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California Bear Flag. (Photo: ca.gov)

Californians Vote for Inflation, More Crime, Water Shortages, High Gas Prices, and Abortion

‘Did GOP optimism outrun reality?’

By Katy Grimes, November 9, 2022 9:27 am

We have the worst inflation in 40 years, the highest crime in decades, a President who can’t remember where he is, an energy crisis, high gas prices and a diesel shortage, the open border, and Republicans couldn’t pull off the red wave they promised.

Did Republicans overpromise? If so, how and why?

“Did GOP optimism outrun reality?” Byron York of the Washington Examiner asked. A media narrative “leaned increasingly toward predictions of a Republican wave when underlying polls did not necessarily support that conclusion,” he concluded.

Going into Election Day, the landscape looked bad for Democrats, and the President appeared to be a drag on Democrats. But that alone isn’t enough to bolster Republicans.

“Candidate quality” was a familiar phrase by news pundits when discussing the close Senate races of  Republicans Mehmet Oz and Hershel Walker.

In California, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans are wondering why they even vote when Lanhee Chen, the near-perfect candidate for Controller and endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, can’t even win against a personally fiscally irresponsible candidate.

Regardless of how bad the conditions are in California – dramatically increasing violent crime, record high inflation, highest taxes in the country, highest gas prices in the country, water shortages, annual wildfires, and abortion on demand – Democrats still won every statewide constitutional office, and maintained supermajority of the California Legislature.

What is working in California besides the beautiful weather?

  • Businesses are fleeing the state.
  • Residents are fleeing the state.
  • California schools, once the best in the nation, now rank last in the nation.
  • We have the highest poverty level in the country.
  • California’s cities are rampant with violent crime.
  • California has the most welfare recipients in the county.
  • California has the most homeless living in the streets in the country.

What were Democrats voting for? The “D” behind candidate’s names? Looking at the list of issues, what is working for Democrats in California? Are Democrats righteous in their belief of their own Party, despite the policies that get us more crime, homelessness, water shortages, inflation, high gas prices and failing schools? These issues affect Democrats as well. Is the Party more important than quality of life?

Spectator World asks, “Why didn’t Democrats pay a price for their extremism?”

The California Secretary of State has 30 days from the Nov. 8th Election Day to process ballots and count the votes, California’s congressional wins could still change. The Secretary of State reports “100% of Precincts Partially Reporting.

Here is what we know right now with California’s closest congressional races:

Rep. Michelle Steel (R) holds a commanding lead over Jay Chen (D).

House candidate John Duarte (R) pulls ahead of Assemblyman Adam Gray (D) in a toss-up California Central Valley congressional race.

Rep. Mike Garcia (R) is ahead of Assemblywoman Christy Smith (D) in Congressional District 27.

Rep. David Valadao (R) holds a slim lead over Assemblyman Rudy Salas (D) in congressional race.

Rep. Josh Harder (D) leads Tom Patti  (R)in close race for Stockton, California congressional district.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R) holds lead over challenger Kermit Jones (D) in District 3 congressional race.

Rep. Young Kim (R) maintains a lead over challenger Asif Mahmood (D) in congressional race.

Rep. Katie Porter (D) barely holds a lead over challenger Scott Baugh (R), 84,614, 50.3% to 83,676, 49.7% in congressional race.

Notably, Rep. Adam Schiff (D) holds a significant lead over challenger Maebe A. Girl (D) in congressional race.

An astute political colleague shared his analysis with the Globe: “Media, both state and national have gone out of their way to protect the sins of Democrats. One example, we are supposedly NOT in a recession but if there was a Republican President in office the media would report the opposite. Unless Republicans understand and address this fact they’ll never gain any momentum.”

The Globe will update all of the races as results are provided.

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31 thoughts on “Californians Vote for Inflation, More Crime, Water Shortages, High Gas Prices, and Abortion

  1. Thanks Katy!
    It is a sobering reality that voters here in California value the D next to the name.
    I hear so many complaints from family and friends yet they cannot bring themselves to vote differently.
    The turnout in my city was awful. I am not sure how low the quality of life has to get for change. Just like an addict I guess those married to a political affiliation have to hit rock bottom.

