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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Record $286.4 Billion Proposed Budget

‘Gavin Newsom’s budget gets a big fat F for failing Californians’

By Katy Grimes, January 11, 2022 7:34 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom released his record $286.4 billion proposed budget Monday to praise and criticism. His 2022-2023 budget proposes to spend:

  • $22.5 billion over the next five years to fight climate change including $500 million for “climate workforce” programs that involve professional training
  • An “Oil-free” future includes $6.1 billion for electric trucks, school buses, heavy-duty vehicles, 100,000 new charging stations and more transportation projects, $2 billion clean energy projects, $1 billion in tax credits for companies working on climate solutions, $9 billion in transportation projects for transit, rail, bicycle and pedestrian safety, climate adaptation and high-speed rail
  • Wildfire support including $3.7 billion and add more than 1,200 new CalFire positions and $1.2 billion for forest management
  • On top of the $12 billion in last year’s budget for the homeless, Newsom proposes another $2 billion in spending and $1.5 billion for housing for homeless including tiny homes and shelters
  • Drought spending including $750 million in water conservation, efficiency, groundwater recharge
  • $2 billion for coastal and ocean protection, community resiliency projects, urban greening and a state climate corp
  • Universal health care for everyone in the state (previously estimated at more than $400 billion)
  • $2.7 billion on efforts related to vaccines, boosters, COVID-19 testing and “increased medical personnel”
  • $20 million in scholarships for doctors who commit to providing abortions
  • In addition to paying for the health care of low-income young adults and people 50 and over in the country illegally, Newsom is adding $2.2 billion per year to pay for the health care expenses for every low-income adult in the state regardless of their immigration status
  • $1.5 million to repurpose empty housing areas in prisons
  • $102 billion to education to deal with pandemic costs in schools
  • $1 billion for universal transitional kindergarten for all 4-year-olds by 2025
  • $3.4 billion before- and after-school programs for low-income elementary school students, and “expanded learning”

The entire budget is here. A summary of the 2022-23 budget is here.

Lawmakers and others involved in state politics weighed in on Gov. Newsom’s 2022-2023 budget proposal:

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson:

CAGOP Jessica Patterson (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

“Gavin Newsom’s budget gets a big fat F for failing Californians. “It has unprecedented spending yet is woefully short on solutions that will fix the problems that are plaguing California. Gavin Newsom’s California leads the nation with the highest unemployment rate, highest gas prices, highest poverty and homeless levels, and most U-hauls moving residents out of a state. Crime is rampant, housing is unaffordable, and students are falling further behind. Instead of a reckless spending spree, Democrats should take the budget surplus accrued from aggressively over-taxing Californians and work with Republicans to make wise investments that will restore the Golden State to a place where people come because of opportunity, not one they are rushing to leave.”

Board of Equalization Member Ted Gaines:

Ted Gaines. (Photo: Ted Gaines)

“With a $45.7 billion budget surplus, there’s no reason we can’t create a more affordable and sustainable California by investing in housing; expanding California’s water storage; protecting the jobs of California taxpayers; investing in science-based fire protection programs; ensuring that the money we send to our schools reaches the classroom; re-funding the police so our communities and families are safe; and building a strong safety net, not a mattress.


Dr. Mark Ghaly, Health and Human Services Secretary:

Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary California Health and Human Services. (Photo: CHHS)

“The Governor’s Budget doubles-down on an upstream, whole person, equity-anchored approach.

The 2022-23 Governor’s Budget makes investments that focus on our most vulnerable neighbors while addressing the upstream needs of our communities.

As we move forward, we will leverage the multiyear investments made in the 2021 Budget Act and proposed in the Governor’s Budget to build up the foundations of a Healthy California for All.

Collectively, these bold investments are designed to break down silos and integrate services– such as providing housing for homeless individuals with serious behavioral health issues and addressing the spectrum of needs for justice-involved individuals.

The proposed investments – covering health, housing, and social needs – will improve the state’s ability to serve the whole person. Read the rest of Dr. Ghaly’s statement here.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Los Angeles):
Assemblyman Anthony Rendon. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“The Governor’s proposal sets the stage for continued, careful implementation of last year’s bold budget initiatives and new investments in education, transportation, and climate-related infrastructure to benefit all Californians. I want to thank the Governor for his continued support of expanding health care coverage to all Californians.

“At the start of session last week, I told my Assembly colleagues, ‘Let’s get to work.’ That work will include budget collaboration with the Governor and Senate Pro Tem Atkins to fund state and local responses to our public health challenges, especially COVID-19.  This is especially important to support Californians facing the Omicron spike.

“In the absence of new federal funding to assist small businesses with COVID sick leave requirements, I support augmenting the Governor’s budget to add state funding for this purpose, and we have already had a productive discussion on this. “It truly is time to get to work.”

Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita):  

Senator Scott Wilk. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“The governor likes to thank his fellow Democrats for ideas that originated within the Republican Caucus – but Californians see through that political gamesmanship. This budget includes many commonsense Republican requests such as a gas tax holiday, wildfire prevention and forest management, reversing tax increases on businesses, and helping keep business doors open, but so much more needs to be done.

“Senate Republicans worked effectively with former Governor Jerry Brown on bi-partisan solutions and we stand ready to work with Governor Newsom when he chooses to govern collaboratively to the benefit of all Californians.”

