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Former President Donald Trump speaking at the ‘Rally to Protect Our Elections’ in Phoenix, July 24, 2021. (Photo by Gage Skidmore/The Star News Network)

EXCLUSIVE: California Globe Interview With 45th President Donald Trump

Part 1: ‘We have horrible borders and horrible, corrupt elections’

By Katy Grimes, May 16, 2022 2:37 pm

The California Globe had the opportunity to meet with Former United States President Donald Trump Friday in Los Angeles in a one-on-one interview, while he was in the state on business. We discussed the state of the State of California. As expected, President Trump had plenty to say about the politics of our unique state.

“I happen to think California is one of the most corrupt states in the nation for election fraud,” President Donald Trump said at the outset of our meeting Friday. “When they send out 20 million ballots… basically they don’t have any voting rules, right? They send out everything and they have no idea where they are going.”

The 45th President is referencing how every registered California voter now receives a ballot mailed to them ahead of elections under a bill signed in 2021 by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Under the law, ballots in California must be mailed at least 29 days before the election. Voters are still able to drop off their ballot or vote in person.

According to the California Secretary of State, as of April 8, 2022 there are 26,948,297 eligible California voters and 22,004,006 registered California voters.

“I don’t believe California is a blue state,” Trump said. “I think California – if there were fair elections in the state – California is a very even state and maybe would even be a Republican State.”

“When the Democrats sent out over 20 million ballots, there is no way a Republican can win in the state. Because they are as crooked as can be,” he added.

“And this is a corrupt election, and many of the states in our country are corrupt,” President Trump added. “And I think I proved two things in doing what I’m doing: We have horrible borders and horrible, corrupt elections.”

“The first thing I was told when I decided to run in 2015 is ‘don’t waste any time in California.’ I did one rally and I’m telling you, I had 100,000 people there,” Trump said. “And I said ‘this is not a blue state.’ But I never went back. And I was told ‘you’ll lose by anywhere from 7 to 10 million votes.’ So I said, ‘this is crazy.’ It’s only because the process is so corrupt.”

“And the Republicans should not stand for it.”

I covered a Trump campaign event June of 2016 in Sacramento, California, held at the Sacramento International Airport. The crush of the massive crowd was spectacular. It was evident that many people there were awestruck at the size of the crowd. The Associated Press reported that 5,000 people showed up for the event.

President Trump discussed how Hispanic voters jumped on board the Trump Train. “Look at how well I did in Texas and Florida with Hispanics. I have record numbers.”

“I won the border of Texas – that’s never happened before,” Trump said. “It’s mostly Hispanic and I won it.” Trump said the Governor called him and said that’s not happened since the Texas civil war and reconstruction.

We discussed California’s 2018 ballot harvesting election slaughter when “ballot harvesting” helped flip seven U.S. House races in California after Election Day. “That was a total mess,” Trump said. “We had seven elections that went to overtime and all seven were lost.”

In the weeks after Election Day, and after the counting of hundreds of thousands of ballots harvested under a new California law, election observers and California voters started to raise red flags on what they witnessed, a Republican House report found.

This law permits any individual to return the mail ballot belonging to another voter without any limitation as to the number of ballots collected, the relationship to the voter, or even relationship to candidates on the ticket. And they can be paid to collect the ballots.

In Orange County, 250,000 mailed ballots were turned in on Election Day, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

California also passed a law ahead of the 2018 election authorizing the counting of ballots for an entire month after Election Day.

“That’s the other thing – for the country, I want to have all-paper ballots, and all same-day voting,” Trump said, sounding as if he is running for President in 2024. “Like France. In all fairness, like Canada. They don’t have any problems with their elections. They all do same-day voting.”

President Trump said the only exceptions to the same-day, paper ballot voting in Canada and France are if someone is very sick and cannot make it to the polls, or for military out of the country. They are allowed, with permission, to cast an absentee ballot.

“You should have very few mail-in ballots because it is very corrupt,” Trump added.