  2. It is all about the steal. We are living in an alternate reality created by Pelosi and company. It will end soon much to their chagrin!

    1. Did Californians really vote for all that? And all of Newsom’s ‘accomplishments’? I don’t believe that for one minute .

  3. Government school indoctrination is so powerful that many in the state just vote for the person with D next to their name REGARDLESS of any other data. To counter this, all Republicans should register as Dems and candidates will run as Democrats. True Republicans will actually read the description. Blindly voting Dems will then assign some percentage of their vote to these “Dems”.

    1. You could use the LA Mayor candidate, Caruso, as an example. Yet his race is very close.
      The turnout again was near 38%, not encouraging as many people have written this state off.
      We are at the point that people are voting with their feet and not at the ballot box.
      Whoa is California Politics.

      1. L.A. Mayor is a “non-partisan” office, so there was no party designation on the ballot. Rick Caruso nevertheless made the practical decision to change from Repub to Dem before running because he knew he didn’t have a shot of winning as a Repub when word got out. Campaign-watchers knew he switched because it was the ONLY issue Bass was able to bang him over the head with.
        Caruso is otherwise known in L.A. as a long-time competent executive and a builder, including a builder of popular local shopping malls, who has also been involved in city commissions (police) and volunteer business-helping roles in the city for many many years so he knows how govt works (or doesn’t work). Voters may have voted for him for that reason and from a strong belief that he will, in fact, clean up the city. Who knows.
        I hope and pray he will prevail and be the city’s next mayor. Otherwise L.A. is probably done. But a lot of places look like they’re probably done, don’t they? We’ll see

        1. I hope he does prevail, I have family that live in Los Angeles.
          I am afraid California looks done as a whole. Our smug Governor helped insure our elections would be suspect with legalized ballot harvesting through mail in ballots. As you pointed out local elections are non-partisan yet people want to know what tribe you belong to before they will vote for you. Tribal politics does not benefit society on a whole, as evidenced in our current political landscape.

  4. It just doesn’t seem to matter how bad things get here. Democrats have a stranglehold on our state. If Californians won’t change the way they vote now with how bad things are…..they never will and things are never going to change here. Its destiny does not look promising.
    I plan to leave eventually, probably to retire somewhere in the next few years. I just hope other states take notice. Its a war. Democrats do not want to work with conservatives. They are ruthless and you had better be prepared to be as ruthless as they are or they will infect and capture your state too.

  5. Seems like a lot of Republicans/Independents stayed home – If everything was great, then that may make sense – where were all of the people that voted for Trump in 2020? Do they believe that nothing will change with their vote?

    Lets pray that the R’s get the house so at least NO more crazy spending.

  6. Californians don’t often vote in their best financial interest. I remember in 2006, Sacramento passed the California Global Solutions act (AB32) which would apply carbon taxes to 70 separate industries in California, especially oil & gas. In 2010, Prop 23 was put on the ballot by those “greedy” oil companies in Texas to stop further implementation AB32. The voters in California overwhelmingly voted against the proposition (72% against) so today we have gasoline that is a $1.60 higher than the rest of the country. California’s GHG emissions have gone down but that is mostly because manufacturing has left the state.

  7. No Katy, Californians didn’t vote for any of it. More than ten years ago now, when I lived in Yucaipa, voting in the mid-term, I caught the machine flipping my votes to Democrats as the page refreshed. I reported it, and had to back up and change my votes three times, but to this day I’m not sure who I really “voted” for. The city council got rid of the machines that year after hundreds of similar complaints, but the very next election, as I was leaving the polling place, I saw an unmarked bus pull up and disgorge a dozen or so people who were obviously, let’s just say they weren’t locals. The first guy off the bus started handing out envelopes as they headed into the building. I reported what I’d seen. As far as I know, it wasn’t even investigated. Notice, as fellow contributor Mr. Buckley has, that key Dems always seem to win their races by 52-58%. It’s like clockwork.

