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Los Angeles City Worker Protest outside of LA City Hall on November 8, 2021 (Photo: KTLA YouTube Screenshot)

Thousands of LA City Workers Protest Vaccine Mandates At City Hall

Firings of 25% of unvaccinated workers next month would ‘cripple’ city

By Evan Symon, November 9, 2021 2:19 am

Thousands of city workers and those opposed to the Los Angeles City employee vaccine mandate protested outside of  Los Angeles City Hall Monday, hoping to turn around the law before the extended December deadline.

The city worker mandate, similar to the LA County worker mandate, was passed in August with an October deadline, making vaccinations mandatory for all city employees unless they have medical or religious exemptions. Due to a lack of “vaccination progress,” the deadline was extended to December 18th last month in the hopes that more will vaccinate in time.

Proponents have said that the mandates are in place to help combat COVID-19 spread and surges due to mutation. Prominent lawmakers have said that the mandates are for health and wellness, and that, despite only about 75% of city departments being vaccinated, all unvaccinated city employees will be fired by December if they remain unvaccinated.

“The City’s employee vaccine mandate is critical to protecting the health and safety of our workforce and the Angelenos we serve,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said last month. “Employees must be vaccinated by December 18, and we are putting a rigorous testing program into place in the meantime. Let me be clear: any employee who refuses to be vaccinated by this date should be prepared to lose their job.”

However, opponents, led by the Firefighters 4 Freedom and other city worker opposition groups, have refused vaccines due to bodily autonomy, personal freedom, constitutional, and health concerns. That opposition, as well as a fast-approaching deadline, led to the rally in Los Angeles on Monday.

Service delays, 25% layoffs

Many LAPD, LAFD, and other city workers protested the mandate and warned that service delays and response times would be crippled if each department had to lay off around 25% of their staff each.

“We’re not all these anti-vax people,” said one LAPD officer who attended the rally on Monday, and asked to remain anonymous. “We just don’t want to be forced into getting something we don’t want that infringes on our rights.”

“And, believe it or not, we also get that, yes, vaccinations can build up immunities and all that. But there is a difference between asking and demanding, and they’re saying we can’t go to public places or be employees based on a personal choice. It’s sickening.”

“They fire me, well, there’s thousands more gone too. Fire, emergencies, police; 911 will have to go to voicemail on busy days.”

“We actually have some buddies who were on the Detroit PD and Flint PD when they had to have similar cuts during the recession, and it was not pretty. Crime shot up, out of control blazes shot up. Everything. So there is precedent for what will likely happen. And right now we’re playing chicken with the politicians. They’re trying to get us vaccinated against our will and we’re standing here ready to go whichever way they decide. And right now, they may stop it. They already delayed it once, which gave a lot of us hope. If they were serious, they wouldn’t have given extensions. They flinched, and a lot of us believe that they will flinch again.”

At the protest, the founder of the LAPD anti-mandate group Roll Call 4 Freedom, Michael McMahon, said that many had already left their positions – including himself.

“I turned in my badge and my gun on Friday,” said McMahon. “It was one of the hardest days of my life. “I could not acquiesce in good conscience to submit my health to a still-experimental injection. Thousands of city employees are struggling with these issues related to their employment, and I want to say to you all, from the bottom of my heart, I love you and I understand. But coercion is not informed consent.”

After his speech, cheers and cries of “We will not comply!” resounded outside the City Hall.

City officials have given no indication that they will rescind the mandate as of Monday. The deadline date for all LA city workers to get the vaccination before termination is December 18th.

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Evan Symon
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13 thoughts on “Thousands of LA City Workers Protest Vaccine Mandates At City Hall

    1. Dont take RNA shot. There is no pandemic.
      600,000 die each year from cancer, but government doesn’t force chemo and radiation on us. 660,000 die each year from heart disease, but we aren’t force fed anti-cholesterol drugs. Only 400,000 die each year WITH covid, not from it. There is no pandemic. Tell your friends, family, and employers to calm down.

