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Former First Lady Melania Trump Visits California For Event With Fix California, Log Cabin Republicans

Since leaving The White House, Mrs. Trump has continued to focus on the welfare of the Nation’s children through Fostering the Future, a Be Best initiative

By Katy Grimes, December 10, 2022 4:29 pm

Melania trump, former First Lady of the United States. (Photo: Melania Trump)

Former First Lady Melania Trump was in California this week for an event with Ric Grenell’s Fix California and to meet with Log Cabin Republicans.

The Globe had the opportunity to ask Mrs. Trump about her visit to the state, as well as her current work.

California Globe: What brought you to California?

Melania Trump: “It was an honor for me to travel to the beautiful State of California to meet with the local supporters of Log Cabin Republicans and Fix California. I have consistently backed the Log Cabin Republicans’ objective to promote an inclusive society. Fix California’s long-term objective, which is to boost voter turnout, and is an essential element of a democratic society, and very significant to me.”

California Globe: What have you been working on lately?

Melania Trump: “Since leaving The White House, I have continued to focus on the welfare our Nation’s children through Fostering the Future, a Be Best initiative. Fostering the Future provides kids in foster care access to educational opportunities and computer science scholarships while also preparing them for the workforce and, ultimately, financial independence. I am very proud to share that Fostering the Future’s two inaugural scholars entered their freshman years of college this Fall.”

“People who are interested in discovering and collecting great art, fashion, design, and memorabilia should visit the two marketplaces I built, USAmemorabilia.com and MelaniaTrump.com. Currently, a limited-edition collection of physical Christmas ornaments and related digital art is available on both platforms. To date, we have featured artwork honoring our country’s parks, soldiers, and, of course, President Trump’s time in office.”

Melania Trump designed The Christmas Star ornament. (Photo: MelaniaTrump.com)

Melania Trump designed The Christmas Star handcrafted Christmas ornament and corresponding animated NFT for the 2022 Christmas Season.

“My creative inspiration for the upcoming holiday season is hope, and naturally, the Star embodies this spirit. My hope is for families across the world to use The Christmas Star ornament to inspire their loved ones with positive purpose, aspirations, and values as we enter the new year. This holiday season, remember to aim high to reach your full potential.”

Melania Trump started the Be Best program while she was First Lady to focus on the importance of social, emotional, and physical health of children. Mrs. Trump continues to advocate for child welfare, and for improving the lives and well-being of children – including children in foster care.

Melania Trump American Christmas Collection ornament. (Photo: MelaniaTrump.com)
Melania Trump American Christmas Collection ornament. (Photo: MelaniaTrump.com)
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108 thoughts on “Former First Lady Melania Trump Visits California For Event With Fix California, Log Cabin Republicans

  1. How we miss her quiet elegance in office…and her husband’s policies…
    I could do without his bombast and self-promotion, but his actions spoke louder than all those words…

    1. I agree , but let’s just agree .. if trump was president .. interest rates would be 3.5 percent .. inflation 2-3 percent .. stock market 50 percent higher … boarder would be completed ..

    2. Absolutely. We are finding out with the current resident in the WH that a president’s tweets, personality and any other bombastic personal traits have nothing to do with the QUALITY of our lives. Pres. Trump’s “mean” tweets are completely irrelevant to my life. What does affect my life is his policies. So as long as he continues to put ME and America first with good policies and strong leadership, he can tweet whatever as much as he wants. It’s very interesting that he was able to work with so many foreign and domestic officials to accomplish so much for our country by having a so-called caustic personality.

  2. I agree CriticalDfence9. All of that and she speaks 5 languages. What a big difference compared to what we have in the White House now.

      1. Jill Biden is not a doctor #1. Quit exaggerating her doctorate , she is nothing more than just a teacher. My sister in law is a teacher and she herself is humble in saying she is not nor should be treated or called a doctor. Only a stuck up bitch would expect to be something she is not. FJB and his entire corrupt family.

