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U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with supporters at the annual West Des Moines Democratic Party Summer picnic at Legion Park in West Des Moines, Iowa, July 3, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Pres. Biden Taps VP Harris to Fix His Border Mess — Two Days Later She Refuses

Kamala’s spokesperson told reporters Kamala ‘is not doing the border’

By Katy Grimes, March 27, 2021 8:43 am

The Biden administration announced last Wednesday that Vice President Kamala Harris will take take over as lead on border and migration issues. By Friday Harris’ spokeswoman told reporters VP Harris “is not doing the border,” Gateway Pundit reported.

Harris told Biden “no” to accepting the responsibility of diplomatic efforts with one of the countries on our border.

This announcement was on the heels of VP Harris’ awkward laugh in reply to reporters asking when she would be visiting the border. Some described is as a nervous cackle, something that is becoming a tell for Harris.

Biden claimed Harris’ experience as California attorney general working on human rights and combating organized crime, qualified her for taking the lead on the border.

When President Biden announced Harris would take the lead for the border crisis (created by his administration), we suggested it was a deliberate tactic to put her in charge of something impossible to fix (by this administration), and get her out of the way for the time being. It wouldn’t be the first time a U.S. President dispatched a VP elsewhere or assigned a distasteful task.

Are there problems in the Biden-Harris administration already?

It is notable that not one other mainstream media outlet reported this news.

California’s border with Mexico is one of the busiest crossings in the country. It is once again a problem with illegal immigrants attempting to cross, following several years of calm. Earlier in March, when a SUV was struck by a semitruck in California’s Imperial Valley, the 13 people killed were found to be among dozens of undocumented illegal migrants who entered the United States through a hole in the border fence with Mexico, the US Border Patrol said, CNN reported.

“At least 44 people had managed early Tuesday [in March] to enter the US through a 10-foot breach in the border fence near Interstate 8, the Border Patrol said in a statement. Surveillance footage reviewed by border agents shortly after 6 a.m. showed two separate vehicles leaving the area where the fence was breached in what officials are investigating as ‘smuggling events.'”

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14 thoughts on “Pres. Biden Taps VP Harris to Fix His Border Mess — Two Days Later She Refuses

  1. The Obiden administration, Susan Rice included, loves Kamala because she does what she is told. The bigger question is who will the Obama Cartel choose for her V.P. when they retire Joe to the basement?
    Pick one: Beccera, Rice, Pelosi, Clyburn, Warren, how about Ophra? Who did I leave out?

    1. After the 25th Amendment Coup, Pelosi will be No. 2. Why would she need to be “promoted” to VP? Further, Pelosi is a MUCH better politician than Harris. Why, then, wouldn’t Pelosi just sit tight and cut a deal with Harris’s puppeteer?

  2. The President Biden – VP Harris combo is about the old saying, “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.”

  3. So NEITHER of these installed morons is doing anything about the border surge, right???

    That’s just great… He opens his big yap during the Dem debates & hangs out the welcome mat and now they’ve stolen, er, been installed in the Presidency, neither one of them is going to do anything about the invasion…

    These politicians are inviting trouble by their continued lack of respect for American citizens to the benefit of their millions of grateful new illegal alien voters under their HR1 plans….

    And the feckless Republicans do nothing???

  4. His handlers want to throw her under the bus by putting all the border blame on her. How long before she turns the tables and rats out the criminals occupying the White House?

    1. NOW we’re talking. This seems to be the best, most hopeful potential scenario in an otherwise impossible, chaotic mess. And it’s plausible.
      What a nightmare we are in.

  5. “when a SUV was struck by a semitruck in California’s Imperial Valley”
    My reading of the incident was the SUV pulled out in front of the Semi and didn’t even slow down, this statement makes it soul.d like the Semi was at fault.

  6. What about our maritime Border with Russia? We have a diversity of borders, you know ….

    I think Kamala could take on Putin.

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