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John Cox Launches New Spot Firing Away At Newsom

John Cox Has Released His Second Campaign Video

By Sean Brown, September 28, 2018 4:25 pm

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox has launched a new campaign ad attacking Democratic competitor Gavin Newsom. Focusing on issues such as higher rents, rising gas prices and the overall burdening cost of living in the country’s most populated state, Cox’s narrator says “Politicians like Gavin Newsom talk about change, but they’ve done nothing. Sky-high gas and food prices, homelessness,” and “Gavin Newsom, it happened on your watch.”

The ad begins with a presumably single mother helping get her child ready for school before screening her driving past a densely populated street overcrowded with tents and bikes from all the homeless people. The ad also shows for sale signs out front of houses and the mother putting back a juice carton she seemingly can’t afford. This is no doubt a shot at Newsom, implying that people are leaving the state because current and past politicians have made day-to-day living so expensive.

Overall, the theme of the ad encourages voters stand up for themselves and elect an outsider who will change the system. Cox, the self-made businessman and attorney who has done very well in real-estate, calls Newson an entitled politician who rolls with the elite.

While Cox repetitively jousts the former San Francisco mayor and current Lt. Governor for his failure to act on such issues, it should be pointed out that in his current position, Newsom’s office lacks that ability to initiate change. He has no control over actions of state agencies and he doesn’t draft legislation like the governor.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, Newsom referred to Cox and said “If he’s coming after me, we’ll have to respond.” He also noted his campaign will be releasing two more video ads before the November 6th election. His first campaign ad can be found here.

According to Cox’s campaign spokesman Matt Shupe, the ad will begin airing statewide Friday through cable and digital platforms. The estimated cost for the first week alone is roughly $2 million.

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