We discussed the work his former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, is doing with Fix California. Fix CA started a statewide inspection of the 58 counties’ voter rolls in July 2021 to clean them up.

Grenell’s “Fix” for California is progressing better than anyone imagined, as the Globe reported last week. “All of the counties were given the legal finger wag of ‘I’ll see you in court’ if they didn’t comply with our request to inspect records related to county voter list maintenance obligations, through California Public Records Act requests,” Grenell told the Globe. “Many have been scrambling to tell us how they are already complying.”

“But every county in California has responded.”

Trump was highly complimentary of Grenell and his work during the administration, as well as with Fix California, but warned, “They’re not going to clean them up unless the Republicans get much tougher.”

Part 2 of the Globe interview with former President Donald Trump Tuesday. 

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25 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: California Globe Interview With 45th President Donald Trump

  1. Could not agree more with President Trump. Mail-in ballots for all have ruined election integrity, along with dirty voter rolls, unsecured voting machines and ballot harvesting.
    Bring back paper ballots and required proof of I.d.
    It would be so interesting to see the results.
    Katy, how awesome you were able to get his perspective on California issues!

    1. I completely agree with the President ( present tense ).. We are on the verge of boycotting all Kaly elections in my house unless it is a federal one. From dog catcher, ballot propositions, to school boards, they have rigged the system with 30 days of voting .. ALL MAIL IN VOTING…OMG. It is our duty now to go from state to state to make sure election laws are passed that lead to true and transparent election. Watch 2000 Mules if you have any doubts as to how they have solved the riddle to ever lasting power. Rush mentioned several time how they elites want to to do away with voting.. They Have Done it. They know the outcome of a election before the voting starts.

    2. Katy it seems to me that the communist democrats have gotten away with their ballot and vote thievery for years now. Trump was the most notable race is all.

      We need to have a real insurrection to get the rightful president in office. The left stole the election. Anybody with common sense can figure it out, but what’s to prevent it from happening again? An insurrection… how did Larry Elder lose out to Gavin? We need an insurrection.

      1. https://vimeo.com/711024556 Reinette Senum and Dr Northrup discussing the 2018 election and how few votes Newsom got and actually how few people voted. She also explains why the primary election is so important. Get out and vote in person on the day. Anothny Trimino sold add for a pharma company to promote vaccines in the fall which made me question him. Reinette is not sponsored by anybody, but real people. She was on Bannon yesterday.

  2. It always amazes me how quickly Trump gets up to speed on California issues, such as our election integrity problems, and neatly sum them up using fresh language and showing a real understanding, as if he lives here. This is very unusual for a politician; it might even be unique. I remember that he was able to grasp our entire California water situation in about 10 minutes. That’s refreshing and impressive when our local Dems try to act as though it’s too complicated and has too many parts to ever comprehend. And they use that to their advantage of course.
    Anyway, Katy, so glad you were able to interview him! Looking forward to Part 2.

      1. https://vimeo.com/711024556 Reinette Senum and Dr Northrup discussing the voting in 2018 and how few votes Newsom got and actually how few people voted. This election now very important and she explains that too. Get out in person and vote. She is only sponsored by the people, not pharma or some other corporation. I have met her even before she was running as she was very outspoken in the truth community. She used to be the mayor of Nevada City.

  3. Agree that he’s assessed the situation and thank GOODNESS that Ric Grenell is starting the process of putting these County Recorders on notice that they need to get their voter rolls cleaned up…

    In Ventura County, we need to get Jeff Hargleroad elected as Ventura County Clerk (www.jeff4clerk.com) to prevent the “anointed” successor to waltz into the office unopposed, as she states that “everything is fine in Ventura County elections”, parroting the LIES that November 2020’s election was “the most fair election of our lifetime”….

