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Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

New Governor Newsom Recall Campaign Started in California

California has had successful recalls in recent years, with 4 elected officials being recalled in California since 2018

By Evan Symon, June 13, 2020 8:33 am

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Alex Padilla granted retired Yolo County Deputy Sheriff Orrin Heatlie permission to begin another recall campaign against Governor Gavin Newsom.

The third recall attempt in less than two years

Heatlie’s campaign, Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom 2020, will need to gather a little under 1.5 million valid California voter signatures by November 7th to trigger a recall election in 2021. This will be the third attempt against Governor Newsom since he was sworn into office in January 2019. The two previous attempts expired earlier this year with the highest garnering petition only getting around 352,000 signatures, despite prominent national and international attention.

Attorney Mark Meuser. (Photo: Twitter)

While the reasons for previous petitions ranged from mismanagement to healthcare to tax increases to allowing sanctuary cities to operate,  supporters this time around have focused on the Governor’s response to the coronavirus crisis and the subsequent economic downturn. Former Chairman of the California Republican Party and supporter of the recall Tom Del Beccaro clarified the reasons during a virtual town hall meeting last week.

“Newsom is a failed governor who mismanaged the pandemic and threatened the state’s economy by shutting down businesses,” said Del Beccaro. “We don’t truly have a (coronavirus) crisis.”

Other supporters, including 2018 Secretary of State candidate Mark Meuser and 2019 California Republican Party Chairman candidate Steve Frank, have also given high taxation and second amendment violations as additional reasons for the recall.

While the campaign has aimed to get 100,000 signatures in ten days, even the most ardent supporters have noted the recall being a longshot.

“It’s a monumental task,” stated Heatlie.

Governor Newsom remains popular in California

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, an economic downturn, a large number of executive orders, and ongoing protests against police brutality across California, Governor Newsom remains largely popular in the Golden State. He currently holds a 65% approval rating and has been seen by many as holding the state together during a crisis.

“He was the face of California during the crisis and was on the news every night keeping Californians informed,” explained media analyst Michael Finney. “That’s what most people are remembering now. They aren’t seeing any of the associated misgivings or of the economy being hurt. They’re just seeing a Governor explain what’s happening to the populace.

Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio and Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York have faced similar negative charges against them because of their response to the crisis and not reopening fast enough to mitigate economic damage. And, especially with Cuomo, not responding to the George Floyd protests in time. But they, like Newsom, have taken a page from FDR’s book and have given modern day fireside chats. So they’ve been winning a lot of points with voters and their popularity and job security has remained high as well.

His popularity, as well as the general left-leaning public of California, have made any recall against him pretty difficult. Many Californians have liked his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats also remember 2003 and having Gray Davis go out and a Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger, getting in, and they don’t want a return of that.”

If enough signatures are gathered by November, it would be the first Governor recall in California in 18 years when, in 2003, Governor Gray Davis was recalled over leadership issues, high taxation, and inaction over a struggling California economy.

California has also had an uptick of successful recalls in recent years, with 4 elected officials being recalled in California since 2018. In 2018, Judge Aaron Persky was recalled following the outrage over his ruling in the Brock Turner rape case, with state Senator Josh Newman being recalled later that year over his gas tax vote. Earlier this year, two Santa Cruz City Councilmen were also recalled because of misconduct.

The Newsom recall position is currently available online and will remain active through November 7th.

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Evan Symon
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57 thoughts on “New Governor Newsom Recall Campaign Started in California

    1. Every fund is diverted to other things in California. Proposition money disappears into the abyss and is never spent on what the voters approved. The media in California has no curiosity at all about how money is spent. Perhaps the Globe can investigate?

      1. where has the funds for our roads disappeared to? I am tired of driving down Watt Ave (between Antelope Rd and Cottage Way with all the holes. My car is now a rattle trap. Just when is the Governor going to improve Watt avenue and other roads?

