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China Outmaneuvers Biden

Putin and Zelensky say they now want to meet with China

By Richard Grenell, February 26, 2023 3:27 pm

This week, President Biden watched as President Xi of China presented a peace plan to the world that the Communist nation said it hoped would lead to a peaceful resolution of the year-long war in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Zelensky immediately complimented the peace plan with Zelensky saying he welcomed a meeting with the Chinese diplomatic team to discuss the next steps.

The move by China embarrassed Biden, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for spending the last year failing to come up with an American plan for ending the deadly conflict.

Jake Sullivan on Sunday responded to the Chinese plan by saying the Biden team is thinking “morning, noon, and night” about how to give Ukraine more military aid and hardware. 

For Blinken, the top diplomat for the United States and the man who outlines the priorities for American Foreign Service Officers (FSO), it was another example of being side-lined.

“We had no plan and now we have to react to China’s,” said a Senior FSO working in Europe.

Veteran State Department employees were furious that a year has gone by without a U.S. plan for a peaceful solution. 

“The Pentagon is in charge. The State Department is just supporting indefinite war,” said another FSO in Washington, DC.

What is most infuriating, is that Americans know the Chinese are not honest brokers in this crisis. China, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, failed to condemn Russia in March of 2022 during an Emergency session of the UN General Assembly when an overwhelming number of nations condemned Russia’s invasion. China has also blocked other action at the UN designed to isolate Putin as the war has grown. 

But while the Biden team has armed Ukraine and spent tens of billions of dollars on aid and hardware to Ukraine, they have failed to directly seek a peace path. There have been no peace talks, high-level visits or substantive action from Blinken or the FSOs he leads. U.S. Ambassador to China Nick Burns has been cowering in the corner in silence. And U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield has been left reacting to Europeans and the Chinese at the world body. 

Communist China has outmaneuvered Biden and Blinken by offering at least a conceivable starting point to end the war. And while parts of the Chinese plan—like blaming the West for instigating the start of the war—are unacceptable, the vague outlines make sense. The published Chinese document suggests 12 points:

Respecting the sovereignty of all countries

Abandoning the Cold War mentality

Ceasing hostilities

Resuming peace talks

Resolving the humanitarian crisis

Protecting civilians and prisoners of war (POWs)

Keeping nuclear power plants safe

Reducing strategic risks

Facilitating grain exports

Stopping unilateral sanctions

Keeping industrial and supply chains stable

Promoting post-conflict reconstruction

The Chinese plan is now seen as a credible basis for future negotiations.  The Biden Administration has allowed a communist nation with ill-intent to offer up a peace plan that both Russia and Ukraine believe is a good start. It is infuriating to watch the Biden team make the United States look so weak. 

The China plan needs details, protections, deletions, and benchmarks to guarantee enforcements, and consequences for war crimes violations as a starting point.  It also needs a serious discussion about the failures of the West, mainly the decision by President Obama, then Vice President Biden and Chancellor Angela Merkel, to allow Crimea to slip into Russia’s orbit. All the discussions about territorial integrity for Europe should have included what to do about Crimea years ago. The Obama-Biden-Merkel axis of weakness helped create Putin’s European offensive in the first place. And so did the decision taken by Biden, Merkel, and Senate Democrats to drop Donald Trump’s sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in 2021. 

American diplomats must also lead a discussion with Russia and Ukraine about NATO expansion. We are naïve to believe that Russia will find a way to accept Ukrainian, Georgian, and Moldovan NATO membership in the North Atlantic military alliance, and we should not be afraid to have the conversation about the safety and security of Europe and our allies.  The Chinese plan, however, continues the dangerous assumption that Putin was simply provoked into acting with so much hostility.

Biden, meanwhile, continues to be totally in the dark about the optical significance of the Chinese peace plan moving forward. 

“I’ve seen nothing in the plan that would indicate that there is something that would be beneficial to anyone other than Russia if the Chinese plan were followed,” Biden told David Muir on ABC’s “This Week.”

Biden’s friend Zelensky disagrees with him. “As far as I know, China respects historical integrity,” Zelensky told reporters in Kyiv.

