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Nathan Hochman. (Photo: by Nathan Hochman for LA District Attorney)

Hatami Says Hochman: Another Deputy DA Backs Nathan Hochman

‘This election will not be about politics, but about who will keep L.A. County residents safe over the next four years’

By Thomas Buckley, May 29, 2024 2:23 pm

The man running to oust George Gascon from his district attorney’s perch has received yet another endorsement from one of Gascon’s current employees.

Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami today endorsed Nathan Hochman to become the next Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Jon Hatami. (Photo: JonathanHatami.com)

“Nathan will prioritize the safety of all of our communities and will put the protection of children and the rights of victims at the forefront of his administration,” said Hatami.  “Unlike Gascon, Nathan understands that for the D.A. ‘s Office to succeed, he has to remove politics from the office, making decisions based on the facts and the law, not some personal political agenda. Nathan has committed to listen to and work closely with prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and victims to create real and effective public safety and the compassionate administration of justice. I look forward to collaborating with Nathan as we work to improve the criminal justice system while keeping all Angelenos safe from crime.”

In the March primary, Hatami came in a strong third place, pulling a little over 13% of the vote to Hochman’s 16%.

Hatami is known as being a children’s advocate, handling some of the most awful crimes imaginable for the DA’s office, including the murders of Anthony Avalos and Gabriel Fernandez, both children who were tortured and murdered by their mothers and boyfriends.  

That commitment to the safety of children, said Hochman, makes Hatami’s endorsement meaningful.

“It was clear to me during the campaign that Jonathan Hatami, an 18-year veteran of the D.A.’s Office and one of its most talented prosecutors, is devoted to pursuing justice for crime victims, especially children, something that Gascon has actively prevented him and all other prosecutors from doing,” Hochman said.  “This election will not be about politics, but about who will keep L.A. County residents safe over the next four years. Gascon has failed in this mission. Working with Jonathan and the dedicated prosecutors and investigators of the D.A.’s Office, I will succeed, not only in this election, but in my term as your next District Attorney.”

The DA endorsements seem to piling up for Hochman – his first big backer was former District Attorney Steve Cooley and three of the deputy district attorneys who also ran for the top spot – Hatami, Maria Fernandez, and John McKinney  – have now endorsed Hochman.

Additionally, former DA Jackie Lacey, the sitting DA who Gascon overwhelmed with “progressive” money and promises in 2020, has also recently endorsed Hochman, saying she did because “criminals know they have allies” in Gascon’s office.

According to the polling history of the race, Gascon is trailing Hochman, badly, and has a very underwater favorable/unfavorable rating amongst Los Angeles County voters.

The election is November 5.

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