    2. Gov Newsom is popular in his frickin head. The articles says this, but after the jerk purposely destroyed kaly with the fake virus hoax, had mom and dad arrested for walking and then released 20,000 FELONS, refused to stop AntiFA, the demorat street troops from destroying business after business.. it may be a new day for Gel Hair. They’re going to get him this time. in fact several pundits are talking about President Trump having a fair shot at flipping Kaly red. AB-5 is going to be the catalyst asa it made 1 million people unemployed. Head over to the welfare lines for unemployment and I bet you find gobs of folks eager to sign that petition

      1. …Or find the nearest street of still-existing small businesses and they’ll be BEGGING to sign the petition.

        1. Whenever you see the results of a PPIC poll be very very very suspicious.
          PPIC polls are famous for trying to FORM opinion, not reflect it, and (they think) create a bandwagon effect.
          Are you going to believe a PPIC poll that says Gruesome has a 64% approval rating or believe your own eyes?
          Ridiculous lies. We’re swimming in them.

          1. Gov Newsome is a complete failure with EDD unemployment,most people are not getting paid and I sure would be happy to recall him,payback for all the harm he has done and the we worst is yet to come,with back rent payments,he’s just like every other failed govern or it’s not thier fault just ask them,they just cant own all the problems they cause or crap they font deal with.Newsome is trying to imitate the Great Pat Riley it’s such a joke to see through him Pat Riley is a winner and great mind,all things Newsome is not,hire former Gov Brown and calif will be great again. Thank. You

      2. You’re such an ill or misinformed moron. 20,000 felons? More like 3,500 non-violent inmates scheduled to be released within the next 60 days anyway who’ve had their release date accelerated and this is to save tax payers like me from footing the cost to incarcerate these men. But a Fear monger moron like you can’t even get simple facts right. And Antifa? WTF? Do you mean the anti-dictator movement? You’re problem is spreading too many of the Fox News talking points and having no frigging idea as to what true empirical data actually states about the topics of which you choose to comment on. As for trump turning California red… once again you’re a moron SMH this will be the third attempt to recall Newsom and their best shot got less than 1/2 a million names. So good luck with gathering the 1.5 million needed to get that moronic idea on the 2021 ballot.

        1. Too bad you cant communicate without calling names or belittling others. It would be so easy to lay some names on you. But in the meantime STFU

        2. you ate an idiot and traitor. the demoncrat party is a bought out puppet party who do not care about America, our constitutional rights or the amendments. followers like you are the problem.

        3. Chas, I have to respectfully disagree with you. Newsom has become way out of touch with the average person. He is favoring big businesses over small mom and pop businesses. Democrats used to stand up for the “little guy” when it came to economics. Now they are literally pushing the little guy over. Casinos and big corporate businesses are safe to reopen but not hair or nail salons? Theses are just a few examples. He is a puppet for big money. He was funded by the Getty family for his business and political dealings. We need a governor who allows everyone to make a living, not just a few.

        4. Too funny . Had me laughing out loud. You go on and on, doing nothing but repeating what you have heard ( without doing any actual research to confirm any if it) and have the audacity to call some one else a moron. Stupid is as stupid does. Why don’t you take a minute to research the truth. Not what you think or want the truth to be . The real truth .Buy hey , why do that ? So much easier to just believe what you hear. So much easier to just hate. Have fun with that.

        5. you should get YOUR facts straight my daughter works for DVI prison that is getting shut down and he released over 18,000 sex offenders and violent criminals into our cities and is trying to reclassify their crimes to lessor crimes so they can vote As far as Antifa get your head out and get the facts before you conform you are the moron Antifa has a physical address in Sacramento

        6. You are absolutely right !!! This is all plan by trump followers !! I like our governor, he is doing good job. Times are challenging and there has to be some understanding !!!!!