          1. You mean three weeks of night school (if that) where “instructors” pumped her full of commie propaganda and then handed her a “doctorate?” That’s typically how “teachers” get their post-graduate degrees these days. I know someone who was handed a “masters” degree in exactly that way. Nothing to be bursting with pride about. But oh, the arrogant, clueless, and useless Jill Bidens of the world are so proud of their titles, and I always find it comical when such people INSIST upon being called “doctor,” no matter the setting. I’ve seen several people with my own eyes in my own city’s useless meetings who did just that. “Call me doctor.” They look foolish.

        1. A person who has a Doctorate of Education degree is called a Dr . A person who has a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is called a Doctor, a person who has a doctorate degree in any field will always be called a Doctor . Dr Jill Biden is no different, she hold a doctorate in education meaning she is an expert in Education. Her education obviously can’t be compared to a teacher who has a bachelor’s degree . Her salary can’t be compared either ,

          Get educated if u are on the mission to be discrediting people who have earned their success . That only belittles your character . PERIOD

      2. Dr. Biden. That’s hilarious. What kind of doctor is she. And as far as returning respect, she’d probably the most least respected person in the world. She’s a joke to the nation and the world. She acts like a teenager and is such a joke because she has no idea how to be a First Lady. Her husband is also a joke to the world, not to mention his really well-intentioned criminal activities have also been revealed across this planet and there’s no hiding anymore. You both will be arrested, tried for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity and hopefully we will never hear from all of you ever again.

  3. Where does the money go for “Christmas collection ornaments”? There is no mention that any of the proceeds go to the children in her “Fostering the Future” initiative. If it did, I’m sure it would have been mentioned. Sadly, this is most likely just another of the many ways the Trumps grift off of their supporters.

      1. You need to add the Bidens and the Bush’s. Even Al Gore managed to swing one of the biggest climate scams ever in history. He’s made millions and millions with his scam. If he had been right, we would have been living in the water right now. I’ve heard so many predictions for climate issues and not one of them has come true. But this is another scam for the leftists, use climate issues to scare people into accepting this and then they launder the money, and it comes right back to their pockets.

    1. The Trump Family give to many different charities. President Trump also gave thousands and thousands to a company that looks for missing children and they have a really good record, there’s an office in my state, but President Trump gave them all that money because Obiden wouldn’t give them a penny. Not to mention that President Trump had a charity not too long ago where he had downs syndrome kids and they played golf (not on the golf course but the play ones that are out there) and he donated all of the money to charities. Not to mention that President Trump took no salary while he was in office and would send his salary to different charities. The whole Trump Family are very much about giving to others and helping others to fulfil their dreams. Not to mention that while he was in office, they halted all international business so there would be no appearance of wrongdoing. They actually lost Billions while in office. So, give the man a little respect. There’s so much more to him than people know and it’s not fair that he is always having to fight against such a strong Evil opponent in the WEF. There aren’t many men who could have withstood all of that he’s been put through. He has been persecuted since the day he came down the escalator at Trump Tower. It’s completely uncalled for. Everything he has done is for a reason that we can’t all understand. Have some Faith

    2. You should read before you speak . “Melania Trump started the Be Best program while she was First Lady to focus on the importance of social, emotional, and physical health of children. Mrs. Trump continues to advocate for child welfare, and for improving the lives and well-being of children – including children in foster care.”

    3. You should read before you speak. “Melania Trump started the Be Best program while she was First Lady to focus on the importance of social, emotional, and physical health of children. Mrs. Trump continues to advocate for child welfare, and for improving the lives and well-being of children, including children in foster care.”

  4. Good to see Melania here at The Globe and to know she visited CA. Glad to hear she supports Fix California. What she represents —- that short, sane time of normality in our recent history —- is such a stark contrast from our present circumstances and how we are living now in this state and in our country.

    1. @denise mckinney, yet you probably slobber all over comments made by leftist puke journalists who slobber all over leftist pukes like the obamas, clintons, bidens, pelosis, and newsoms! Those pukes I mentioned are not laughable because they are destroying this country of ours!

