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California’s Unemployment Department Overburdened by Unprecedented Number of Claims

Almost 2 million claims have been filed in three weeks

By Evan Symon, April 6, 2020 5:56 pm

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), the agency in charge of unemployment claims and insurance in the state, has found itself severely strained for almost a month as it rushes to meet almost 2 million claims filed in three weeks.

Almost as many claims as the entire Great Recession in three weeks

While the EDD has handled high numbers of claims before, such as the 2.2 million claims in 2008 during the Great Recession, the rush of 1.9 million claims caused by economic shock from COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic shutdowns since mid-March has caused a slew of problems for the agency. The normal three-week response time has been pushed a bit farther due to the number of claims, and EDD workers have been severely fatigued by the numbers, with the agency not having any downtime in recent weeks.

“Normally we’d have a well-paced day,” said Mary, an EDD worker who did want to use her last name. “But after coronavirus our workload has been non-stop. I’ve had to call people with questions over their work history or the reason they were let go or other things like that, and I swear as soon as the call is over we’re back on seconds later. Honestly, I used to work at a call center that, oddly enough, also had long hours. And I’ve been getting more and more deja vu from that each day.”

“Everyone is tired and we all keep hoping for a day where we get over that huge bump in new claims. But right now, we’re just not seeing it.”

It has become so dire in the EDD that they have brought in other government employees who have had experience in processing claims and recent retirees have been asked to come back for awhile. So far around 850 temporary unemployment workers are in, with more on the way.

Even worse, EDD workers have had a rocky transition to working from home, causing even more delay in claims.

“Not everyone went from office to home office without a hitch,” explained Mary. “I know for a fact that there have been issues with kids being home, loud pets, difficulty in work programs, calling issues, interpersonal communication issues. You know, what can go wrong, will. It’s been going better than we thought, but we’re still shaking things out.”

“But we’re keeping up despite everything. Even after we got additional tasks like adding in federal money from the CARES Act, you know, that $600 for unemployment? Through all this we’re still going. I think that speaks mountains to what the EDD is capable of.”

“We were just blind-sighted by this. I mean, we’ve been having low unemployment numbers to this, and to go from 0 to 100 like that, the EDD adjusted and kept up.”

110,000 new unemployment claims a day

According to Governor Gavin Newsom, 110,000 new unemployment claims have been made each day on average. He has claimed that it has “overwhelmed the system.”

“Those numbers track,” continued Mary. “But being overwhelmed is pushing it. It means that the sheer number of claims overtook us. But it didn’t. We worked ourselves to the bone, brought in reinforcements, and we’ve been keeping up. It hasn’t been easy I admit, but we’ve been doing it.”

Loree Levy, the EDD deputy director of public affairs, said in statements this weekend that there are many steps people can take to not burden the department even more than it has been. Filing a claim online is suggested as it would be quicker than mail, which has a long turn-around time, and calling, as it’s claim filing times are only from 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. each day. Also recommended is choosing the debit card payment option over a check, as checks take longer to get out.

However, the debit card option is facing severe drawbacks with coronavirus.

“First off, not everybody accepts them,” said Mary. “But the big thing is is that isn’t cash. It can be hard, if not impossible, to pay rent with it. And some stores have been known to not accept it.”

The EDD is expected to keep a high volume of new claims coming in for at least the next few weeks as the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to climb to its peak in California.

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Evan Symon
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13 thoughts on “California’s Unemployment Department Overburdened by Unprecedented Number of Claims

  1. I am sure California EDD is overburdened. With the mentality of “business as usual”, and answering the phones for 4 hours per day will do that. Where are all of these imported state workers??

    1. Actually, there is no option to actually speak to anyone. At least from what I have tried. I called dozens of times on different days from 8-12, and each time I received the message that they are receiving more calls than they can answer, and that I cannot speak to a representative!!!!

      1. I never could get through even before the coronavirus pandemic. The governor needs to improve the phone system.

  2. It’s been a month since I filed my claim and haven’t received my payment yet. Website says it was issued. EDD says 5-7 day response time for any questions. Day 6 since question submitted. Still no money or response. Second payment should be issued any time now, still waiting for the first.

  3. I filed a claim in the middle of March and will be awarded my 3rd 2 week claim on April 26th. That’s 6 weeks of payments but no card and no way to use the money . 0 income and can’t access the money owed by EDD. This is making it very hard on Americans to stay above water.

  4. Certainly the EDD is a major scam. They are excellent at taking money from paychecks, but bad at paying out. Government scam at its best.

    Time to abolish the EDD.

  5. I originally filed in March ..and since self employed filed PUA again on April 29th….and still showing “pending” online with certification received since February…but have not received anything ..and can’t get thru…only get recording saying they are overwhelmed and can’t take call. The one time I did get thru they said a Claims Rep would call me in 3 days but never received that call …

  6. I called every day in regards to my edd account I need my money I already send them proves of my identity and still haven’t put money in my card it almost been two months this is ridiculous

  7. Been calling 3 hrs a day, everyday the phone system is shut off at EDD they are not interested in helping suffering americans

  8. I going on week six of no benefits. They are listed as “pending” on the EDD website. I emailed and called, but weeks later, there’s no response. My Assemblyman’s office may get some answers for me.

    1. I have tried that, Robert and, I also blasted Newsome. I never heard back but was not surprised. The only thing I get from Newsome is to send HIM money.

  9. The EDD owes me 6 weeks of unemployment and it has been over a month!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!

  10. The EDD owes me for 12 weeks!!!! It has been over two months, and nothing from them. I have called dozens of times, and every time the recording says there are too many calls coming in and to call back later. I have emailed dozens of times and have never gotten a response!!!!!!!!!!!!

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