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Election Night Results Southern California

Very few waited in line to vote

By Laura Hauther, November 4, 2020 4:29 am

On the final day of voting, polling locations reflected the wildly divided state of the country.

In Joshua Tree, only a few people waited in line in the late afternoon as a slow trickled of voters flowed in.

According to the supervisor at the site, as light as it was, today’s turnout was heavier than the previous three days with a mix of people voting and dropping off their ballots.

Desert Hot Springs Water District Polling station. (Photo: Laura Hauther for California Globe)

In the more remote Flamingo Heights polling place voters also arrived a few at a time, with no waiting.

In Yucca Valley at the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church polling place  voters lined up along the building and into the parking lot. Voters in the middle of the line said they’d only been waiting about 15 minutes but they expected the line to grow as people got off of work.

In Riverside County, both Desert Hot Springs locations had crowds of voters, cars packed the parking lot, spilling over into the street. Wait times were reported to be 40 minutes or longer. At the second location, cars lined streets for several blocks with the line of voters threading down the block.

R. J. Giboney, a candidate for the Desert Hot Springs City Council trying to inspire some last minute support, said he heard a few voters say they were running home to fill out their mailed ballot to drop off and avoid the wait.

In contrast, heading east in the Coachella Valley, Jabriel White, supervisor at the Rancho Mirage Library polling location said today continued their trend of an easy flow of voters and little, if any wait times.

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2 thoughts on “Election Night Results Southern California

  1. Citrus Heights central voting station tells you so many things:
    1st. Covid 19, did they ask if you are sick? No. Did this take your temp? No. Polliing staff behind protective shields? Only where you signed in. The casual attitude re Corona by Gov at this public event reveals the true level of concern. Why are the schools closed? Why are state workers allowed to remain at home and receive full pay?
    2nd, I arrived at 7am to vote when polls open, approx 50 people in line. Took one hour to vote. ONE HOUR 50 people, what happens when there are 200 or 500? Only 9 voting stations??? This is intentional, they want you to rem this and next election vote by mail. Where every aspect of the election is hidden behind closed doors. * I commented on this to a poll worker lady who metered people allowed in the actual voting room. “We can only use this room and 9 is the max stations to maintain social distancing.” Really! the hall we stood in could hand 20 booths, she was standing 2 ft from me not 6′.
    3rd. Past elections volunteer-run polling stations our ballots were pushed into a machine, we received a receipt, security was a serious concern. 2020 Gov run ballots dropped into tote bag with plastic lock tie that can be ripped off with your finger, no receipt for our vote.
    4th There were posters on who could vote, how to register, why is there no info available on how our ballots are handled to ensure security and legit counting? No rules, no official procedures, no one can be held accountable.

    1. I appreciated your good questions and comments about what goes on at these cockamamie “voting centers.”
      Thanks so much for posting them.

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