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Why Do So Many Californians Still Wear Masks?

This faith in authority seems to be another characteristic of those who place their faith in masks

By Kevin Nelson, October 20, 2022 11:22 am

The other day I saw a women in her late teens or early twenties walking her dog in a park near my home. She was fit and healthy-looking, getting some exercise on a lovely fall day in a quiet bayside park.

And she had a mask on.

What was strange about this is how common sights like this are in California—coastal California, I should say. Except for Sacramento and other urban enclaves, the inland areas of the state are not nearly as mask obsessed as the more affluent coast.

The Bay Area where I live probably has the densest population of mask wearers, with LA a close second. In a Los Angeles Times survey that compared Los Angeles County mask use with Orange County, LA thumped the OC handily. No surprise there.

The survey also indicated that a woman is more likely to don a mask than a man. Based on my purely anecdotal observations this seems to ring true as well.

What’s interesting but not surprising about the Times survey is that it took place more than two years ago, when the mask debate in California and the world was raging the hottest. Editorial writers at the Times and other defenders of groupthink fretted about how non-mask wearers were going to kill Granny at Thanksgiving dinner if they did not change their reckless ways.

Businesses barred the non-compliant from entering their premises. When they did gain admittance but still refused to put on a “face diaper,” in the words of many a resister, they were sometimes harassed and physically chased out the door.

Then, in 2021, the mask mafia received another tool to bludgeon the non-compliant with: the vaccines. Get vaxxed and wear a mask and social distance or it will cost you your job, your child cannot attend school in person, and you will be treated like a social pariah in many other ways as well.

But now, all that has changed—to some degree anyhow. We have seemingly entered an Era of Good Feelings.

In his famous 60 Minutes interview at the Detroit Auto Show, Joe Biden declared the pandemic “over,” observing that “no one’s wearing masks and everyone seems to be in pretty good shape.” The president’s words sent a signal to Democrat Party operatives across the land including Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose splashy announcement that he was lifting California’s Covid emergency rules in 2023 was naturally timed in advance of the coming elections.

Some true Mask Believers refuse to let go of their N-95s, though. Earlier this year the San Jose Mercury News conducted a survey of its own, asking people in the “mask friendly Bay Area” what they thought of the easing of the mandates that were then in place.

“It should never be lifted,” said a hair stylist in the Delta town of Antioch. “That’s my opinion until Covid is completely eradicated.” A San Jose bookstore owner, dubbed the “mask Nazi” for his relentless enforcement of mask rules at his shop, felt the same. Another dedicated masker was furious that non-masked, non-vaccinated people were allowed to enter stores at all.

In fairness, lots of people interviewed for the article were absolutely thrilled to junk masks. This is certainly what I’ve found too. Where once they regarded themselves as the morally virtuous majority, maskers are now greatly outnumbered.

And one can hope a little bit of their self-righteousness is fading away too.

Today, as always, government and public health guidance on masking is a web of confusing and contradictory claims. California’s official Covid sitestates that masks are “strongly recommended” indoors, whereas over at the CDC wearing one or not depends on “a person’s risk for exposure” to Covid. Adding to the confusion was the master flip-flopper supposedly in charge of the nation’s Covid policies, Anthony Fauci.

In March 2020, at the very beginning of the pandemic and the debate over masks, Fauci spoke clearly and unequivocally on the subject of masks in another famous 60 Minutes interview. “Right now, in the United States,” he said, “people should not be walking around with masks.”

Adding, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

The soon-to-be-retired director of the National Institutes of Health quickly walked this statement back, saying that he only said these things so that the public wouldn’t scoop up all the N-95 masks in stock like they once hoarded toilet paper and thus they’d be available for the doctors and nurses that needed them to treat sick patients.

In other words, the man lied. He deliberately lied. And it would not be the last time he would do so.

This faith in authority seems to be another characteristic of those who place their faith in masks. They continue to listen to, and apparently believe, what they hear from government officials, public health “experts” and media outlets that have consistently lied to them or distorted or hidden the truth for their own purposes.