    2. You are showing your ignorance. If you really had a clue about what’s actually going on you wouldn’t have said that. It’s time for you to do a little research to find out the truth. It will change your sarcastic attitude. Don’t speak of things that you know nothing about.

  5. @raymond – “successful in their businesses”???? You mean TRUMP Taj Mahal ( bankrupt) or perhaps Trump University (closed due to fraud) or Trump Water ( ineffective management bankrupt ) perhaps you mean Trump steaks (gone). Why do you think he has been fighting so hard not to share his Income Tax returns? He doesn’t want to share how unsuccessful he has been……WAKE UP!!!

    1. @James Ochoa. First of all, regarding your suggestion to “WAKE UP!!!”, I enthusiastically decline and declare that I am NOT WOKE and never intend to be. Only the lefist sheep like yourself are WOKE. Every successful business person like the Donald J. Trump has had their ups and downs, wins and losses, and sometimes bankruptcy as Trump describes in “The Art of the Deal”. I would not expect you to understand this because it’s doubful that you ever owned a business. Democrats are demanding Trumps tax returns in order to continue their political crucifixion of DJT and his followers along the lines of “Russia Collusion” and “January 6”. In stark contrast, the Bidens have made THEIR fortune by selling political influence (i.e., Influence Peddling) in places like China and Ukraine; and THEIR tax returns will, of course, show NONE, NADA of this corruption. Criminals like the Joe and Hunter Bidens are experts at skirting disclosure laws and using “plausible deniability”. Perhaps you and your friends are the ones who SHOULD, as you say…….WAKE UP!!!

      1. Thank you. I find it interesting that these people seem to have absolutely no understanding of reality. They are so brainwashed that they truthfully can’t see the forest through the trees. They have bought hook, line and sinker that President Trump is bad. They know nothing about this man. He has withstood 7 years of constant persecution. A lessor man would never have been able to handle this. PDJT is a great man who has done so many things for so many people over the years. He gave a woman his personal plane because her son had a rare disease and needed to go to a special hospital but for some reason none of the airliners would take them. She called Trump Tower spoke with Donald and he called his pilot told him to go pick up this mother and son, take them where they need to go and then wait to take them home or anywhere else that they needed. How many men would have done that. That’s just one example of who PDJT is. It’s so unfair how he is treated. He only wants to make America Great Again.

    2. Where are the Biden’s taxes. They won’t show their’s either. They will show you the tax returns for what they have made while in Congress, but they wouldn’t show their illegal monies because it would put them behind doors. How would you like it if they asked you for your tax returns and everything else you’ve ever done. He handed over thousands of documents and that wasn’t enough because there’s nothing there. There is no it. You really do need to grow up and look at things as an adult and not a child.

      1. Thanks for contributing to this discussion, Sheryl. I, and others surely, appreciate your input; in spite of what the leftists might consider “laughable” – whatever THAT is anyway. 😉

    3. People who are successful have dow down falls first for one reason or another for which they become stronger from it in their business practices.

  6. I find it interesting how true grace and beauty that Melania Trump exemplifies triggers those with TDS. The Karens of California may want to seek help before 2024????

    1. When in all of the years that President Trump has been in politics, have you ever seen a photo of her anywhere. They never took any photos of her or asked her to do a sit-down interview or anything of that nature. The Fake News and all of Hollywood as well as tv shows and magazines, none of them ever asked her for anything because she was President Trump’s wife.

      1. Melania reached the pinnacle of a top international model before she married Donald Trump. Despite that accomplishment, she was never asked for a sit-down interview nor to grace the cover of just one magazine in the 4 yrs she was a most beautiful, intelligent and graceful First Lady, in the face of daily insults from the Left. They didn’t want her on the cover of any magazine, bc dimocrat women, who are consistently fugly, would be negatively compared to her, and that just couldn’t be allowed. Melania has graced the covers of many high couture magazines, but jealousy and/or threats prevented even one “journalist” or photographer from asking her.


    With Christmas about three months away, First Lady Melania Trump has rolled out her handcrafted Christmas ornament collection.

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