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LA Public Health Agency Drops Threat of New Mask Mandate… For Now

‘Perhaps exposing the fraud is what we needed!’

By Katy Grimes, July 28, 2022 4:58 pm

Mid-afternoon Thursday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced it is “pausing” the latest mask mandate – not cancelling, but “pausing.”

As the Globe reported Wednesday, “A new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on behalf of a group of parents seeks to immediately halt any plans to bring back an indoor mask mandate on school children, claiming that the Los Angeles Department of Public Health “is using erroneous hospitalization metrics.”

“We cannot live like this anymore,” attorney Julie Hamill announced on Twitter. “If she [LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer] proceeds with the new mask mandate on Friday, we will immediately seek a TRO.”

All over social media parents were expressing their disgust with the thought of another mask mandate on their school children, as well as going anywhere indoors with a mask on.

Thursday Hamill said she is taking a “pause” on dropping the Temporary Restraining Order, “but will maintain the lawsuit and enjoy the discovery process. The data show a lawsuit is necessary to protect children from the Reign of Ferrer.”

“LA County is cancelling its absurd new mask mandate. Thank you to all who fought back,” Assemblyman Kevin Kiley Tweeted.

Los Angeles residents are jubilant but cautious.

“Fake news! I thought masks are NEEDED for cases to drop!!! Perhaps exposing the fraud is what we needed!” Tweeted Dr. Houman David Hemmati, MD, PhD.

Globe contributor and former Senator GloriaRomero Tweeted, “And BOTH have lost the people of LA County. They-& the @LACountyBOS are frauds.”

The Globe doesn’t expect Authoritarian Barbara Ferrer to go so quietly into the night, but for now, Angelinos and their school children can go about their business maskless.

More to come…

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6 thoughts on “LA Public Health Agency Drops Threat of New Mask Mandate… For Now

  1. The only reason they backed off was because the conflict of interest that was disclosed by The Globe, with Ferrer’s daughter being involved in helping set up the psychological operation in LA County….

    They’ll try to bring it back closer to the November mid-term elections – they need the cover to do their vote harvesting and bring back the unsecured vote drop boxes so their “2000 Mules” can do their dirty work again, unimpeded….

  2. It’s true we don’t expect this lying, reprehensible bureaucratic Crypt-Keeping Fake Doctor to pack her bags tonight and leave town tomorrow, but given how immovable and tripling-down this woman has ALWAYS been, today really did feel like a rare win and the beginning of a new chapter. The pressure on her was intense, we could feel it, more and more fed-up people were swearing they simply WOULD NOT COMPLY with the mandate. It’s been heartening to see how adamant and vocal and numerous the public has become in opposition to the nonsense and also how well-informed the public is about the corruption, lies, conflicts-of-interest, made-up numbers, and the rest of it. I think there was a sense today that finally the tide had turned, that the public sentiment against these tyrants had finally reached a critical mass. But of course we’ll see…..

  3. Fake “Dr.” Ferrer was sued by a group of mothers who didn’t want their children subjected to another school year of this nonsense. It came to light that Ferrer’s daughter authored the mask “study” at the CDC that Ferrer used to justify her mandates. At least a half dozen cities within Los Angeles County stated in the week before the new mandate was to go into affect that they would not enforce the mask mandate. Ferrer is the only person heading up a health department in a large US county that isn’t an MD. Nothing she did in the last 2.5 years was based on science. She is a SJW and should be fired immediately…

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