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Patwin Elementary School, Davis, CA. (Photo: localwiki)

Public School in Davis, CA Tried to Make Kids Eat Lunch Outside in the Rain because COVID

‘Cruelty to children has been normalized in California’

By Katy Grimes, October 20, 2021 1:52 pm

Patwin Elementary School in Davis, California, sent a note to parents telling them to be sure to send warm coats to school with their kids as the students would be eating lunch outdoors due to COVID restrictions. “DJUSD students are required to eat outside at this time due to COVID restrictions,” the memo said.

The Globe is unaware of any public health orders requiring students to eat lunch outside in the rain “due to COVID restrictions.”

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Granite Bay) weighed in on Twitter: “A school district in Davis is forcing students to eat lunch outside in the rain to keep them “safe.” Cruelty to children has been normalized in California.”

A Bay Area reporter replied to Kiley with this:

Here is today’s weather – it rained this morning and afternoon, more rain is predicted:

All that aside, the real story is that the school sent parents the official email breaking the news:

Patwin Elementary School notice to parents. (Photo: Twitter)

The Daily Mail reported on the story, noting this statement from Reopen California Schools founder Jonathan Zachreson:

“The inhumane treatment of children in California continues from masking all day, even outdoors, to having to sit on hot cement and now eating lunch in the rain.”

As the Globe reported Tuesday, “A new report by the New York Times found that Florida’s Coronavirus case average per capita is lower than all but two states – Hawaii and Louisiana. And California is tied with Florida for that spot.”

“California tied with Florida at 14 per capita,” the report said. If Florida, which is fully opened with no mask or vaccine mandates, is lower than all but two states, and California is toed with Florida, why does California still have mask and vaccine mandates?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced October 1st his controversial new mandate to require school children to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to be allowed to attend school, “following full FDA approval,” the Globe reported. This mandate launched Monday’s statewide school walkout and protest at the State Capitol, where more than 5,000 patents, teachers and kids protested the mandate.

Putting this new mandate into perspective, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley replied, “Gavin Newsom just announced a vaccine mandate for K-12 students, days after opposing one for prison guards. California kids made the mistake of not giving millions to his campaigns.”

The message from Patwin Elementary to parents was eventually reversed, with the school “later sending another email saying the school would stagger lunchtime routines to ensure kids could eat under cover.”

Parents are repudiating the outrageous school policies and it is working.

On a side note, the City of Davis California is the same city that declared streetlights “light pollution,” and assessed locals a 3% annual utility cost increase to pay for “converting street lights to solar/blue to reduce light pollution;” and they built a tunnel for frogs to use as safe passage instead of crossing the road risking being crushed by cars.

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6 thoughts on “Public School in Davis, CA Tried to Make Kids Eat Lunch Outside in the Rain because COVID

  1. Is this the only school mandating outdoor lunches due to COVID? If this is a county or city mandate wouldn’t other schools in the same district be doing the same? Is 15 minutes for lunch a new COVID restriction as well? How do you go the bathroom for a potty break, wash your hands, stand in line to get your lunch, then eat all in under 15 minutes? Seems CA children are treated far worse than CA prisoners, hands down! Probably get better food too!

    1. Excellent points, Stacy!
      Might as well give the tikes a striped jumpsuit and call it good!
      The juxtaposition is stunning!
      Parents must stand up to this nonsense. The government is causing the decline of children’s mental well being which will be the new crisis!
      Come on, I see children riding their bikes to school, alone, with masks on!! They need to take in oxygen unobstructed and breathe, but the government and some kooky parents have conditioned the kids to think Covid is all around them????

  2. Lab rats and zoo animals are treated better. This is beyond ridiculous, and dangerous too. How about you all just STOP IT NOW and let’s make our way back to sanity, NOW, before these children are driven completely crazy too. To have children continually made to do what doesn’t make any sense at all is harmful to them. Isn’t that obvious? How in good conscience can you have children in your care and do this stuff to them?

  3. Just remember, when H1N1 was racing through the population during the Obama Administration, killing more than a thousand school-aged children, nothing was done. No masks, no outdoor “dining”, no distancing, no vaccine mandate, just nothing.

    1. @HarvardR: Fauci wasn’t close enough to retirement at that time to implement his scheme to attempt to make himself look like a hero.

      Seriously, why would anyone work as an administrator at a federal agency into their 80’s. Fauci is the prime example why there needs to be a mandatory retirement age for federal employees.

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