Senate Republicans called on the governor to prioritize several areas in the budget. View the letter here. Successful Republican requests include:

  • √ Gas tax holiday                             
  • √ Investment in wildfire prevention 
  • √ Helping local government combat retail theft                
  • √ Tax relief for job creators

“Since Newsom is so focused on ‘reimaging the future,’ he should take a better look at building water storage, improving the quality of life for everyday Californians, and analyzing why his spending on homelessness has failed,” said Wilk. “I look forward to working with my colleagues in the legislature to ensure good ideas remain in this budget and the challenges are addressed.”

Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Bakersfield):

Assemblyman Vince Fong. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“While the Governor makes political headlines, every day Californians are overtaxed and are struggling to afford to live and work in our state.

“Parents are concerned about their children. Homelessness is on the rise. Small businesses are stressed. Crime is increasing. Water storage is desperately needed. Communities face a never ending wildfire season. There’s an endless list of crises. Californians are rightfully frustrated.

“Governor Newsom and Sacramento Democrats have fallen into the false mindset that simply more spending equates to success. The mentality that success is defined by how much is spent instead of by real, measurable, and actual results is mindboggling.

“Overtaxed Californians should keep more of their hard earned money. Precious tax dollars need to be spent wisely and effectively to serve those in need.”

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield):
Senator Shannon Grove. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“Governor Newsom’s budget over taxes and over-regulates Californians while continuing to push the same policies that have resulted in the highest cost of living, the highest poverty, historically high crime rates and worsening homeless crisis, despite record high spending. In December, Senator McGuire and I called on the governor to increase the number of state firefighters to meet the increasing demands of wildfire management, and I am pleased he has set aside $400 million for this proposal. I appreciate the governor’s focus on the drought’s impact on food producers and funding for water conveyance, but with no additional money for water storage, the budget is still not serious about addressing California’s food and water security. I hope the governor understands we can’t import 100% of the food the Central Valley grows. I am also strongly opposed to the governor’s continued war on the state’s oil and gas industry, which provides good jobs for thousands of families and energy security for all Californians. The governor and the majority party must prioritize the immediate needs of Californians, instead of focusing on their utopian Government controlled state.”

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12 thoughts on “California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Record $286.4 Billion Proposed Budget

  1. Insofar as we are handing out “grades”, I would give the CAGOP an equally “big fat F” for failing California conservative voters. If ANY, that organization SHOULD be re-imagined.

    1. Well, I agree that patience is a virtue. But, I don’t think we’ll have to wait that long this time. Virginia and now South Carolina are saying that the tide has already turned. Biden won this district by 30 points:
      “Former Columbia, South Carolina, City Councilman Daniel Rickenmann was sworn in as the city’s new Republican-backed mayor on Jan. 4 after defeating Tameika Isaac Devine, a candidate endorsed by former President Barack Obama.”

  2. Appreciate the state GOP response and not surprised to see the usual indecipherable buzzword nonsense talk from the Dems. But at this point it won’t only be GOPers who are desperate for change in this state if the destruction by our Dem/Marxist politicians continues, it will be everyone, regardless of political party, who hasn’t been zombified by the last two years (and longer) and can still think straight. And it’s not just about taxes, either, although obviously taxes can be destructive. I would encourage (maybe even beg?) state Repubs to be as strong and loud as possible with no holds barred when they speak to ALL voters about what is happening in California and what the priorities need to be. Probably most important, they need to pair what they say with real plans and ACTION. It’s the only way in this extremely CRITICAL time.

  3. Herr Schwab is obviously pleased that his “Young Emerging Leader” class of 2005 is executing the WEF’s plan to cause so much economic turmoil that the WEF can get its “Global Reset 2030″ agenda passed when the vast majority have been economically pounded into submission…
    The hyper-inflation that’s being implemented by the ‘Let’s go Brandon” BuyedIn “administration” is all part of this, and now this globalist minion is advocating with this wasteful and misguided agenda…

  4. So, Senate Republicans refer to the state spending confiscated taxpayer money as ‘investments’.
    Please explain to me why the term ‘uniparty’ isn’t appropriate here.

    I’m sure Senate ‘leader’ Dahle can’t wait to attend his next Climate Change conference with his Democrat ‘friends’.
    The California Republican Party is dead to me. They’re a bunch of gutless wonders.

  5. Apparently the GOP has been taking lessons in New Speak. If all the money government wastes, er “invests” was earning returns we would all be cashing big fat checks each year rather than digging deep to pay our taxes.

  6. Was the “record” the amount of Gavin’s proposed budget or the length of his “look at me” pess conference to discuss the budget? What a circus.

  7. How do you have a Surplus when you have huge debt? Again with accounting gimmicks. There are some Young Turks among some of the GOP but not nearly enough and once the last of them leave, who exactly will be coughing up the $$$ for the payments and oh yes, universal health care for illegal aliens? Oh yes please show your c0oncern for those being squeezed to pay.

  8. “Florida is a free state. We reject the biomedical security state that curtails liberty, ruins livelihoods, and divides our society. And we will protect the rights of individuals to live their lives free from the yoke of restrictions and mandates” – Ron DeSantis
    See California, all the budget money in the world will not afford you the freedom and justice that is your birthright.
    It doesn’t have to be this way. Newsom is a “Civil servant” that swore an Oath to the Constitution…. he failed.

  9. I wonder is the $20 million for abortions to help fight climate change or does he just love kids that much?

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