I hope that’s not the case with the woman I saw in the park. I hope she doesn’t believe what the authorities are telling her about masks or Covid or the vaccines or frankly much of anything else. Because if she does, her mask is a sign of something else: ignorance.

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64 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Californians Still Wear Masks?

  1. Even here in the Inland Empire I see plenty of people alone in their cars or walking alone on the sidewalk double masked. I always want to scream at them “WHY?!?” but then I remember this is a total cult mentality by this point. They just don’t want to give up the rituals they became accustomed to over the past two years which gave their otherwise shallow, vapid lives some semblance of meaning.

    1. Even here in I see plenty of people wearing MAGA hats. I always want to scream at them “WHY?!?” but then I remember this is a total cult mentality by this point. They just don’t want to give up the rituals they became accustomed to over the past six years which gave their otherwise shallow, vapid lives some semblance of meaning.

      1. What do these angry, miserable anti-American people have against making the country not a hypochondriac nation, not a freaky, indoctrinated gender-bender, drag-grooming-children, irresponsible-sex-Pro-death-to-babies nation? MAGA will always be a mission of patriots, as long as America has the 2nd amendment in both holsters. And that includes mocking the useful tools of burgeoning totalitarianism — face diapers–the hallmark of ignorant sheeple.

    2. Look at it this way, if you see someone with a mask on, assume this person is sick with the virus and is told to wear it to avoid infecting others. STAY AWAY FROM THAT PERSON.

    3. Some of us have other medical reasons for still masking up. Cancer, severe allergies, asthma, COPD among a long list of others. Don’t assume you know everything about everyone!!! Mind your own business and don’t be so judgmental.

  2. Its odd, when I go to pickup my daughter from her private christian school, I see all the kids walking around with no masks, then on our way home we drive by the local HS just one block away. 50-75% of the kids are in the parking lot and crossing the street in masks. Two entirely different cultures and probably alot to do with adult influences.

    1. Norcalskinny, yes it’s the adults in the classroom – the public school teachers and their union. They mandate masks for their public-school students to protect themselves “the adults” from the virus. Of course, this is all based on false science, since the youngsters are the least vulnerable to the disease and therefore least at risk to transmit. They are more likely to contract the virus from other teachers and staff.

      1. You are right. Where I am, in the SF Bay Area, the children and teens are still being compelled to mask by their teachers and also their parents. It is selfish of the adults, and it has turned children in compliant, frightened robots. Of course, this is what the Powers that Be want.

  3. Kevin: it’s so “nice” for those who are not involved in professional mask design & manufacturing for the medical field to opine on the usage of masks. That’s like offering your “decisive” reasoning on how to build a rocket ship to the moon.

    As someone in the field for over 30 years, by all means contact me for the true reasons to wear a properly fitting mask, with the correct specifications. As more people don’t mask up, nor get their boosters ( or never vaxed at all ) now is truly the time to continue.

    This isn’t only about getting or giving Covid. It’s also about Long Covid which can for some, facilitate everything from Parkinson’s Disease, to brain damage. Scientists across the globe are just beginning to now understand more.

    Laugh all you want. If you’ve already had it (or get it again as no one you know will be masked) let’s hope the next batch of derivations of Covid don’t catch you with your pants down to bite you in the ass.

    1. I would like to know more about your 30+ years in the mask making/fitting arena. According to the research I have done, most masks will not prevent the COVID or other virus’ from passing either way. The size of the COVID virus is smaller than a ray of light, so therefore, if you look through the inexpensive masks or home made cloth masks and you can see rays of light, they may not provide FULL protection. Is that correct or a misnomer..? Do you wear a N95 mask 100% of the time even when you are around your family members or even while sleeping..??

      Now, I had the original COVID virus back in December, 2020 and have taken the initial two-shot Moderna shots (I refuse to call them vaccines due to Pfizer coming out stating that they never tested for re-transmissibility). I have not been boosted and according to my last anti-body test through Quest Diagnostics, my immune system is still active against COVID.

