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Sacramento City College. (Photo: https://cvc.edu/)

California Colleges and Public Schools Ordering More Vaccine Mandates Than Most Other States

Employees call it an abuse of power and are working with attorneys to file class-action lawsuit

By Katy Grimes, September 24, 2021 8:55 am

Public Universities and community colleges across California have mandated COVID vaccines for staff and students in order to attend or teach classes. In August, the California Department of Public Health issued a public health order requiring all school staff to either show proof of full vaccination or be tested at least once per week.

“To give parents confidence that their children are safe as schools return to full, in-person learning, we are urging all school staff to get vaccinated. Vaccinations are how we will end this pandemic,” said Governor Newsom.

Notably, a state-by-state look at colleges requiring COVID-19 vaccines shows a rather distinct line in the sand. The complete list of higher education institutions mandating vaccination for the fall 2021-22 semester appears to break along political lines rather than health and safety lines:

ARIZONA: Dine College, Prescott College

CALIFORNIA: Allen Hancock College, American Jewish University, American River College, Berkeley City College, Cabrillo College, California College of the Arts, California Institute of Integral Studies, California Institute of Technology, California Jazz Conservatory, California Lutheran University, California State University (Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Maritime Academy, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Polytechnic University at Pomona, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Joaquin Delta College, San Luis Obispo, San Marcos, Stanislaus), Cerro Coso College, Chabot College, Chapman University, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont Graduate University, Coast Community College District (Coastline, Golden West and Orange Coast), Coastline College, College of Alameda, College of the Redwoods, Cosumnes River College, Cypress College, De Anza College, Delta College, Folsom Lake College, Foothill College, Fresno Pacific University, Fullerton College, Golden Gage University, Golden West College, Harvey Mudd College, Holy Names University, Humboldt State University, Laney College, La Sierra University, Los Angeles Community College District, Los Rios Community College District, Loyola Marymount University, Menlo College, Merritt College, MiraCosta College, Moreno Valley College, Norco College, North Orange County Community College District (Cypress, Fullerton, North Orange Continuing Education), Occidental College, Orange Coast College, Otis College of Art and Design, Pepperdine University, Pitzer College, Pomona College, Porterville College, Riverside City College, Samuel Merritt University, Sacramento City College, San Diego Community College District, San Diego State University, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Clara University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Scripps College, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Southwestern College, Stanford University, State Center Community College District, University of California system (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz), University of the Pacific, University of La Verne, University of San Diego, University of Southern California, Whitter College

FLORIDA: University of Miami (employees only)

IOWA: Grinnell College, Highline College

TEXAS: Paul Quinn College, Rice University, Southwestern University, St. Edward’s University

Washington State, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, have lists as long as California’s. You can see then entire list of colleges and universities by state at the University Business website.

The Globe has been contacted by staff members at Los Rios Community College and Sacramento City Unified School District opposed to the new mandates. Many students and staff are planning a protest at Los Rios on September 30 over the mandates. Employees call it an abuse of power and are working with attorneys, planning to file a class-action lawsuit, CBS Sacramento reported.

Other states already have class action lawsuits working through the courts. The New Civil Liberties Alliance filed a class-action lawsuit challenging Michigan State University’s vaccine mandate for employees with naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19. 

More than 4,000 CSU Sacramento students who have not self-certified that they are vaccinated, received a letter saying they won’t be allowed on campus unless they prove their vaccination status, or legal exemption, CBS Sacramento reported.

In August, the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees voted to require COVID-19 vaccinations of all students and teachers, and offered a cash incentive of $100 to students for taking the vaccine. And if students take the second vaccine, they receive another $100.

“So, for all our students who are hesitant, there’s a really good incentive to go out and get that first shot and then follow up and get the second shot as well,” Brian King, Chancellor of Los Rios said, CBS10 reported. “The recognition that the Delta variant is having such a dramatic impact on our public health, our board decided on August 3rd to establish a requirement that all of our students and staff to have at least their first shot by October 1.”

The Los Rios Community College District offered no other options.

This week the Sacramento City Teachers Association labor union presented a proposal to the Sacramento City Unified School District that includes mandatory vaccinations for all district students and staff, and mandatory weekly Covid testing for all students and staff, regardless of vaccination status.

“Despite limited Covid testing, SCUSD has reported an average of 19 new Covid cases every school day since classes began September 2,” the SCTA said.

In addition to mandatory vaccination and testing, “the SCTA proposal would require the district to follow health and safety recommendations from the state and county health departments and the California Department of Occupational Health and Safety. SCTA’s proposal requires recommendations from the state and county to be disclosed.”

Interestingly, the SCTA noted that the district has 200 vacancies among certificated teachers, “and since classes began on September 2, this has left an average of 39 classes a day (with approximately 1170 students) without either a regular or substitute teacher in the classroom.”

The SCTA proposal explains the mandate in detail:

The All District staff and students shall be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID by January 1, 2022, except those staff or students who have a medical exemption that keeps them from being vaccinated.

Prior to January 1, 2022, and pursuant to Governor Newsom’s August 11, 2021 Executive Order on vaccinations for school employees, staff must show proof of vaccination, or be subject to regular testing. Bargaining unit members will be required to provide proof of vaccination to the District by August 30, 2021. Bargaining unit members may submit proof of vaccination by going to the District’s vaccine portal at https://www.scusd.edu/vaccinations. Bargaining unit members who are vaccinated after August 30, 2021, may request to present vaccination proof at a later date through the District’s vaccination portal.

