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Nevada County Public Health Doctor References 1918 Shooting of Man Who Refused to Wear Mask

County Board says it was joke, but outraged Nevada County residents demand he resign

By Katy Grimes, August 30, 2021 2:30 pm

Nevada County residents were recently shocked during am August 4, 2021 Zoom video of county Public Health Officer Dr. Scott Kellermann and a panel of county and medical officials, when Dr. Kellermann referred to an incident during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic where a San Francisco special officer for the board of health shot a man who refused to wear a mask as well as two bystanders, under the pretext of “keeping people safe.”

A recent press release by the Nevada County Restoration Coalition (below) explains:

Dr. Kellermann responded to a comment from Dr. Glennah Trochet, who had stated that not enough people were wearing masks: “As we talk about in the Spanish Flu, that, um, public health officers used to ‘pack heat’ and if you weren’t wearing a mask (gestures hand as if firing a gun and indicates ‘pow’) you know, ‘swift justice,’” then added, “We’re not thinking about that right now, are we, Glennah?” This was followed by a chuckle and smile.

Viewers of the online panel were immediately alarmed, later sharing a clip of the video on social media, asking county officials for an apology and to release an official statement against such dangerous rhetoric. “Tensions are high throughout our community,” stated Nevada County resident, Erin Regan. “The unvaccinated are being blamed and targeted for the supposed Delta variant Spread. This is not hyperbole.”

The very next day after Dr. Kellermann’s remarks, in Nevada City, a tiny town of 3,100 in Nevada County, a customer at a local organic grocery store, California Organics, had to be escorted out by employees after he walked into the store with a taser, ready to tase anyone without a mask. A police report was later filed with the Nevada City Police Department. Erin Regan added, “Dr. Kellermann’s statement selectively discriminates indicating ‘the rise in positive covid-19 cases as being the maskless and unvaccinated’s responsibility.’”

Dr. Kellermann made the statement regarding those who are refusing to wear a mask one and a half years into a 2-week “stay at home” and “mask-up” order. Neither yubanet.com owner and moderator, Pascale Fosshueller, nor the other panelists, Health & Human Services Agency Director Ryan Gruber, and Interim Public Health Officer Dr. Trochet, called out Dr. Kellermann’s remarks, and instead continued the conversation in the same vein about fining, “on the spot,” those not donning masks.

It was during a Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting a week later that the chamber was filled with distressed and angry community members demanding that all county officials who participated on the Zoom call (Dr. Kellermann, Dr. Trochet, and Ryan Gruber), either resign or be terminated. The county Board of Supervisors instead chose to ignore their own County “Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation” and in deference to Dr. Kellermann, Board Chair, Dan Miller, read a prepared statement that Dr. Kellermann was simply making a joke, and the Board proceeded to give panel participant, Dr. Trochet, a one hundred percent (100%) raise, totaling $250,535 annually.

Read the entire press statement:

2021 KELLERMAN PRESS RELEASE vs 4.0 8_15 (1)
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19 thoughts on “Nevada County Public Health Doctor References 1918 Shooting of Man Who Refused to Wear Mask

  1. If you are “fully vaccinated” then why the hell would you be afraid of those that are not wearing masks or are not vaccinated? If you truly hate those that don’t wear a mask and you actually believe in all the Covid scare mongering then not wearing a mask and not getting the jab would rapidly remove all these people from the planet. Funny how people ignore actual science in favor of totalitarian nonsense.

    Covid is a plan to bring out the Nazi in those inclined to be Evil.

  2. Agreed. This monster of a Death Officer wants to be judge, jury and executioner on the spot. Apparently he also wants to shake people down for cash. This guy needs to spend 20 years breaking rocks.

    Not wearing a mask (that is 100% ineffective) for a disease that is 99.9% survivable = instant death sentence? Charlie Manson had nothing on this guy.

  3. What FOOLS these people are. And keep in mind they are UN-ELECTED. Bureaucrats trying to justify their own existence. It’s embarrassing, and now it’s sounding downright dangerous. Yeah, right, big joke. Haven’t notice that these ciphers have much of a sense of humor, have you? But I HAVE noticed over the years that County Boards of Supervisors are sometime overlooked as the problem behind this kind of nonsense. The only way to get rid of these ridiculous “public health officers” is to get rid of the current Nevada County Board of Supervisors —- the worst of them, anyway —- and elect NEW supervisors, whose first act would be to FIRE these un-elected bureaucrats.

    1. Exactly CriticalDfence9!
      A bit of good news here, AB 455 has been KILLED!
      We did it people! We need to awaken others and if we want out state to return from the brink of disaster, we have to keep calling and writing.

      THANK YOU KATY for alerting your readership. A huge thank you to your sources!!

    2. It is starting to crack. My local news reported doctors want antibody tests before recommending a booster.

      It is mind numbing@CriticalDfence9

  4. Just in from Kevin Kiley:
    AB455 is dead.
    I’ve just updated my last blog post:

    Just after I emailed you, I got word that the vaccine passport bill is dead for the year.

    Now we need to get the Recall across the finish line so Newsom doesn’t try to do this on his own. Victory is in sight if we all get the word out as much as we can the next two weeks. Thank you!


    1. Yes, Cali Girl, heard about this too. A big victory! Katy Grimes deserves our gratitude…. once again. And the citizen/reader response was wonderful and heartening. I heard Kevin Kiley on the radio earlier this afternoon (before the news of this) and he was talking about how well he knows the legislature (because he is in it, ha) and how they operate, and has observed over five years how frightened they are of the possibility of losing their jobs. Made me think of AB 455 and how they must have heard a huge noise from A LOT of their constituents. Seems to have scared them.

  5. So glad for the exposure of this nonsense & the wicked thinking behind it. In other words, someone would kill another so the other does not have the opportunity to expose someone to the <1% opportunity to die of CV. Ya, that sounds like a great defense to murder. How stupid is society becoming? Ridiculous to fall for these government fear tactics.

  6. @CriticalDfence9
    As far as I know it is still being reworked and could get to the floor. People need to keep up the letter writing and phone calls, to kill the bill.

  7. There are Karens, Crazy Karens, and the ones who need to be put down, on the spot. Trouble is, can’t tell the difference. So, stroll around Nevada City without a mask, and if anyone has a problem with it and gets in your face about it, BLOW THEM AWAY. It won’t take long for the liberal-psycho-mask-lie-police discrimination and harassment to stop.

    1. Can’t recommend or agree with the severity of that response, John, but I certainly understand the frustration that causes it….
      But if the powers that be DO continue to move towards “camps” and other draconian plans for the non-jabbed, I might change my perspectives…. the stories that keep coming out about the jabbed being the germ-factories, and the gaslighting that comes out of the “health authorities” makes for a volatile situation, especially if people lose their jobs because they aren’t willing to take the clot-shot…
      Tense times, indeed…. how’d we get to this from “two weeks to slow the spread”???

      1. Your last question is a good one, CD9. Have been wondering about that myself. The bombardment hardly allows anyone to take a breath, never mind think it through.

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