      I did my semi-annual check-up (I’m now 60) and my doctor told me that since I had COVID and the initial shots, that he wasn’t concerned that I haven’t been boosted.

      So, why mask up in MY case..?? I’m not discounting your experience with masking but would like to get your input based upon my comments above.

      P.S. When they offered the Flu shot (notice they don’t call it a vaccine anymore) and I declined, they said that wasn’t any issues with my decision. The only time I’ve had the flu really bad was the year that I got the flu shot (about 10 years ago).

    2. I have professional training in respiratory protection and I can tell you without a doubt that masks give ZERO protection for viruses. The box even says so.

    3. Masks do not work!! CDC says they are no longer necessary. The mask makes people sick breathing in your own carbon dioxide. Dr fauchi said that using a mask will do no good. He said that maybe a droplet could possibly get through the mask but it’s like using a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes. Please look it up and stop spreading misinformation!

  4. I wear mine everywhere. My reason is for the past two plus years I have not got sick especially for allergies which are a nightmare for me. Now that the flu is coming even more reason to wear it. So stop talking about why people wear them it is their choice!

    1. Common sense says to read the box and find out that masks keep dust out and that is about it. There is a reason why people who work with pathogens use masks, moon suits and piped in outside air. Nothing else works.

      Wear a mask if you want to virtue signal.

  5. I live in California, we are filled with NPCs. Just they way the democrats like it. Fools. I hope you all…….

  6. I mask up because my sis is battling cancer. I love her so much and she can’t risk an infection of any kind.
    please try to understand our rights to protect our loved ones????.

    1. Masks do not stop virus particles and that includes N-95 masks which were created to block dust particles for workers. Dust particles are thousands of times larger than virus particles which simply go through all masks. Suggest you watch the movie “The Real Anthony Fauci” which exposes the lies that he told about masks preventing COVID knowing full well that masks are ineffective against viruses.

  7. The public has choice to wear a mask or not .
    I was an athlete before contracting covid and bedridden unable to walk afterwards for 18 months . Long covid is real . Some of us weren’t so lucky . So if some of us want an extra layer of protection , we should not be shamed for it . You shouldn’t judge because you don’t know what each circumstances are . I find many responses here insensitive and that’s ignorance .

    1. If anyone is judgemental and insensitive towards those who choose not to wear masks, it’s obnoxious mask nazis who demand that everyone around them wear one. They ignorantly think that a piece of cloth will protect them from small virus particles when masks do not. Maybe mask nazis should cower in their safe places, wear at least three masks at all times, and wait for their Democrat masters to tell them what to do next?

  8. I’m 77 and have Diabetes and a few other health issues that makes me high risk- so does my 78 year old hubby. We wear a mask when ever we are indoors such as shopping, please don’t make fun of us for trying to stay safe- we don’t mind if you go with out one.

  9. The scary part is this man made virus was released (or escaped) right before a very important election, with catastrophic consequences. AND they are working on one now with 80% morbidity. Masks are just a shiny object

  10. 400 people a day dying from Covid still. A new strain of Covid that is so infectious it’s spreading like wildfire. Flu season is here. I’ve had long term bad effects from fluA right before it as Covid hit. Children are getting respiratory diseases and hospitals are calling in the National Guard to help. If I wear a mask it’s one small thing along with hand sanitizer and other helpful things to keep me safer. What’s it to you you. As in MYOB.

  11. Some people wear masks because they may have some Heath problems and don’t want to be exposed to COVID and it not nice to say that “people who wears masks are ignorant “ what’s ignorant is that the people who criticize those for still wearing masks need to understand that not one reason is making people wear masks it many ! And unless you personally know the person wearing a mask you should not judge !

