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Nunes Remains Central Valley Powerhouse

Steadily Defeats Hopefull Andrew Janz

By Sean Brown

Steadily defeating what looked like a much more competitive challenger, Republican Incumbent Devin Nunes – Chair of House Intel Committee, will head into his eighth term.

Gathering 56 percent of the district’s vote, Nunes has won by a much larger margin that previous polls portrayed. Despite this, the race evolved into one of his tightest ever. Playing a large role in this, was Nunes’s strong support for the President during his alleged Russia collusion scandal.

Opponent Andrew Janz was able to capitalize on this issue, however, he did not get the backing of the DCCC as they focused on flipping seats with less prominent Republican incumbents.

Nunes has largely focused on issues such as water and irrigation with a national emphasis on immigration and tax cuts.

Janz said in a concession statement “this race brought our community together under contentious circumstances. I’m proud of what we’ve done to awaken the Central Valley to what democracy looks like. This is a celebration of all your hard work!”

Sean Brown

Sean Brown is a contributor to California Globe. Born and raised in the Capital region, Sean has called California home his whole life, but for a brief stint in City Hall in New York.
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