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California State Capitol. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California State Departments

Each department must adopt and keep an official seal

By Chris Micheli, December 4, 2022 6:17 pm

Government Code Section 11150 states that it is the policy of California to vest the Governor with the civil administration of the laws of the State and for the purpose of aiding the Governor in the execution and administration of the laws to divide the executive and administrative work into departments as provided by law.

Government Code Section 11151 requires each department to maintain an office and the director of each department who is a member of the Governor’s council and reside at Sacramento. Each department must adopt and keep an official seal.

Government Code Section 11152 authorizes, subject to the approval of the Governor, the head of each department to arrange and classify the work of the department and consolidate, abolish, or create divisions. So far as consistent with law, the head of each department may adopt rules and regulations that are necessary to govern the activities of the department and may assign to its officers and employees the duties as the head sees fit. For the betterment of the public service, he or she may reassign to any employees under the chief of any division.

Government Code Section 11153 requires each division of a department to be in charge by a chief who is appointed by the head of the department and receives such compensation as is fixed according to law. When a new division is created and a new chief appointed, the salary of the chief is to be fixed by the Governor until fixed by the Legislature and cannot exceed the compensation paid for like services.

Government Code Section 11154 authorizes the head of each department to, with the approval of the Governor, appoint such officers and employees as are necessary and prescribe their duties, and fix their salaries in accordance with classifications made by the State Personnel Board.

Government Code Section 11155 states that the head of a department does not have authority to obligate the State for salaries in excess of money available by law for that purpose.

Government Code Section 11157 provides that the Attorney General is the legal adviser of each department in all matters relating to the department and to the powers and duties of its officers. Upon request of the head of a department, the Attorney General, or under his direction, the district attorney of any county in which the proceeding is brought, must aid in any investigation, hearing, prosecution or trial had under the laws which the department is required to administer, and must institute and prosecute all necessary actions or proceedings for the enforcement of the law and for the punishment of all violations of the law.

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2 thoughts on “California State Departments

  1. This is how the politicians “create jobs”!!
    1. Put people on the public teat.
    2. Immunize them from accountability.
    3. Ask for their vote.
    Easy Peasy.

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