    This has been the reality in California for at least thirty years. As of 2020, it has become the reality for the rest of the country. As for California, people who have the means are trying to get out, but the fact is, all that will accomplish is the eventual creation of a de facto UN/CCP controlled protectorate on our country’s West coast.

    Corruption of this nature can’t be corrected at the ballot box. It’s likely that millions of Americans are now coming to the same conclusion. I suspect that the next few years are going to be very interesting…

  8. Lanhee Chen (said he didn’t support Trump) was endorsed by all the big media outlets, and was running against an opponent with many financial skeletons, but still lost. For the most part, Dem candidates didn’t even care to debate.

    So many people and businesses have already left the state, homelessness is increasing, school scores dropping, and crime rising, but I have to conclude, based on these results, we haven’t reached bottom yet.

  9. Did most voters really vote for Democrat policies that promote inflation, crime, water shortages, high gas prices, and abortion? Maybe instead the Democrat cabal stole the elections with voter fraud and rigged voting machines that they perfected years ago in California?

  10. As you stated to John Phillips, the D’s are the most untalented, unaccomplished, and execrable bunch. However, when nearly 6 out of 10 voters don’t even vote, how can we expect a different outcome. Guess rampant crime, high gasoline prices, food inflation, and ranking 44th in primary education just doesn’t matter. On my way to Boise.

  11. Maybe California needs an electoral college so that all areas of the state have fair representation instead of the entire state being dominated by large population metro areas like LA and the SF Bay Area? No doubt the Democrat cabal and their RINO cronies would never go for that?

  12. About the only thing worse than the voting in California is in Pennsylvania where they elected a Democrat who actually died weeks before the election.

    I would like to interview these people who voted for Democrats, because I can’t think of one logical reason to vote for them. Let’s take Gavin Newsom. What has he done to improve the lives of people in this state? During the pandemic, he shut down the state and ruined small businesses by the thousands, and ruined the education of millions of kids. Electricity rates have doubled. Water is in constant shortage. He signed a bill to give our tax money to pay people’s union dues. Homeless drug addicts fill the sidewalks. He has accomplished NOTHING. Newsom is a TOTAL FAILURE OF A GOVERNOR.

    1. And yet he wants to take his “snake oil” show to the nation..his eyes are on the WH. This man is evil as well as his party, they have no SHAME and the MSM covers their sins as clearly stated in this article.

  13. Blows my mind when I read all of the Nextdoor comments about out of control crime and the lack of police support, homelessness, utility costs skyrocketing and trash everywhere! But then they can’t seem to connect two basic dots that it’s their own Democrat leadership that is the problem and they keep voting for them over and over. And sometimes there will be comments blaming Trump as if he sneaks into California at night and trashes the place. Democrats control virtually every position of power. I’m at a loss for words to describe the absolute delusion of most California voters!

  14. You’ll see THIS comment, and derivatives thereof, by the security testing firm on Dominion Voting Systems (DVS – “Devious”) :

    “It should be noted that proper secure utilization of the voting system solution is reliant
    upon properly trained personnel, as well as following all processes and procedures set
    forth to ensure properly configured and secured equipment for use in a live election
    and this one :
    “Review of the requirement showed that the ICX device does not provide monitoring of
    physical security. This would be mitigated by polling place procedures and physical

    and then there’s THIS pearl of dismay:

    “Applicable to: EMS, Adjudication, ICC, ICE, ICP2 and ICX.

    Review of the requirement 7.4.2, showed that on the EMS Server, the AVAST
    Antivirus (AV) File Shield (the real time AV monitor) was only able to detect and
    clean one of the four European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR)
    files which potentially leaves the system open to zipped and double zipped viruses
    as well as infection strings in plain text. (OPEN!!!)

    The ICX system is an android tablet device and contains no form of AV protection. (NO ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION!!!)

    The ICE and ICP2 systems are proprietary systems that utilize firmware and
    compact flash cards to run, load, and store election-based software. These
    systems contain no operating system and no AV protection. (AGAIN – NO ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION!!!)