  12. I’m a “true blood” maskless American. Never had the China virus and if it does catch me well, that’s God’s will. It is tremendously said that we lost so many souls to it here in America and worldwide, my prayers are for them and their families and friends.I have lost family and friends to, but honestly “Who are you”, this is America!
    Dusty Black’s song “Who are you”, pretty much sums up my views on all of this. Can be found on Spotify…

    Who are you to tell me I can′t make my mood shine up? In these here hills
    Who are you to tell me that I need your hand out to help me pay my bills? Oh, oh
    You tell me I can’t go to church
    You tell me I can′t go to work
    Well shit, that just ain’t gonna work, ’round here
    I′m gon′ go hug my mama
    I’m gon′ head down to the bar
    I’m gon′ throw the biggest party, with all my friends in my backyard
    Gonna hunt my grandpa’s land
    I′m gonna do what I wanna do
    ‘Cause I know who I am
    Oh, who are you? Yeah
    Who are you to tell me I don’t have a say and I gotta play by your rules?
    Who are you to tell me that my kids can′t play outside or go to school? Now that ain′t cool
    You tell me I can’t shake your hand
    But that′s what makes a man a man
    And I’m a hundred and 57 miles past give a damn
    I′m gon’ go hug my mama
    I′m gon’ head down to the bar
    I’m gon′ throw the biggest party, with all my friends in my backyard
    Gonna hunt my grandpa′s land
    I’m gonna do what I wanna do
    ′Cause I know who I am
    Oh, who are you? Yeah
    I’ve never seen
    So many people ′fraid to die
    They quit living, they quit living, they’re lives
    Never seen
    So many people ′fraid to die
    They quit living, they quit living, they’re lives
    Oh, but I’m only a man
    I′m gon′ live my life, yeah
    I’m gon′ go hug my mama
    I’m gon′ head down to the bar
    I’m gonna throw the big ass party, around my friends in my backyard
    Gonna hunt my grandpa′s land
    I’m gonna do what I wanna do
    ‘Cause I know who I am
    Oh, who are you? Yeah
    I know who I am
    Oh, who are you?

  13. Writer is just direct enough to smell their unwashed maga hat. This entire article Is horrible. This article reads like it was written by a toddler who is more interested in politics than medical truths. As a medical, professional myself, I still wear masks, because I’m around constantly changing viruses. I’m also wearing a mask because we are 12 weeks pregnant. This author should be ashamed of their hate, general ignorance, and attempting to keep fellow Americans down

    1. Funny that this article triggered the hate-mongering mask nazis. Masks do not stop small virus particles. Ignorant mask nazis need to fearfully cower in their safe places, wear at least three masks at all times, and wait for dictates from their Democrat masters on what to do next!

  14. Why not stop bashing each other and justifying your positions. Many on both sides just wish to be left alone. My body, my choice. Yes, there are judgmental folks on both sides, but not everyone. Whether someone is wearing a mask or not is not grounds for open season to disrespect or stereotype anyone. Be decent.

    1. I agree, Two Cents. “My body, my choice.” The problem is that a “mandate” removes “choice”, and here is where the disrespecting starts; because the mandate says ” I am right and, if you disagree, you are wrong.” It would be interesting to survey the responders to this article and find out who supports/opposes mask mandates.

    2. Where were all the “my body my choice” people when the government and corporations were forcing Covid experimental drug injections?

  15. I wear the mask when I’ve just woke up and want a fast food breakfast. I’m 58 and look like hell unshowered or shaved. I’ll go to burger king in my pajamas w/lint and cat hair falling off me if I have a mask that can hide my face.

  16. Mr. Nelson, it looks like you struck a nerve with those who still think masks are a protective measure.

  17. P.S.
    May I make a suggestion for follow up article?
    Title: Why are so many Californians still taking advice from the corrupt CDC on getting booster shots and injecting children?
    That will really light up the comment board!

    1. Haven’t trusted the ‘Center for Disease’ since 1989, AZT, and the rest, and never will after all of this corporate, rigged payola ‘science’. Take your twentieth immunity-destroying booster; laugh that Antibody-dependent Enhancement is conspiratorial talk, that thousands are getting lethal micro-clotting post-vax x. Oh, not to fret: they are stocking up on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Nplate for THAT complication ( chronic immune thrombocytopenia) …and saying its for radiation sickness. Rats in a maze. It is a choice.

