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Protest signs from the Sacramento Protest last weekend. (Photo: Youtube)

Live From State Capitol Protest to Re-Open California, #EndtheLockdown

California Globe broadcasting live from the California Capitol protest

By California Globe, May 1, 2020 6:02 am

The protest rally to Re-Open California and #EndtheLockdown at California’s State Capitol is one of 11 protests around the state to be attended by people demanding that the stay-at-home orders be lifted.

California Globe editor Katy Grimes will be joining Sacramento radio host Phil Cowan on AM 1380’s live broadcast from the rally.

Tune in to 1380 AM The Answer for a special live broadcast beginning at noon that will keep you updated, coordinated and safe.

“And get ready, because this is going to be too big for the media to ignore, so they’re likely to attack it instead. Take that as a compliment,” the Facebook page says.

“We may not allowed on the beaches this weekend, but today we can turn the tide.”

Several other demonstrations are taking place at noon in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Protesters will not block traffic or break any laws. The rallies are peaceful respectful protests, organizers say.

The protesters will also be socially compliant adhering to six-foot spacing and some will wear masks. Sacramento County does not require masks, while some other cities require masks in public.

Business owners are desperate to get back to work, with some being able to stay open but others forced to close.


Drive by protest State Capitol May 1st.


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7 thoughts on “Live From State Capitol Protest to Re-Open California, #EndtheLockdown

    1. I live in Roseville, but I plan on attending this demonstration in order to show my support for the constitution, my fellow business men and women, and to families in the USA and worldwide. Government enforced lockdown is not good, safe, or right. Regards, Mike Clayton

  1. While your at it, clean out Nancy’s ice cream from her designer freezer paid for by you and I.

  2. Katie thank you for taking us on the frustrating albeit successful ride to the state capitol.
    It was good to see a well attended event.
    I just wrote to our illustrious governor. It is funny, he encourages a “people powered governance” at least that is what is stated on the confirmation email I received. Well today, the people have spoken. I hope he is listening!

  3. It was so wonderful to hear what was happening at the Capitol I actually cried! Happy tears…

  4. Love you Katie, I try to never miss you when you’re on Phil Cowan’s program Wednesday mornings. You’re truly and inspiration and thank you for all you do.

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