    Testing demonstrated that the requirement was partially covered. The findings can be
    mitigated by rigorous adherence to physical security processes and procedures, which
    would preclude the introduction of any malicious applications. (We call this “explaining away” a significant security hole…or a FEATURE, NOT a “bug”…)

  15. And then there’s THIS – don’t TLDR it – it’s important :

    The ICE machine includes a design characteristic that merits some attention. Any
    machine that includes ballot marking and deposit into the ballot box in the same paper
    path, is not software independent, and could be compromised in a way that is
    undetectable with a manual tally or risk limiting audit.

    The ballot-marking printer is in the same paper path as the mechanism to deposit marked ballots into an attached ballot box. This opens up a security vulnerability: the voting machine can mark the paper
    ballot (to add votes or spoil already-cast votes) after the last time the voter sees the
    paper, and then deposit that marked ballot into the ballot box without the possibility of

    Vote-stealing software could easily be constructed that looks for undervotes
    on the ballot, and marks those unvoted spaces for the candidate of the hacker’s choice.
    This is very straightforward to do on optical-scan bubble ballots (as on the Dominion
    ICE) where undervotes are indicated by no mark at all. The autocast configuration
    setting that allows the voter to indicate, “don’t eject the ballot for my review, just print it
    and cast it without me looking at it.”

    If fraudulent software were installed, it could change
    all the votes of any voter who selected this option, because the voting machine software
    would know in advance of printing that the voter had waived the opportunity to inspect
    the printed ballot. This would be mitigated by using the ICE for accessible sessions
    only. Additionally, the ICE should include procedural controls whereby a technician
    completes the L&A procedures prior to an election, and then a second technician goes
    through the validation procedure to validate the firmware and software on the ICE, and
    then applies the seals to the machine. Any ICE that is presented at a polling place with
    broken seals should be replaced.”

    SO – I’m SURE all of these machines have personnel ON-SITE with the appropriate Information Technology training and credentials to monitor and prevent any nefarious activities from taking place, right??? /sarc

  16. I have to admit that I don’t have any faith that my R vote counts in CA anymore. With the advent of mail-in ballots, extended voting periods and ballot harvesting the Republican vote has been rendered neutral. Voting machines have been the death knell of voting integrity across the country. The fact that vote counting goes on for days after the vote allows for voter fraud in close races. We’ve seen that in Orange County, I know – seats flipping from solid R to D a week after Election Day.

    What is so difficult about voting the way we always did for many years? We could go all the way back to pen and paper with check marks if we’re worried about “hanging” chads, too. Votes could be fully counted by the close of election night if organised properly. Florida did it. Why can’t every other state?

    If the Federal government takes over voting processes the country will be lost. This has already happened in Democratic controlled CA. While many friends and family seek to fight for California by staying, I think it might just be a losing battle now.

  17. Machines & algorithms are making & taking our votes for candidates & propositions!! We need to go back to precincts, paper ballots & same day voting….period! This is pure criminal nonsense.

    1. Agreed!
      Military was watching our elections. Voter Fraud, Our victory will be when the military has to step in and arrest these Treason offenders. Treason = Death.

  18. They may not care but they also don’t know that in 2005, in Davos, Gavin Newsom was anointed the title “Young Global Leader” by Dr. Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF/Great Reset. So Newsom is a “Davos Man”, dedicated to One World Government, Depopulation, The Chinese Economic Model, Neo-Feudalism, Neo-Fascism and an Economic Collapse to create govt dependency. Look this up at http://www.maloneinstitute.org and read Glenn Beck’s book “The Great Reset”.

  19. If you believe California has “fair” elections, you might want to check on your unicorn. Maybe voting shouldn’t be “secret”. Maybe we should use Jumbo Trons at all polling locations. Open for all to see. More importantly, YOU can see that your vote was recorded “as cast”. Can anyone tell me if their vote was recorded “as cast” in the last election? A little green light on a scanner is no comfort.

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