      1. It is a choice @Marcelloinsunglasses, it is imperative that one do their homework before injecting an experimental serum that may have lasting health consequences.

  18. Maybe because we keep getting sick. I’ve been boosted twice, but still got Covid twice after that. I know so many people who are shocked that they got Covid. Also, I am one of those weird people always masked.

    1. Well have you ever wondered why you keep getting sick after following their guidance?
      Twice boosted twice sick and still wearing a mask, hmmm.
      I have never taken the shot after researching and observation. I only wore a mask when forced to in the beginning, yet I have only has a mild cold and used early natural intervention.

      You may want to rethink your strategy. This interview I am posting may help you understand what may happening. Dr. Geert Vande Bossche, warned early that what has happened to you was a very real risk when vaccinating into a pandemic, along with the fact these shots are experimental and do not prevent transmission.
      I wish you health.

  19. Obviously, the writer of the article is biased, reflected by the title and the argument that was developed. Also, it is unfortunate that the bitter politics and narratives of the left and right color this discussion. The reality is that no form of government or political party can solve the problems in this country or anywhere, so why attach oneself to the US left or right, red or blue? It is a fact that both parties influence the thinking and decisions of those who align themselves on the each sides, but I attach myself to neither party. .I have my own conclusions about COVID, viruses in general, vaccines, and masking! Clearly, many non-maskers view those who mask as ignorant and misled, and, who by doing so, imply that they have all the facts and can read the minds of mask wearers, making them qualified to judge and cast apersions. Anyway, as I make my personal decision to continue to mask, without any expectation for others to choose similarly, I will keep in mind that some non-maskers are VERY uncomfortable with those who mask and willing to unleash vitriol because of it. That is very sad.. But, all of you, take care and continue to make choices that are best for you.

  20. It’s really no wonder that people feel anxious without a mask after two years of constant warnings accompanied by so many deaths. I have an autoimmune disease, so I am careful; however, I don’t wear a mask unless it is required because I know it doesn’t stop any virus. I figure that it may reduce the distance a sneeze travels though, so it could make a slight difference in conjunction with hand washing and not touching my face.

    I believe flu cases have gone down since Covid because people are religiously washing their hands, covering their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and generally very conscious of touching surfaces and their faces. I am careful about crowded places and don’t go out if it’s not necessary.

    I’ve had 2 Covid shots and don’t want any more because I think the chance of having an adverse reaction increases with the number of shots you’ve had. I prefer to have more long term information about the vaccine and its effects before I take any more.

    Most people have sought out information about Covid and the vaccines by now. We need to be free to make our informed choices without mandates and without being angry at people who choose differently.

  21. Well this article certainly brought out the Trumpers; the “no one is going to tell me what to do” crowd. The amount of disinformation in this article and in many of the comments is astounding, but not surprising. The educational level of many people in our country is far below that of most other industrial countries and boy are we paying the price for it. Just to counter some of the misinformation: masks work when they are the right kind of mask and are worn properly. Why do you think medical professionals wear them in hospitals? Are they just stupid and uninformed? If so, why do you continue to go to them when you’re sick? Also, vaccinations work too. Any possible side effects are rare and, though possibly unpleasant, worth not getting COVID-19. Look at the statistics: most people who died from COVID-19 were unvaccinated. As an aside, all vaccinations work. As a t-shirt I have states, “Vaccinations Cause Adults.” Second, calling Dr. Fauci a liar is not only patently untrue, but just shows the ignorance of the author. Fauci is an American hero and has worked tirelessly and selflessly for decades to protect the very people who demonize him. You want to talk about a liar who was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths from COVID-19, look no further than Trump. And for all the whiners who complain about being asked to wear a mask or get vaccinated, you do it partly for your own health, but also for the health of others. But, alas, we live in a culture where many are unconcerned with others’ welfare and are only out for them selves. Too bad there’s no genetic basis for not getting vaccinated (by the way, it would also be the stupid gene) because it there was, that gene would be wiped out of the gene pool. Finally, your opinions (about masks, vaccines, or anything science has studied) don’t matter and don’t count for anything. If you don’t believe in science, then so much the worse for you and, unfortunately, for our culture.

