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Governor-elect Gavin Newsom says "We have to do more." (ltg.ca.gov)

Newsom wins CA Gubernatorial in Landslide

He will Become the State’s 40th Governor

By Sean Brown, November 6, 2018 9:25 pm

In the first major race called in California, Democrat Gavin Newsom has defeated Republican John Cox in an easy 19-point victory.

The 51 year old former Lt. Governor, who notched 59.5% of the vote, was able to energize a massive following after using the majority of his campaign to channel a directive against the Trump Administration. Also focusing on major California issues such as health care, education, and affordable housing, Newsom cruised to victory almost immediately after the polls closed despite a final tally.

With few significant roles as Lt. Governor, Newsom is perhaps best known for issuing marriage licenses to gay couples while serving as Mayor of San Francisco. He has also been a huge proponent of legalizing marijuana and implanting gun control laws.

Despite the veteran politician having an extensive resume, he is set to face major issues. Homelessness, housing crisis, and infrastructure and are far under par compared to the ‘Golden States’ general perception.

Though September polls showed Cox cutting the lead to single digits, Newsom has led handily since the June primary. This is his second run at governor after a loss in 2009 to current Governor Jerry Brown.

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