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17 thoughts on “China Outmaneuvers Biden

  1. You’re missing the point. Russia will never allow Ukraine to be a member of NATO. That’s what the war is about. You folks want to box him in and won’t allow it. He’s a much better leader than any replacement would be. This regime-change mentality needs to stop. How much of the foreign aid comes back to America as laundered money? This situation is getting out of hand. Putin will use nukes and the state department knows this. But Biden had to have his proxy war. I don’t care about the industry profits. I care about staying alive. Backing Putin into a corner will assure the most horrific, violent response in history.

    1. I watched in utter disbelief as the British PM Sunak, a total incompetent, said that he has no doubt that Ukraine will become a member of NATO (in a Bloomberg interview) despite Zelensky saying they won’t join. Putin has been warning against NATO being on the border of Russia for years. He has always wanted a buffer zone. Putin is a vile dictator but he is not crazy; and he WILL use nukes in some way if cornered.

    2. I always felt that Biden was a major reason for the war by threatening to add Ukraine to NATO. This is not speculation. Putin even said that Ukraine will never belong to NATO. Everyone except our current administration knew this.

    3. You missed this?:American diplomats must also lead a discussion with Russia and Ukraine about NATO expansion. We are naïve to believe that Russia will find a way to accept Ukrainian, Georgian, and Moldovan NATO membership in the North Atlantic military alliance, and we should not be afraid to have the conversation about the safety and security of Europe and our allies.

  2. The shameful passage of the Chinese spy balloon over our country was more than symbolic of our status as a “paper tiger” – it signaled a change in the world order. And no amount of gaslighting by the Biden administration can cover it up.

    China is doing what the main world superpower should do- use its prestige, financial muscle and military might to impose peace on both sides. It’s a sad mark of our decline under Joe Biden, Blinken and Sullivan that this has come to pass.

  3. The Chinese character (word) for “crisis” is the same as “opportunity”. They see this as an way to enhance their standing with the European countries who they depend on for trade and as a counter-influence to the USA in the Pacific. I believe this has more to do with enhancing their global image as a peace broker – a deception in reality. They are ready to take Taiwan by force, no?

  4. This conflict could easily have been avoided had Biden and Blinken addressed Russia’s security concerns about NATO when those issues were presented in writing. Instead, Biden and Blinken ignored them and gave Putin the middle finger. Now there are hundreds of thousands dead, a country being destroyed, and the world looking at a nuclear war…

  5. Was the CCP’s “peace plan” approved by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum globalist cabal? Is Biden the demented meat puppet who looks like a corpse, really in the dark about the optical significance of the Chinese peace plan? Why does Biden no longer look like he used to? Maybe the Biden regime (most of whom are deep-state globalists) willingly allowed the CCP to offer up a peace plan that both Russia and Ukraine believe is a good start? There’s more to the Russia vs. Ukraine conflict than what is being broadcast by the controlled mockingbird legacy media?

  6. Sorry Mr. Grenell, most Americans probably don’t know that the communist Chinese are not honest brokers in this crisis? Many Americans probably don’t know much about the Russian and Ukrainian border conflict? Many are preoccupied with trying to make a living and others are busy watching videos on TikTok? What’s really infuriating to those of us who are somewhat aware is the billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars that the Biden regime keeps shuffling over to Ukraine with no accountability?

    1. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made a ‘surprise’ visit to Kiev on Monday to announce another transfer of $1.25 billion to Ukraine? WTH? Where are the Republicans in Congress to stop the Biden regime from getting the U.S. in a proxy war? Too many of them are RINO Neocons.

  7. Agree 100% with Hrwolfe and Hugo Furst. The CIA had assessed in late 2020 that the Russian buildup along the Ukraine border was a precursor to an invasion. Yet EU leaders including Zelensky dismissed this along with the Biden administration. Their narrative was that Putin would not dare invade their WEF globalist-incubator country. They were all “dead” wrong. Putin WILL use low-yield tactical nukes if it appears that Russia is about to lose the war. The USA must avoid becoming directly involved in this EU globalist insanity – NO TROOPS, support ONLY contingent on direct negotiations between the parties involved. When a cease fire is negotiated, the USA should lead in developing a NATO security strategy for all countries INCLUDING Russia. NATO has to change.

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