    1. Ahh framing others that do not agree with you Mr. Max is just a cheap shot and slanderous! You do realize there are over 17,000 doctors and scientists who do not agree with Fauci’s scientific evidence.
      We now have a Pfizer executive admitting the mrna gene therapy was never tested for prevention of transmission. When she was asked why they did not test for that by the European Union committee , who are investigating this vaccine roll out. Her jaw dropping response was Pfizer had to “move at the speed of science”.

      So please spare us with the tired worn out; “stupid,knuckle dragging, maga hat wearing, anti science “tirade.
      Many readers are of many different backgrounds and political affiliations.
      Please ask yourself why the current CDC director, Michele Walensky who just was administered her 5th shot just today announced she tested positive for Covid again?

      I hope you remain healthy in the years to come but for your sake you may want to be open to reading other scientific opinions. After all the “science” does not start or stop on the altar of Anthony Fauci!

    2. David Max, I bet you believe in the Steel dossier, the 2020 election was legit, ANTIFA is a myth, and the tooth fairy… ami right?

    Those that want to wear a mask – WEAR ONE & those that don’t want to wear a mask – DON’T WEAR ONE.
    Each person has the right to decide for themselves, for whatever reason, to wear a mask or not.
    And it is nobody else’s concern regarding the personal decision they make.

  23. Actually, that was the last time Fauci told the truth. And maybe even the first time since Fauci has been lying about pretty much everything since he bungled HIV in the 1980s’. He certainly lied when he claimed he was “science”.

    Masks are theater only in this setting. At best they prevent particulate matter, blood and/or saliva contamination, when working in very close settings. That is why they are worn during operations or close-in dental procedures.

    Mask are the equivalent of Snoopy’s blanket. Time for adults to shed fairy tale thinking and cartoon choices.

  24. Ignorance? What do you know about the people who choose a mask. There are many of us who have immunodeficiencies. I’m sick of being sick with everything thing goes around all the time. I’ll probably be wearing this damn mask the rest of my life, trust me, I’m not happy about that. You as a journalist should’ve done more homework.

    1. If you have to wear a mask for medical reasons surgical masks and other such face-masks will provide no actual physical protection from potential infectious agents. A N95/N99 valved respirator mask not only provide very effective protection but the valved ones are designed to be worn for many hours, are very comfortable, and dont interfere with normal breathing. They can be cleaned / sterilized by spraying with isopropyl alcohol so can be reused for many months before replacing. Thats whats in the manufacturers cleaning kits.

      If you do get N95/99 respirator masks watch the videos of how to wear them. Proper seating and adjustment is vital for effectiveness and comfort. The 3M masks are very comfortable . They kept me sane at the high of the mask madness.

  25. The fear porn took hold of them. The local news still pumps out covid fear and then shifts to war.
    Too many masks for no real reasons

  26. @David Max

    There was only one single “fact” that was true in your long rambling diatribe. The majority of people who died FROM an actual SARs CoV 2 pneumonia were unvaccinated. Because they died in Q2, Q3 2020 when there was no such “vaccine”. In the period 2020- 2022 actual deaths FROM pneumonia and related respiratory infections have stayed within 10 year range. In all countries.

    Lets just go though just a few of your very basic scientific and medical errors. BNT162b1/2 is not a vaccines as generally understood. Its is not like childhood vaccines. It does not give lifelong sterilizing immunity just very short term partial reduction of infection severity. A few months, max. Basically placebo level efficacy.

    All those vaccines I got and my kids got, they have full FDA 505 (b)(1) clinical trials data. Which takes 5 to 7 years to acquire. For very specific mathematical reasons. None of the SARs CoV 2 “vaccines” have any meaningful clinical trials data. None. In fact all mRNA vaccine candidates in the past failed early clinical trials because of high frequency serious adverse events just like the ones that have turned up in VAERS since 2020.

