’s Family Rights Act

EDD Debit Card Fraud On The Rise, 44 Arrested In Beverly Hills This Month

Gov. Newsom, Senator Harris Accused Of Trespassing On Property For Wildfire Photo Op

California Ballot Initiatives: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the Ugliest

There are twelve ballot measures certified to appear on the November 3, 2020 ballot. California Globe has broken them down

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