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McClintock Fires Back at Morse With Poll of his Own

The Two Candidates Disagree on Polling Numbers

By Sean Brown, October 24, 2018 4:00 pm

After what has proved to be a long and contentious campaign season for California’s 4th Congressional district, Incumbent Representative Tom McClintock (R-Placer) has fired back at challenger Jessica Morse (D) after some disagreement about polling numbers.

Coming this afternoon via Twitter, McClintock released a poll depicting himself in front of Morse with a 55% to 36% lead and 8% undecided. The poll, which was conducted between October 10 and 11, gives McClintock an increase of 2% favoritism while Morse remained stagnant at 36%.

Included with the poll was a statement by Campaign Manager Jon Huey that read, “Friends, you may have seen that our opponent put out some poling numbers yesterday which might have appeared a bit off. So we decided it would be good to share our own numbers from our last two polls. As you can see, Tom is well on his way to another strong victory.”

McClintock’s poll represents a vast difference from what candidate Morse released just one day ago. In her poll, the Democrat is cast as trailing the Republican by only 4 points. McClintock is shown with 49% of the vote, Morse with 45% of the vote and 6% undecided. A shocking disparity for a district that hasn’t been controlled by a Democrat since 1993.

The California Globe attempted to contact Morse’s office to obtain more information regarding their poll and has yet to hear back. The Globe was able to speak with McClintock’s Campaign Manager Jon Huey, who confidently told us that Morse’s numbers appeared “way off.”

McClintock’s poll was conducted via random phone interviews.

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