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Are There Forms or Charts in California Statutes?

Forms and charts assist state agencies, local governments, the regulated community, and the public

By Chris Micheli, March 12, 2022 11:40 am

Most readers of bills or statutes would naturally expect only the written word to be found in California’s Codes, which contain over half a million statutes. However, some California statutes actually contain forms, notices and even charts. The following are examples of each:

Form – Government Code Section 27281:

If a certificate of acceptance is used, it shall be in substantially the following form:

This is to certify that the interest in real property conveyed by the deed or grant dated _________ from _________ to _________ , a political corporation and/or governmental agency is hereby accepted by order of the

_____ (legislative body) _____ on _____ (date) _____ ,

(or by the undersigned officer or agent on behalf of

the _____ (legislative body) _____

pursuant to authority conferred by resolution of the

_____ (legislative body) _____ adopted on _____ (date) _____ ,)

and the grantee consents to recordation thereof by its duly authorized officer.

Dated ____________________By

Notice – Civil Code Section 2924c:

The notice, of any default described in this section, recorded pursuant to Section 2924, and mailed to any person pursuant to Section 2924b, shall begin with the following statement, printed or typed thereon:

“IMPORTANT NOTICE [14-point boldface type if printed or in capital letters if typed]

IF YOUR PROPERTY IS IN FORECLOSURE BECAUSE YOU ARE BEHIND IN YOUR PAYMENTS, IT MAY BE SOLD WITHOUT ANY COURT ACTION, [14-point boldface type if printed or in capital letters if typed] and you may have the legal right to bring your account in good standing by paying all of your past due payments plus permitted costs and expenses within the time permitted by law for reinstatement of your account, which is normally five business days prior to the date set for the auction sale of your property. No auction sale date may be set until approximately 90 days from the date this notice of default may be recorded (which date of recordation appears on this notice).

This amount is

as of



and will increase until your account becomes current.

Schedule – Health and Safety Code Section 110875:

Unless specified elsewhere, the fee is based according to the following schedule:

Gross Annual Sales or

Annual Registration


$ 50













$2,500,001–and above


There are actually hundreds of examples of forms, notices, and charts that appear in numerous California Codes. These assist state agencies, local governments, the regulated community, and the public generally to understand what is required by specific laws. These documents make the law easier to understand and comply with, and some forms and notices must be used exactly as they appear in statute. In other instances, they are examples of what could be used.

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  1. Love your articles. For 18 years I had to read and analyze chaptered bills for a publishing company. The fact that you can simplify the byzantine morass that is often found in legislation should go a long way towards making sense to the average person. Keep it up!

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