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Homeless encampment along the roadside depicting the growing epidemic of homelessness (Photo: Philip Pilosian/ Shutterstock)

California Assemblywoman Shocked at Homeless Living on City Streets

Asks ‘Can we explain this? Who is responsible? Solutions please’

By Katy Grimes, March 2, 2022 12:43 pm

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D – Fullerton) posted a photo on Twitter Tuesday of a couple of homeless tents on a city sidewalk, and asks why. “Can we explain this? Who is responsible? Solutions please,” she Tweeted.

The responses were epic, predictable, snarky, defensive, and there were the trolls. But several questioned how the Assemblywoman could be so tone deaf to what’s been going on all around her, in Sacramento and in her home district.

This guy let her have it: “Isn’t it literally your job to understand the situation and do your best to solve it?”

A political consultant replied: “Democrats have been in the supermajority in the CA legislature for a decade, with a Dem Gov… and they run almost every major city. It’s pretty lame for you to ask who is responsible.”

Another reply said: “Because of Democrat regulations and policies. Move to any other state and it wouldn’t cost as much to build. Democrats didn’t say no to the first tent is the problem. Now it’s in every neighborhood and they’re not all nice people.”

And another… “Every single housing law passed in CA for a generation made housing more expensive; restrictive zoning, CEQA, Title 24, ADA, labor requirements, waste water management, VMT, and many others…all seemingly righteous, but all straws on the camel’s back. Well, the camel fell over.”

One reply offered the heart of the government-created issue: “This photo is explained by the Martin v. Boise decision and Prop 47. Both must be corrected to seriously address homelessness.”

This response was mind-blowing: “Need a living wage for our people and to get investors out of housing.”

An apropos response to such a dim-witted question: “How do I buy a house that’s not an “investment”?”

These next two responses are worthy of an award:

and this:

Sometimes lawmakers let us know just how cloistered they really are.

But this reply takes the cake: “It’s the “these are not the legislators you were looking for” Jedi mind trick from the super-duper majority party & their enablers as they ignore facts, displace blame & project their incompetence upon others who really haven’t had any legislative leverage on housing for 60 yrs.”


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12 thoughts on “California Assemblywoman Shocked at Homeless Living on City Streets

  1. This is HILARIOUS, Katy. Oh, those wacky legislators, always pretending to be surprised by something that has been staring them in the face for years. “Tune in to the Sitcom Channel tonight and catch the fun when Sharon Quirk-Silva is floored that gas and meat prices have gone up!” So obviously I agree with the “Jedi mind trick” tweet. Also loved the “isn’t it literally your job….?” guy. Wish he lived next door to me; it would make a nice change from the maniacs who live there now. And of course delighted to see the “it’s Prop 47” tweeter, who nailed it.
    Grateful that I’m not scheduled to go on a long car trip with “Karen Rosenkilde Bayne,” though, who seems to enjoy sucking the air out of the room with her very bad ideas. Not sure I could handle it.

    1. Ah yes –
      “Karen Rosenkilde Bayne
      Social Justice Warrior; Former Candidate, City Council; Former Member, School Board; Emerge CA ‘20; College Admissions Counselor; Wife”
      What delight ????

  2. Kinda reminds me of the scene in Casablanca when Captain Renault tells Rick “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

  3. Well it’s good to hear that there is concern about the homelessness in Cali. Well me and my wife and dog didn’t choose nor did we ask to be homeless, the covid took us done and out , and we moved to Cali from Wyoming to get a new start since being hear homeless we’ve meet some nice and ignorant people just not homeless people. I’m sadend by some of the homeless as they have a concern nor care for people’s property, they leave trash,needless,clothes ect,etc, family lives in the bird sanctuary in Eureka and been there for 1 1/2 now we’re doing everything that needs to be done to get off the streets, it’s very rough and stressful to have to pertect what’s yours but living out hear does show you what kind of people there really is I don’t beg,steal,lie,to get help if it’s there then we take advantage of the situation to better ourselves, may God Bless You All

  4. Political Science is a part of the liberal arts department on most campuses, so is theater.
    Do most, if not all of our pols have a minor in acting?
    Did Gavin major in acting, if he did he graduated at the top of that class.
    True the vote, support EIPCa. and get rid of these over educated idealists that have no real world experience.

  5. Vagrants:
    1. The have nots – covered already by our very generous social welfare programs
    2. The can nots – need to be placed in state lockdown care facilities
    3. The will nots – prison is the only alternative to willful health and safety threats to the general population

    No such thing as “homeless” – so stop demanding free housing as the solution. Unless it is mental health sanitariums or prisons. Full support for both.

    1. Jaye, really appreciate how you have always sorted out the groups. They need sorting. The “low-hanging fruit” (20% last I heard?) who have had a tough break in life such as eviction, job loss, escaping an abusive spouse, temporary health setback, and the like, who find themselves on the street, are in the group who can most be helped. They are the ones who most benefit from assistance and programs typically found at the missions. It is my understanding that those in this group usually get back on their feet and back to taking care of themselves (and their children, often) within 3 to 6 months.
      The govt mantra for YEARS, however, has been that EVERYONE on the street is in the “tough break in life” category. Why? Because they understand that this group is the most sympathetic one. (as you know)

  6. To tell the truth, these photos are truly shocking and it is really difficult to find an explanation for this or be indifferent to such a state of affairs. Of course, the photos can cause different and ambiguous reactions, but the fact that it is not normal is indisputable. It is really important to realize the globality of the situation and be partial to this in order to change it. From my point of view, all people’s comments are justified and their opinions take place to be. I’m certain that it is inadmissible for Assemblywoman to be so tone deaf to this situation because it entails certain negative consequences and I think that it is her responsibility to take measures to solve this, otherwise, we will have huge chances that such cases will escalate and will become more frequent.

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