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Governor Gavin Newsom speaking with attendees at the 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, June 1, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Are the Rats Jumping Gov. Newsom’s Ship Over BYD Chinese Mask Deal?

Newsom’s legislative secretary Anthony Williams and his deputy cabinet secretary resigning

By Katy Grimes, August 14, 2020 7:50 am

Could Gov. Gavin Newsom’s controversial $1.4 Billion deal for masks with Chinese BYD, an electric bus maker now manufacturing N95 masks, be coming back to bite him in the behind?

The governor’s “chief Lobbyist” and Legislative Secretary, Anthony Williams announced his resignation Thursday, along with his deputy cabinet secretary Dan Seeman.

A Twitter thread, now deleted, made many wonder not only what is going on, but who is putting pressure on reporters to hold information, and why.

Politico reported:

“Just days before the crush of September bill-signing, two key members of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s staff will leave their posts, the governor’s office announced Thursday night,” Politico reported. “Newsom’s legislative secretary Anthony Williams and his deputy cabinet secretary Dan Seeman are both resigning, according to an email from chief of staff Ann O’Leary that was released Thursday. (emphasis Politico)

Deleted Tweet from Matt Levin. (Photo: screen capture, Twitter)

Remember, Anthony Williams was knee-deep in Governor Gavin Newsom’s dubious $1 billion BYD China mask deal: “Did Anthony Williams, Gov. Newsom’s “chief Lobbyist” and Legislative Secretary, facilitate the BYD deal?” California Globe reported.

Politico reported:

“Anthony Williams, Newsom’s point man on legislation, will leave Sept. 1 after the close of the legislative session. He cited personal and family issues in returning to Southern California, including helping his children with the school year, according to the letter to staff from O’Leary. …

“O’Leary said that she and the governor have asked Angie Wei, a special adviser to Newsom and former California Labor Federation lobbyist, to work closely with chief deputy legislative secretaries Joey Freeman and Stuart Thompson “to oversee the legislative bill signing and to help us as we undertake a search for a permanent successor.”

Calmatters reporter Matt Levin posted the above Tweet, and then deleted it.

Then he posted this:

Following Levin’s original Tweet, Ben Adler with CapRadio replied:

The Globe reported: Did Anthony Williams, Gov. Newsom’s “chief Lobbyist” and Legislative Secretary, facilitate the BYD deal? Did he receive a cut of the deal?

The Legislature cancelled the August 11 hearing of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, abandoning all efforts highlight the spending of billions of taxpayer dollars on personal protective equipment with companies like China-owned BYD and Blue Flame. In April, lawmakers sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a letter  demanding details of the agreement, saying there was too little transparency in spending those massive taxpayer dollars, California Globe reported.

California Globe, with help from Dana Point Attorney Craig Alexander, filed California Public Records Requests in April with Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the involved agencies for the contract the governor made with Chinese company BYD for 200 million surgical masks. Office of Emergency Services eventually made the contract public.

We are still receiving documents, purchase orders, emails, and communications from Office of Emergency Services, the Treasurer, the Controller, General Services, and the governor’s office.

California Globe connected the dots to the important players in Newsom’s Chinese BYD mask deal, and we are not done yet. Refresh your memory HERE: Gov. Newsom’s BYD Mask Deal Profitable for Insider Dealmakers.

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16 thoughts on “Are the Rats Jumping Gov. Newsom’s Ship Over BYD Chinese Mask Deal?

  1. Nice work! Oh I hope hope hope Newsom’s BYD Chinese mask deal will soon be “coming back to bite him in the behind.” Jaws-style, with any luck! Sure sounds like it. When the rats start jumping ship there are going to be more who jump, not fewer. Right?! Don’t want to jinx it but it all seems to be unraveling. Knock wood. Will be staying tuned for sure.

    1. There has been one hot mess at OES
      Tried cleanup incompetence inside and got thrown out
      Now on SS disability after threatened and obstruction of justice my rights to work comp injuries
      Injuries as legal qualified medical conditions reasonable accommodations denied whitewashed left bad parts ie personnel like Boeing
      As Boeing learned corruption false parts now planes falling outta sky
      Disgusting state wide incompetence politics before public safety

  2. Katy and staff, as a California taxpayer I want to thank you for staying on this and digging for the truth. Newsom and staff need to be held accountable for their dirty dealings.

    You know when a politician quickly resigns and attributes it to “spending more time with family” there is something nefarious happening behind the scenes.

    Awesome work to you and the others in the press, this why we need a free and open press not held accountable to the ACLU!

      1. I decided today that I will only read California Globe for the foreseeable future. Katy, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU. When I read your articles, I don’t feel down in the dumps like I do with some other outlets. I feel like I can see clearly and I know I’m not alone, and we are finally uncovering so much that has been kept hidden. Even though I plan on leaving CA next year, this is still my home state and as a government worker, this situation is not something that I can just ignore. I am feeling pretty gloomy about the upcoming “V” situation but at the very least, if more of us get fed up enough, maybe we will not comply. STEP OUT OF LINE!!!

        1. K, you are not alone in your thoughts. Hopefully, more Californians will be enlightened!
          I am with Show and Tell, double Amen!

          1. Amen to each and everyone commenting
            The problem goes much further than just the Mask deal or recent resignations
            The entire system is broken across all departments where issues alleged investigated are in fact a political whitewash
            Most attorneys won’t touch CA because they know the are fighting the System with unlimited tax payers paying legal bill and know AG will fight Cases with merit.
            The for reasons meant to send message and warning of fear retaliation and to destroy anyone who dares speak up or speak out
            Bay Area transplant 2001 we never got the memo… no civil rights or Union protections either… been 15 year eye opener as former internal and federal fund auditor my job to bring accountability and corrective action to serious public safety risk… taken out for refusing to turn blind eye or follow sheep and remain quiet… when that did not work they attacked maimed medically as they stripped Constitutional right bear arms and accused as potential active shooter by the incompetent in Sac Family courts where I understand per research is as corrupt as the rest system. Speak truth to anyone willing listen worked at CA OES 2008-2018

    1. Spot on post and how many hard working American taxpayers are leaving the golden goose state this year to escape the corruption , illegals and high taxes?

  3. Who get the masks if it was purchased by the state government? And why are they so expensive? almost $5 per mask?

    We need to know more detail.

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