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New Poll Keeps Newsom Out Front, but Cox Creeps Closer

Republican John Cox Trails by Just Seven Points

By Sean Brown, October 18, 2018 12:41 pm

New polls are out between candidates Gavin Newsom (D) and John Cox (R), who are fighting for California’s governorship.

According to KFIAM640, Newsom is slotted slightly above 50% and Cox right around 43%. While Cox’s current position behind Newsom is far better than what many forecast back in June, since September several polls have illustrated similar margins. Perhaps this explains why Cox has recently been stepping up his promises in a last ditch effort to earn more votes.

The good news for Cox is that the margin for non-party preference voters is slipping back to 46.7% to Cox’s 44.8%. If he can remain competitive with this block of voters, Newsom’s campaign should be apprehensive. Chief strategist of the poll John Thomas believes “while early voting is underway Cox can still tighten this race as we head into the home stretch of Election Day voters.” However, in order to do this, Cox will need a massive last minute media presence. This is something in which he does not have adequate funding.

As for Newsom, his strategy is working. Looking past Cox, Newsom has used the benefit of Trump’s low approval ratings in California to boost his own ‘positive’ profile.

For now, the race is Newsom’s to lose.

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