      1. Samuel, I have heard “There is no pandemic” in the last almost two years fewer times than I can count with my ten fingers, and most of those times, it’s me saying it. Thank you for saying it here. Why don’t more people understand this? Even those who don’t agree with mandates and bullying use “pandemic” language, for example, saying things like “There are other ways out of this pandemic.” This pandemic? What pandemic? THERE IS NO PANDEMIC!! NEVER WAS, and the world has just soaked up the mantra. And the problem is, they want to scoop everyone else up into their madness and psychosis, they can’t let others live their lives.

  1. It is ironic that this is the type of “nanny” government that these LA city workers keep voting for and, after all is said and done, they will keep voting for that kind of government. It is unlikely they will change their voting habits.

  2. I wonder if Democrats think the thousands of protesters mentioned in the article are all Republicans? I hope they wake up and see how they are using the political parties to keep us divided when more then any other time in our lives we all need to be united as one to put an end to what we all see happening around us. Whether your left or right it is not ok for them to fire anyone and destroy families for refusing a vaccine that neither prevents you from getting or spreading a virus that if your healthy and under 60 your chances of dying from it are less then 1 percent . Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.
    We live in a world where they just fired thousands of healthcare workers during a health crisis. Nevermind that for over a year now these people not only risked their lives but also have the most experience with treating the virus. I don’t want to live with a social credit score that determines if can get on a plane or take a bus. We live in America not China. We have to put an end to this.

  3. RESIST the medical tyranny of MANDATED clot-shots….

    If you want to spin the Russian Roulette wheel and hope you get the placebo shot, or believe in the spike-protein engine mechanism of action, then fine, go for it….

    But this Let’s go Brandon Presidential mandate is PURE medical tyranny, and there are videos out there that demonstrate that the plans for this “plandemic” were launched years ago and planned for in 2019 and even earlier…

  4. “..coercion is not informed consent.”

    I am simultaneously happy and dismayed to see this comment here. Happy because it’s there, but dismayed because I almost never see it anywhere else. It should be at the forefront of every discussion about these illegal mandates.

    In fact, the problem goes even deeper. If you haven’t read the laws governing FDA Emergency Use Authorizations, you should. It’s very interesting. The most interesting thing might be that the section referenced on the FDA’s own website (Section 564) that supposedly provides for Emergency Use Authorizations cannot even be found within the text of the law (Title 21, Chapter 9 of Federal Law, the “Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act.” It skips from section 517 to 601). This website seems to provide the best text example of the relevant code:


    As you can read for yourself, the law requires that 4 criteria must be met in order for the FDA to grant an Emergency Use Authorization, one of which is that “There is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” There ARE adequate, approved and available alternatives for treating COVID. Just ask India, who has completely eradicated COVID from all of their states or territories where they began administering Ivermectin to victims in the early onset of the disease. Ivermectin is a safe, approved drug in the United States. It is adequate to the task, and is readily available (if you can find a pharmacy willing to fill a prescription for it). And Ivermectin is just one of several alternatives. So, the Emergency Use Authorization itself is illegal. It should never have been granted.

    Now, suppose that we somehow expect that the illegitimate EUA is still subject to the laws governing legitimate EUAs. That law states that there must be INFORMED CONSENT. I read the law as carefully as I can, and although the language can get very confusing, and in a great enough emergency a lot of the stipulations going into an EUA may be waived, it NEVER provides for a waiver of informed consent. And it does, in fact, make very clear that coercion or the application of undue influence to convince an individual to participate in the experimental medical trial is prohibited.

    So, here we are arguing about illegal coercion for an experimental medical trial that is itself being administered under illegal circumstances. We should be attacking the problem at the source. Rescind the illegal EUA, then all mandates and coercion become irrelevant.

  5. Vaccination “mandates” are not constitutional and are not enforceable. They are cruel and unscientific. Join government employees from all around the country by using the most honorable and effective way to stop biomedical tyranny at commonerlaw.com.

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