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Konstantine Anthony. (Photo: Burbank.gov)

Burbank Mayor Sees No Problem With Sexualized Material In Schools

‘It is clear that he is vying to climb the political ladder pushing lies, misinformation, and a radical progressive agenda’

By J. Mitchell Sances, July 14, 2023 7:18 am

Earlier this week, an episode of the locally well-known podcast WiseNuts hosted by two Armenian fathers in Glendale, CA, featured the mayor of Burbank, Konstantine Anthony. The episode lasted a whopping 4.5 hours, and, if there is any justice in the world, could have effectively ended Anthony’s political career.

In March of this year, Anthony announced his candidacy for the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, a governing body with enormous amounts of power in Los Angeles County including overseeing the many school districts within the county. Given the recent protests and increase of vocally concerned parents in the school districts, the very lengthy discussion focused mainly on parental rights in their children’s education.

In a video clip from the episode making the rounds on Twitter, Anthony is seen speaking with an extremely well-informed mother who called into the show. He condescendingly asks the woman what she means by her objection to sexualized content in schools. “When you say ‘sexualized gender ideology,’ do you mean it’s simply a book that has a gay person in it?” he asked dismissively.

The mother pushes back clarifying her statements and includes the example of the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir.” This particular book is a graphic novel and has been the subject of discussion around the country as it has been found in many public school libraries. There are parts of the book that not only discuss sexually explicit scenes involving minors, but there are also animations of young boys engaging in oral sex.

Anthony is asked if he has read the book, and he responds affirmatively. The woman further asks, “You don’t find that to be sexualized?” Anthony scoffs and vehemently declares, “No!” in a moronic sing-song voice. He also contends that the book is “not graphic.” The slightly edited video posted to Twitter includes spliced in shots of the content in reference, proving him incorrect.

At first, in just watching the short clip described here, it is easy to conclude that Anthony may be lying about his familiarity with the book “Gender Queer.” While lying for political reasons is not excusable, it is unfortunately commonplace and often overlooked. However, any doubt that Anthony is lying flies out of the window when, later in the conversation, he confirms that he knows exactly the content the mother is speaking of and that he has seen the sexually explicit photos from the book.

Anthony doubles down on his instance that the pornographic images are acceptable for children in middle school because those are the children who are first beginning to learn about sex education in schools. To make an equivalence of learning about basic biology and how the reproductive system works to drawings of minors engaging in homosexual fellatio blasts right past absurdity and into flat out obscenity. No parent should accept someone with this level of amorality to be in any position of power, much less in one with sway over the education system.

While this was Anthony’s most egregious opinion, the entire 4.5 hour episode was rife with other horrendous takes. Part of the discussion surrounded the events of the protests outside of the Glendale School Board meeting on June 6th. During this meeting Anthony was allowed to speak to the board while parents of students who had arrived at the meeting hours before Anthony were not extended the same opportunity. When he was called out for that on the podcast, Anthony admitted, while laughing, that he was there primarily to bolster his political campaign. Knowing that there would be national and local news coverage of the event, he showed his face and pulled strings to make sure he was able to speak during the meeting, in essence silencing the constituents from whom he is asking for votes.

What’s more, Anthony blamed the violence that resulted from the meeting on the concerned parents, labeling many of them as homophobic. When presented with the possibility that the radical group Antifa, who was present at the meeting as well, actually spurred on the violence, Anthony refused to condemn the group stating that the masked thugs were “not doing anything wrong.”

There are many other examples of Anthony’s idiocy and dangerous opinions in the full podcast episode, but the ones presented here are damning enough. By running for a position on the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, it is clear that he is vying to climb the political ladder pushing lies, misinformation, and a radical progressive agenda the entire way. He made his position known in the course of the podcast episode: The government and government-run schools make better parents than the people who actually gave these children life. These new statements and revelations of his positions are hopefully enough to stop his political career in its tracks.

Perhaps Mr. Anthony should have taken the advice of Mark Twain when he asked to be interviewed on WiseNuts— “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”



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28 thoughts on “Burbank Mayor Sees No Problem With Sexualized Material In Schools

  1. When are people going to wake up, and stop voting for these leftist. California has the most brain dead voters I have ever seen.