“There is currently no testing option, and no consideration has been given to natural immunity,” one of the Los Rios protesters told the Globe. “The District has made it very clear that staff and students who have not received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by October 1st, will be subjected to a disciplinary process. Students will “not be allowed access to District facilities,” and staff members will “probably be terminated,” to paraphrase their official statements.”

Here is the flyer announcing the Los Rios protest:

Los Rios flyer
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16 thoughts on “California Colleges and Public Schools Ordering More Vaccine Mandates Than Most Other States

  1. Lies on top of lies on top of lies on top of lies from the tyrants —– all piled on top of a big fat false premise.

    Thank God some class-action suits regarding this outrage are a-brewing, and Katy Grimes once again deserves a huge round of applause for reporting that aspect of this nightmare.

    Yesterday I heard a professor at George Mason University (of all places — uh, I thought that was a conservative college?) who fought, tooth-and-nail, a vaccination mandate for staff and, although he did gain an exemption in the end, it was only for him and was not applied to other staff.

    Never mind, the point I wanted to make is that as he was telling his story he did remind listeners that legal challenges to the vaccine mandates are happening throughout the country even though they are rarely reported. That should give some hope. Really appreciate that Katy Grimes’ reporting has also given that hope.

  2. Believe it or not, the Los Angeles Community College District is allowing the testing option. This is notable because LACCD is the largest community college district in the nation. Why are all of the bit-player college districts using their bully pulpit when the 800lb gorilla is providing flexibilty? Their policy reads as follows: “As a condition to physically accessing any District building, classroom, library, gymnasium, facility, or other indoor setting, all District employees and students shall either: 1) present proof that they have been fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19); or 2) undergo regular testing for COVID-19 infection and produce proof of negative COVID-19 test results.” Source: https://go.boarddocs.com/ca/laccd/Board.nsf/files/C5GQAH685D3F/$file/LACCD%20BP%202900%20-%20COVID%2019%20VACCINATION%20REQUIREMENT%20-%20FINAL.pdf

    Even Long Beach City College, the former employer of the Chancellor of the California Community College system, is allowing the testing option: https://www.lbcc.edu/notice/uploading-covid-testing-results-and-150-vaccine-incentive

    The trustees of these college districts should be given a wake-up call similar to what happened in Idaho: https://www.khq.com/news/north-idaho-college-president-fired-during-chaotic-board-of-trustees-meeting/article_d625b3b6-1c21-11ec-92c8-a3140c71d0d3.html


    The vaccine is the variant – Israel has shown that conclusively…. the more people who fold and acquiesce, the control group diminishes… we need to prove that they are working to harm the rest of us for their nefarious plans…of creeping Communism and a lack of liberties and freedom under the guise of “safety”

  4. Those imposing medical tyranny by mandating an experimental brew that they call “vaccines” which has killed thousands and incapacitated thousands more are guilty of crimes against humanity? They and their souls will be held accountable?

  5. I fear latest Newsom ‘Privacy bill’ has sinister implications. Will it be used to encourage children to be vaccinated (myocarditis, blood clots, graphine oxide, spike proteins) without their parent’s consent or knowledge?
    Newsom Signs Bill to Block Parents Learning of ‘Sensitive’ Services -newsmax.com

  6. Taking away my previous freedoms is not incentive to submit to an experimental injection for a disease with few to no complications.

    Just the opposite, I now stand in total horror of the what the deep state (unionized government employees) has become. And the horror that it is our own creation and funded by our own tax dollars. I still cannot get my head around how quickly we have fallen as a state and now almost as a nation.

  7. The fact a community college chancellor can repeat this bald face lie is proof we are wasting money on public education. ……….. “The recognition that the Delta variant is having such a dramatic impact on our public health, our board decided on August 3rd to establish a requirement that all of our students and staff to have at least their first shot by October 1.”

    Rescind Prop 98 which now automatically takes 50% of all general funds off. the top and hands them with no strings attached to K-14 (K-2 + two year community colleges) every single year, with zero accountability requirements, must end.

    While Prop 98 money has been traditionally split 90:10 —- 90% to K-12 and 10% to community colleges, every year the community college 10% had to be wasted offering more and more remedial classes in English and math before K-12 graduates could even function in college level class work.

    Because this was clearly a black eye for K-12 failure to educate students with their 90% Prop 98 dollars, they eliminated the math and English proficiency testing and any remedial course requirements for any community college class enrollment. Which means K-12 education now is not only 100% unaccountable, it has now fatally dumbed down the entire higher education community college experience.

  8. Video:
    Follow the ARP money. This is their motivation to hurt so many young people who will suffer under this tyranny at these institutions of indoctrination.

  9. Oh look, Florida has set up clinics for monoclonal antibody therapy, and reduced covid numbers by 75.3% with no adverse side affects. India and El Salvador issuing Ivermectin + Zinc, etc. with exceptional success and no adverse side-effects. Denmark, Norway, Sweden no longer has any covid restrictions, phenomenal results. When we stop playing the game, it’s game-over.

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