    Want proof that Dominion Voting Systems have security weaknesses that can be exploited by bad actors and bad voting procedures? It’s all on a PDF on the CA SOS website at : https://votingsystems.cdn.sos.ca.gov/vendors/dominion/dvs510staff-report.pdf

    More resources on Dominion’s security weaknesses can also be found at : https://votingsystems.cdn.sos.ca.gov/vendors/LAC/vsap2-sec-tel.pdf

    and our (corrupt) friends in Colorado have posted the User Guide which documents the capabilities – compare this info with the security weaknesses described above : https://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/VotingSystems/DVS-DemocracySuite511/documentation/UG=ICC-UserGuide-5-11-CO.pdf

    1. https://vimeo.com/711024556 Reinette Senum and Dr Northrup discussing the 2018 election and how few votes Newsom got and actually how few people voted. She explains how important this election is and to get out and vote in person. She is not sponsored by any big pharma groups etc only by the people. Anothny Trimino sold adds for a pharma company in the fall to promote vaccines which made me question him. Reinette was on Bannon yesterday and was at the rally against censorship at Facebook too.

  4. We in California have been “Held Hostage by Corrupt Democrats for Decades”
    It IS obvious when we vote against some of the measures on ballots(printed ones) and it passes in Our Favor-Then the ‘powers of corruption just PUT IT BACK INTO THE PROCESS FOR THE NEXT TIME, AS ‘IF WE DIDN’T PASS IT BY THE PEOPLE’S VOTES.’ They KEEP putting it on ballots until The Corrupt Dems get their OWN WAY ON SOMETHING.

    Love Ric Grenell and DO hope that when POTUS Trump runs and WINS for his third time, he finds a great place in his cabinet for Mr. Grenell-He got results in three wks. that the FBI/etc. STILL didn’t comply with in 3 years for the committees that requested info. We STILL see that FBI’s Wray is Out to aid his ILK-Corrupt Democrats. HE NEEDS TO GO!

  5. Fact: Independents + GOP registrations together now pretty much equal total Democrats registrations.

    Why won’t Independents officially sign up for the SEIU-Teachers Union (D) party in California?
    When will the GOP win the Independents over?
    When will Independents realize their best future comes from not voting Democrat, ever again?

  6. There will be no electoral driven change in California. California probably has not had a “fair enough” election in decades. How else can you rationalize the “elected” politicians of this state. Start with Newsom. What are his credentials and present accomplishments? How can such an unqualified person be elected and reelected? The are imposed; not elected.

    1. https://vimeo.com/711024556 Reinette Senum and Dr Northrup discussing the 2018 election and how few votes Newsom got and how few people voted. This election is more important so get out and vote in person She is not paid by big pharma only by the people. She was on Bannon yesterday. She was also at the rally by Facebook about censorship. Anothny Trimino sold adds in the fall for a pharma company promoting vaccines which made me question him.

  7. Anyone Voting , Needs to know what the Candidates stand for . We need to Vote for PATRIOTS ONLY ! In the Mid Terms . Look up what each candidate has Voted on and don’t believe in Promises . Some will say ANYTHING to get elected but never do what they promise , and for God Sake , Vote the Lifetime Politicians , OUT ! Some have been there so long , NANCY , that they’ve Completely lost touch with our Reality of the daily struggles of We Peasants !

  8. Katy,
    Great job covering President Trump and weaving in the factual context of his remarks.
    Personally, I am also concerned with corruption within the RINO GOP in California.
    Roger Canfield

  9. My husband and I are continuing to receive California ballots although we no longer live in the state and are registered in the state we now live. So corrupt!

  10. My husband and I continue to receive California ballots although we no longer live in California and are registered in another state. So corrupt!!

  11. My husband and I continue to receive California ballots although we no longer live there and are registered in another state. So corrupt!

  12. Stellar interview Katy Grimes, and California Globe, ‘California’s Paper of Record’ a rare breed. John 3:19-21

  13. President Trump is spot on in his assessment of California lawlessness. We all know the simple fixes to the voting laws like voter ID and serial numbering ballots. It’s getting those fixes enacted into law that is the problem. I want to believe that there are still Democrats out there that want fair elections too. Up hill battle for sure but we have to keep searching for a way to prevail. Congrats to Katy for having the honor of interviewing the President.

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