    1. For what it’s worth, California ranks 48th in the county for IQ test scores. We are just ahead of Louisiana and and Mississippi. And that’s it. Makes sense we have the highest taxes, high crime, and books in our public middle school showing graphic images of under age boys performing oral sex on each other.

  2. Thank you for covering this. I hope you are right that this could very well END Mayor Konstantine Anthony’s political career — fingers crossed. At least it might keep him off the L.A. County Board of Supervisors? — which is majority-insane-enough already.
    Kinda started getting a clue that previously sane City of Burbank was headed in the wrong direction when they went after —- with a vengeance —- the co-owner of Tinhorn Flats, Lucas Lepejian, for having the nerve to try to save his business by staying open and serving customers (gasp!) during the now-discredited Covid jackbooted thug era. And this was in 2021, rather late in the “emergency.” Mr. Lepejian’s persistence and determination to fight for his rights apparently really ticked off the Burbank powers:
    “Burbank Cuts Electricity to Restaurant Defying Covid-19 Rules”

  3. So this is SoCal’s wingnut equivalent to NorCal’s Scott Weiner, huh???

    Why does our mild climate bring out all these fetishists???

  4. Konstantine Anthony is obviously a perverted pedophile who cant wait to groom children. He has no business representing anything or anyone.
    But it appears a majority of Californians are ok with pervs like this being in office. You get what you vote for. I’m just glad my son and grandchildren left this God forsaken place.

  5. Konstantine Anthony proudly admits on his website that he’s autistic, a failed actor and a union stooge. It’s no wonder that the Democrat cabal installed him to be their puppet?

    1. Get this, TJ: Wikipedia describes him as “the first openly autistic mayor in the United States,” which is the weirdest and most ridiculous proudly-woke descriptor I’ve ever heard in my life, obviously meant to be a sympathy-getting label much like Gavin Newsom’s “dyslexia.” The message seems to be “don’t question me or the truth of this descriptor, just shut up and feel sorry for me at the same time you note how far I’ve gone in life in spite of my burdens.”
      Oh, brother! Don’t know whether to laugh or cry that these people are in power.

    2. Hahaha!! He was also homeless and is a “ride-share” driver. He should tick ALL the boxes and come out as trans or bi or non-binary.

  6. Watched these outrageous Konstantine video snippets again this morning. This guy is TROUBLE and because he is running for Supervisor’s Kathryn Barger’s District 5 seat on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors* we have to get the word out as he tries to climb the political ladder. He’s another one who has so-conveniently been imported to SoCal from the Bay Area (Castro Valley). Except for the Tin Horn Flats kerfuffle —- where I don’t think there was a spotlight on his name specifically —- I don’t remember ever hearing of him before I read this article. Not a good sign because I thought I was familiar with most of the politically ambitious crazy-making gaslighters in CA who somehow manage to get elected in spite of all.

    Be sure to watch the short marked snippet at the end of the posted Wise Nuts video in the article above. It looks like he went to the Gavin Newsom School of Facial Expressions, Body Language, and Fashion, where he majored in I Can’t Believe How Stupid You Are and How Smart I Am —- all the while saying things that are the EXACT OPPOSITE of reality. Under the headphones he even looks to have the slicked-back hair and the superficial good looks. Also notice he is wearing a Gavin Newsom-style “I’m So Cool” form-fitting black V-neck T-shirt. Someone or some group of someones seem to think he will go far in politics if he is trained and dressed to be a Newsom clone. Unfortunately for all of us they may not be wrong when one looks at our present surreal low point in California.

    I intend to do everything I can to get this Konstantine Anthony’s name and description out there as a warning to the electorate, and especially in L.A. County. Please join me by sharing this article and video to raise awareness of this dangerous clown. I think it may take more than just the Wise Nuts, as good as they are, to kill the political career of this lecturing, arrogant, gaslighting Newsom replica.

    (*P.S. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors is considered the MOST POWERFUL govt board in the country. The Board has been referred to as “The Five Kings” (now “The Five Queens”) because they oversee and control such a huge population. L.A. County has 88 municipalities and the largest county population in the entire country: 10 MILLION, more than the population of 40 U.S. states.)

  7. Wow, its only become more flamboyant since I was growing up in Burbank. It’s progressed from beautiful down town Burbank to bring in the clowns. But now their everywhere. Live streaming. Gee Jess ? procreate? to Anthony!

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