    All tests for low prevalence clinical tests have Type I and Type II errors so great as to make them mathematically worthless for differential diagnosis. Analytical accuracy is not the same clinical accuracy and any doctor who conflates the two should have their medical license cancelled. The last three year was a classic Casedemic. Lots of test, lots of “cases’. Fewer tests, fewer cases. Yes, It was that simple. That stupid.

    As for face masks. Unless you wear a N95/N99 respiratory mask properly seated the barrier effect against tidal breathing airborne aerosols which actually carry SAR CoV 2 particles is ZERO. A respiratory mask that is not properly seated also has almost zero barrier effect. All other masks are pure placebos for SARs CoV 2. The will reduce you speared cold through sneezing and wet coughs though. Thats it.

    And yes, I got my box of lab quality 3M N99’s in Feb 2020, Just in case.

    And so on.

    Every single statement from the CDC and state public health officials since March 2020 has NO actual basis in epidemiology, medical or bio-science, or vaccinology. None. Nor even in any previous Pandemic Plans. Federal or state. Starting with the totally fraudulent IFR published by the WHO/CDC for SARs CoV 1 in 2003. The last time there was a huge political cover up of a manufactured virus in China.

    You were lied to. You were brainwashed.

    Last point, have you got your Tdap 10 year booster? Tdap is the only childhood vaccine that can lose some over efficacy over your lifetime so a 10 year Tdap booster will get the efficacy back to full again. Its the T thats the important one. The FDA 505(b)(1) approved childhood vaccines have a great track record of reducing infections and deaths since the 1950’s, with very low VAERS risk. The untested SARs CoV 2 shots dont work, are very high risk, and there is almost zero actual substantive research on long term effects of introduced mRNA on cells and larger systems of the human body. A lot of public officials need to go to jail for what they have done.

    Some of us actually know what we are talking about. Because we have to. Managing medical conditions means never trusting doctors and other “experts”. Always question and verify. Because doctors bury their mistakes. And not that many actually know what they are talking about. The same as in all professions.

    And if you are wondering. I had a SARs CoV 2 infection in early March 2020. A very mild flu with the specific symptoms, very sore nose, lose of taste and smell. Very mild compered with H1N1 influenza (Swine flu) in 2009. Which took months to recovery from. So like all human coronavirus infections I now have specific immunity against reinfection for 5 to 10 years. After rhinoviruses HCOVs are the most common respiratory infections we get through our lives. Often dozens of them.

    Stay safe.

    1. In an interview I did with Dr. Peter McCullough, he said surgeons wear masks during surgery so they don’t contaminate the surgical area if they have food particles in their mouths, or sneeze.
      “Dentists, dental hygienists – and we wear them in the operating room. It’s not to prevent the spread of COVID, but it stops sneezes or coughs,” Dr. McCullough added. “But general masks don’t work.”
      He also said “there have been over one dozen studies of general masking which have shown it is basically not effective” for the spread of viruses.
      He noted that epidemiologic curves show even with masks worn for two years, we have more COVID now than we had before. “It’s obvious masks have failed. It’s a hopeless endeavor, Masks can be worn for other reasons, but people shouldn’t wear a mask to protect them from COVID. People have gotten COVID wearing masks,” he added.

      1. Thanks, Katy, for responding but I do have to note that while always wearing a mask, and not really social distancing (just got back from Britain), I haven’t caught anything since the beginning of Covid. Not a cold, not the flue, not even a cough which is an annual ritual for me. I’m over 70 and this is wonderful. I never did catch Covid.

  27. Wearing a mask did not protect me at all when I got Covid-19, so no I say wearing a mask does no protect you from viruses, because if it did I would have not gotten Covid. N95 mask I had at all times.

  28. You are not protecting you or anyone else by wearing a mask as the virus particles are too small and easily pass through it. As for the V, Pfizer did not even properly test it and falsely presented the data to make it LOOK like it had far better efficacy than it does AND they lied about the Adverse Effects. This is ALL coming out now.. Why are people STILL believing the BS ?????

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