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LAUSD Board Finally Rescinds Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Employees

Even after CDC admitted Covid-19 injections do not protect against transmission or infection, LAUSD doubled down

By Katy Grimes, September 28, 2023 2:55 pm

The Los Angeles Unified School District refused to lift its COVID vaccine mandate, even after the state’s COVID emergency order was lifted last February 2023. LAUSD consequently faced lawsuits over the vaccine mandate as some district employees were left on unpaid leave status for refusing to take the shot or booster, or they were fired by LAUSD. The district was still firing experienced teachers over the COVID vaccine mandate last spring and summer, while simultaneously advertising that they were hiring teachers, and offering $5,000 bonuses to new, right out of college, non-credentialed teachers.

The Globe spoke with Leslie Manookian, Founder of the Health Freedom Defence Fund, who filed suit against the LAUSD in 2021 following LAUSD terminating 1,000 teachers and staff, for declining to take the COVID vaccines.

We updated this outrageous story of bureaucratic depravity September 16th, where Manookian reported on an update to the oral argument in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, “And I have to say I’m pretty darned excited about how it went,” she said. Manookian reported that the judges were “shocked” and “floored” by LAUSD’s ongoing Covid-19 vaccine mandate for its employees as well as by LAUSD’s “irrational” justification for the policy.

Manookian told the Globe that after the Court had adjourned and their attorney and LAUSD’s attorney, Connie Michaels, were walking through the gate from the argument lectern to the gallery, Michaels turned and bitterly spat “what are you going to do when the board rescinds the policy!” She knew the hearing had gone terribly for them.

Manookian continued: She (Atty Michaels) misled the court, and ridiculously claimed there is a smallpox vaccine mandate. She knew the hearing had gone terribly for them so now LAUSD will likely try to rescind the mandate so that they can then argue the case is moot to avoid depositions, discovery, and a trial.

Notably, Manookian said neither LAUSD nor it’s attorneys give a darn about their employees, their rights, whether the injections work, or the Constitution, they just want power – to do virtually anything.

All of this legal pressure forced the issue, and Tuesday September 26, 2023 was D-Day.

Manookian just reported:

Tuesday, September 26, 2023, the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Board of Education voted to rescind its Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all employees. The mandate had been in place since August of 2021. The policy rescission came in response to a lawsuit challenging the school district’s vaccine mandate by Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF), California Educators for Medical Freedom (CAEMF), and several named plaintiffs and represents a huge victory for the plaintiffs. 

“In what can only be described as anti-science zealotry, LAUSD had maintained its irrational injection mandate more than two years after the CDC had issued guidance in July of 2021 stating that Covid-19 injections do not protect against transmission or infection of Covid.

To the delight of the plaintiffs and the thousand other LAUSD employees they represent, the mandate is now gone – all due to the lawsuit challenging its legality and rationality.”

The Health Freedom Defense Fund has all of the details and stories of LAUSD teachers and staff.

Soni Lloyd, one of CAEMF’s leaders said:

“I am glad LAUSD finally decided to respect medical choice. But a reasonable institution would have never done this in the first place. So many lives upended, including my own, for a drug they should have known was neither safe or effective. At the very least an honest academic would have observed enough doubt to compel them not to mandate this. Now we want LAUSD to make everyone who was impacted whole with back pay and the right to return to their jobs. And we will fight so this never happens again.”

LAUSD teacher Yvette Price described the impact the school district’s mandate had had on her by saying:

“The shock and disbelief I felt when the district was enforcing the vaccine mandate, turned to the fear of possibly losing my job! When I was fortunate to keep my job by teaching virtually, the feeling of being segregated, discriminated, humiliated and abandoned emerged! I felt, as many of us did, completely alone. The worse blow of all was when we realized our union did not support us in any way!”

 Visit The Health Freedom Defense Fund for the fascinating details of this legal case, and the human agony and anguish LAUSD caused – because they thought they could.

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6 thoughts on “LAUSD Board Finally Rescinds Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Employees

  1. Excellent! One battle down, thanks to Leslie Manookian and HFDF. More to go, I know, but this is great news. I have a feeling people outside of Planet LAUSD will be shocked to learn that a vaxx mandate has been in effect all this time in that weird world of unreality. Normal people are SOooo over this crap.
    Readers, don’t miss Jackie Goldberg LAUSD Board President’s screaming rant at the twitter (X) link. She’s been a nutcase throughout her political career and it looks like she hasn’t mellowed a bit. At least she’s consistent. Maybe some politicians who are on the more sensible side of things should learn a lesson from her that yelling works?

  2. Hey Goldberg – those “death” statistics were MANIPULATED, but with your esteemed educational credentials, you SHOULD be able to figure that out….
    And THANK YOU for covering that fugly mug of yours and preventing your SPITTLE from landing on the microphone while you engaged in your unhinged, uncontrolled emotional rant…..

    1. No kidding, CD9, she’s bleating fake death statistics to justify that she tortured people —– but just try telling her that when she is SCREAMING her nonsense in your face. Ugh!

  3. Hey, Comrade Commissar Jackie: What the hell does Florida have to do with the LAUSD? Nothing.
    Who has a problem with Florida? Your buddy Gavin.

  4. When our district, Burbank, rescinded its employee mandate (in May 2023!) they made it clear that it was only because of such lawsuits and changed public health guidance. They also reserved the right to bring a vaccine mandate back in the future. But, the board president also made the shocking admission that their ongoing mandate was impacting hiring! In heavily vaccinated Southern California… maybe there is a shred of hope left…

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