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Thierry Baudet (left), Guy Milliere and Gary Aminoff (AFA, Facebook)

Europe’s Rising Star In Conservative Politics, Thierry Baudet Shares A Message With California

‘People need to let go of every last bit of shame or guilt of where we came from, who we are. We can save the West’

By Michelle Mears, October 11, 2019 7:17 am

The United States is not alone in its controversial debates over mass migration, climate change, freedom, and culture. All throughout Europe countries are facing similar rifts that stem from a push for a global government and an attack on Western culture through the guise of public policy.

In an effort to educate Americans just weeks before Brexit may take place, leaders and game-changers from around the globe gathered in Los Angeles to speak at an event put on by the non-partisan, non-profit group, American Freedom Alliance. The guests were former and current members of the European Parliament, journalists, authors, human rights activists and founders of political parties who are rejecting freedom destroying policies.

Thierry Baudet (Wikipedia)

The attack on Western freedoms is thriving in California. In May, the President of AFA Karen Siegemund felt the wrath when she was let go as a teacher in Los Angeles after 20-years. The school specifically wrote they didn’t support her defense of Western Culture. Not one to be deterred, Seigemund, who has filed a lawsuit against the school, forged ahead with her team at AFA and held the International Global Movements Freedom Conference.

One of the main guest speakers was Dr. Thierry Baudet, a teacher and author, who turned a think tank organization into one of the fastest-growing political parties in the Netherlands in 2019. Baudet sat down with the California Globe and discussed the efforts being made internationally to dismantle the West.

“I flew here because the West has fallen prey to a dazzling process of dismantlement. We are losing ground and losing fast,” said Baudet. “Three major projects have been bestowed upon us, they are to hollow out our democracies, societies, and identity.”

Baudet, a rising star among the Dutch, supports Brexit, loathes politics, modern art and culture.

He is considered the country’s bad boy.

He is the leader of the Forum for Democracy (FvD), which he founded at the age of 33 in 2015. He has transformed FvD into a political party six months before the March 2017 elections and won two seats. Baudet’s party is a fast-growing youth movement, that if it continues to grow, could one day could allow him to be a candidate for Prime Minister. This isn’t his goal according to a report, but he will take on if that is what it takes to save the Netherlands—and Western civilization—from their impending downfall.

Illegal immigration and mass migration are threatening Europe and the United States with their country’s sovereignty. Baudet writes about the threat to sovereignty in his book, The Significance of Borders.

“Our homes are being undermined by mass migration. Modern leaders are infected by this idea that whatever constitutes our home should be weakened,” said Baudet. He described how his country was losing its culture and self-identity due to the flood of migrants pouring in and not assimilating.

“Globally mass migration is resulting in countries, even the United States, losing their identity with culture, and more importantly politics,” said Baudet. He explained it is being done with intent to reshape independent societies into one-government dependence.

“By creating supranational organizations such as the International Criminal Court, International Human Rights mystic and the European Union no one is represented and it leaves hollowed out democracies,” Baudet said in his speech at AFA.

Another attack on Western Culture discussed with Baudet was the growth of collectivism and shrinking of individualism in the classroom and society.

The real-life consequences are often hidden according to Baudet. But the symptoms are pathological self-hatred, such as ‘White Guilt’.

“Every day we see bits of news where free speech is being curbed, censorship on the internet, Google rigging algorithms so Trump won’t be re-elected,” said Baudet. “We are supposed to believe an infinite amount of genders and the equality of opportunity does not suffice but real justice is ensuring equality of outcome.”

Ralf Dekker from Amsterdam and member of the Parliament also sat down with the California Globe while interviewing Baudet.

“There is this fear of human greatness. With collectivism, those in power want to bring everything to average. It’s a zero-sum game. If you are great you aren’t fair to the other person. If you break away from the average they want to chop your head off,” said Dekker.

“Collectivism is a mirror image of a welfare state that creates society that’s told what to do. Everything is nurtured everything is provided for. Collective group thinking leads into big government it is by design,” said Baudet. “The classrooms, those who educate using the collective group thinking, are destroying individualism.” Individualism is what leads to greatness said both Dekker and Baudet.

“Human greatness or success is being replaced with a sense of guilt, or you have to give back or be equalized. Everything of greatness is met with disdain and this is being done by intent,” said Baudet.

Baudet said he and his colleagues have been discussing collectivism with regard to free trade and development in other countries. “The fight for greatness, the idea prevailing with this thought is that if your country is rich, then you must have sucked the richness out of other countries because how is it possible you are rich.”

This behavior of apologizing for greatness was a strategy President Barack Obama used during his administration. The Heritage Foundation and multiple media outlets often reported about Obama’s apologies being an embarrassment to a Super Power.

“The more successful you are the less successful others are. Which makes you guilty of their sorrow. That is the lefts way of reasoning which is depressing,” said Dekker.

“We want the next generation of fearless conservatives to take over our institutions just like the left has done in the media, arts, judiciary, education system. In order to change the people’s mindset we need to turn the cultural narrative into a conservative narrative,” said Baudet. “People need to let go of every last bit of shame or guilt of where we came from, who we are. We can save the West.”

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9 thoughts on “Europe’s Rising Star In Conservative Politics, Thierry Baudet Shares A Message With California

  1. Amen!
    This guy hits it,right outta the park and I thank you for giving him a platform to share his philosophy!
    I wish him good health and success in expanding his influence worldwide!!!

    1. He is supported has decreased from around 14 to 8 % over the last year. If he was ever considdered to be a rising star he is now more of a right wing pomeranian. Cute but not to be taken seriously.

  2. As a matter of fact, in the Netherlands his support is already dwindling. Mosty Dutsch people think he’s a joke. He’s a shooting star, not a “rising star”.

  3. His support has decreased from around 14 to 8 % over the last year. If he was ever considdered to be a rising star he is now more of a right wing pomeranian. Cute but not to be taken seriously.

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