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Asian American ER Physician Debunks Racism Lie During COVID-19

Even medicine and medical care is politicized

By Lionel Lee, April 9, 2020 12:45 pm

Chinavirus. Kung Flu.  Yellow fever.

All these words come to mind, and we immediately think “racism” and how these words are supposed to perpetuate our country’s long struggle with race in America.

For Asian Americans especially, our growing population in America has placed us at the forefront during this world wide pandemic.  

When President Trump enacted a travel ban from China back in January 2020, the Democrats called him a racist and xenophobe. But come the end of February 2020, the same Democrats were crying that President Trump hadn’t done “enough” to protect America and secure the border. Talk about a 180 degree shift.  

The media has done an outstanding job of labeling our president as a “racist,” “bigot,” “white supremacist,” or any other name to discredit his role as president of our country.  There has not been one piece of legislation by this administration that has had any direct damaging action to the Asian American community. Furthermore, the media keeps pushing a narrative that the words by the president will create “racism to Asians in this country.” 

When did the media ever care about Asian Americans in this country?

We are talking about the same media that didn’t seem to care when Ivy League colleges openly discriminate against Asian Americans. The same media conveniently forgetting that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden said in 2006, “you cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts without having a slight Indian accent.”  

The truth of the matter is that the Chinese government has lied about the Wuhan virus and the mass effect of the virus.  And here we are where this virus has created a world wide pandemic.

The American media has displayed a large bias against our current administration. As such, the American media should be absolutely disgusted and ashamed of itself.  Why is the American media protecting a communist and dictator government?

I would like to see more Asians upset at our own media cover up than this so-called racism. So many Asians have come to America, seeking refuge and freedom against communism (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea).  My father still talks about the absolute horror of living under communism during the Korean War. This is a complete slap in the face to every Asian American whose family fled communism to come to America for a new life and opportunity. 

I work as an emergency medicine physician; I am on the frontlines day in and day out.  During this pandemic, I work in a physician group that is nearly half Asian or Asian American. I am extremely proud of our physician group and the medical care we provide to our city and community.  I have not experienced one episode of racism by a patient during this COVID pandemic. Every patient was relieved and happy that a doctor was willing to listen and treat their respective symptoms.

I am living my parents’ American dream, that the son of an immigrant who came to this country with $200 in his pocket, is a successful physician-partner at one of the largest medical groups in the country. I would hope to believe that a large reason for my success in this country is because my parents taught me to succeed despite the obstacles, and not to cry over the obstacles.

During this turmoil, I would like to see more unity within our country to help fight this pandemic.  Instead of the media pitting groups against each other or creating a false narrative of racism, why are we not being asked to help everyone affected, like a true war effort. 

Why is not the media showing more Asian American doctors and nurses who are putting their lives on the line to save this country from the worst pandemic since 1918. Now is not the time to point fingers, because people are dying as we speak.  So I challenge all Americans during this very difficult time to dig deep and help each other, so that we will emerge more united and stronger.     

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4 thoughts on “Asian American ER Physician Debunks Racism Lie During COVID-19

    1. Great article. This type of manipulated thinking is easily adopted often without realizing it when presented by the media. Wonderful to point this out.

  1. China warned the WHO about the virus. The report reached other countries. While China may delay their first notice to WHO, there were nevertheless delays between WHO and other countries and between decision-makings. Politicians and economists and policy makers delayed because they had to consider what sorts of restrictions must be in place and how might mandates affect the economy.

    We blamed China too much. Look at our own leadership. The fact is China reported. It was equally important on how we responded to the report. How much would we trust China in the first place?

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