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Downtown Sacramento from the Capitol building. (Photo: Norcal_kt, Shutterstock)

Globe Quiz on California Lobbying

Test your knowledge about California’s lobbying laws

By Chris Micheli, April 19, 2023 6:39 am

This quiz is to test your knowledge about about California’s lobbying laws.

  1. Procurement lobbying of state agencies and departments is regulated under the Fair Political Practices Commission like other forms of lobbying.
  1. Quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial activities at state agencies and departments are reportable lobbying activities.
  1. Registered lobbyists must take an ethics course every two-year legislative session.
  1. The prohibition of giving a gift of more than $10 per month applies to lobbyists and lobbyist employers.
  1. Like their federal counterparts, registered lobbyists in California can use contingency fee agreements with their clients.
  1. Three types of persons are required to register with the Secretary of State.
  1. “Issue lobbying advertisements” are regulated by the Political Reform Act.
  1. A lobbyist is prohibited from attempting to deceive any legislative official regarding material facts on pending legislation.
  1. A lobbyist can cause a bill to be introduced and then be employed to secure the bill’s passage or defeat.
  1. The prohibitions on specified lobbyist activities apply equally to legislative and administrative actions.
  1. A person representing any church or religious society is exempt from lobbying regulations.
  1. “Legislative official” in the Government Code covers all employees of the California Legislature.
  1. A “lobbyist” under the Political Reform Act includes uncompensated individuals if they are attempting to influence legislative or administrative action.
  1. “Legislative action” under the Political Reform Act does not include lobbying the Governor on legislation.
  1. “Influencing legislative action” includes the use of information, statistics, studies or analyses.

How did you do? The following are the answers:

  1. False – procurement lobbying does not require registration as a lobbyist, per the FPPC.
  2. False – only quasi-legislative, or rulemaking proceedings, are reportable activities as a lobbyist.
  3. True
  4. False – the $10 gift rule only applies to registered lobbyists.
  5. False – contingency fee agreements are prohibited by state law, but allowed under federal law.
  6. True – they are lobbying firms; lobbyist employers, and lobbying coalitions.
  7. True – section 86119 of the Government Code.
  8. True – section 86205 of the Government Code.
  9. False – that activity is prohibited by state law.
  10. True – these prohibitions apply to lobbying the Legislature and state agencies engaged in rulemaking activities.
  11. False – the exemption applies when representing a bona fide church or religious society solely for the purpose of protecting the public right to practice the doctrines of such church.
  12. False – “legislative official” means any employee or consultant of the Legislature whose duties are not solely secretarial, clerical or manual.
  13. False – a lobbyist must be compensated at least $1,00 or more in a calendar month in order to require registration.
  14. False – “legislative action” also means the action of the Governor in approving or vetoing any bill.
  15. True – “influencing legislative or administrative action” means promoting, supporting, influencing, modifying, opposing or delaying any legislative or administrative action by any means, including but not limited to the provision or use of information, statistics, studies or analyses.
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