      3. sanctuary state: I would like to see the assembly provide the means for the citizens of CA to vote as to whether or not we want to be a sanctuary state. We should be the ones who decide and not the legislature. The citizens of CA are being placed below illegal persons under the sanctuary provisions. It would be in the best interests of CA citizens to cancel the Sanctuary status.

        1. Yes! Why would the issue of becoming a Sanctuary state, such an incredibly expensive and important decision, not be given to the people to decide? Could it be that what the people choose for the state no longer matters?

  1. Never saw a petition form for the first two tries. Where do I sign for the third try? BRING ME THE PETITION!!

      1. If you let me know what area you are in I can have them brought to you. I can give you as many petitions you need. Just email me

    1. I’ve been out for 3 weeks solid . People are driving all over to sign these petitions. It is going to happen this time. I will bring you 10 petitions. Where are you?

      1. I live in Tujunga, California. I do not have a printer currently. Where can
        i go to sign Recall Gov. G. Newsom?

  2. The polls citing gov. Newsom’s approval rating at 65% have to be just as wrong as the polls predicting that Hillary would win the presidency in 2016!

  3. Newsom needs to go. He’s killing businesses and violating the very fabric of our constitution by pushing a false narrative of security as a means to flex his overreach of power. He ruined San Francisco and should do the people a favor and disappear. That would be more effective for the state. What a piece of work.

  4. I worked with a huge number of people who all worked very hard getting petitions signed in the most recent recall Newsom attempt. I love the idea of trying again but these are the issues that prevented success: all petitions must be submitted to the signers County Register Office to confirm authentic signatures. L.A. County and a # of other Co. Register’s Offices REFUSED to even acknowledge receipt of hundreds of petitions so they were not forwarded to the next step in the process Secretary of State Alex Padilla who must approve them and then he sends them to Attorney General Xavier Becerra for final acceptance of the petitions. Seems like the road blocks are set in place to prevent we, the people, from winning a much needed recall of Newsom. But, hey, I am all for trying over and over.

    1. I too hope the recall goes through this time. It’s too bad we couldn’t bring charges against the ones who refused to follow through last time. This is an outrage!!!

  5. I too hope the recall goes through this time. It’s too bad we couldn’t bring charges against the ones who refused to follow through last time. This is an outrage!!!

  6. He needs to keep up appearances that this virus is dangerous in order to maintain the influx of federal disaster money-money he is using to fund his social programs not to help with the “disaster”. He is trying to use this idiocy to further his run for the White House by buying up motels to “get homeless off the street”. The working people who pay taxes in CA are pawns in his political game- we have no importance to him and he is using us, and this office we stupidly voted him into, to try to make himself competitive in a bid for the Presidency. We need to stop him before he ruins the entire country like he ruined SF and now CA.

    1. I heard that the reason he is making wearing a face mask mandatory is because he just got a big contract with china for the face masks, the wearing of face masks is not healthy here are just a few facts about them.
      1, Research published in the annals of internal medicine indicated that both surgical and cotton masks seem ineffective in preventing the dissemination of Sars, Cov-2 from coughs of patients with covid 19.
      2. In a 2008 study of surgical masks worn by 53 surgeons researchers found that the masks reduce the blood oxygen levels significantly creating a condition known as Hypoxia.

  7. Just keep in mind, that 65% approval rating was taken off of a sample of 1,706 Americans which were mostly polled in Los Angeles and surrounding San Francisco Counties. Considering California has a population of~41million people, thats only .0042% of Americans that were even asked. This poll is being reported like it is creditable. Give me a break..

  8. Recallgavin2020.com
    I’m fine starting over but these all need to go to one place so please sign AGAIN if you want your vote to count.

  9. If you let me know what area you are in I can have them brought to you. I can give you as many petitions you need. Just email me

  10. Hahahaha LMFAO yeah right keep dreaming pal people here in California hate trump with a fucken passion as do I and believe me it won’t matter how much you Lie exaggerate fear monger cry scream and shout Antifa but what about Antifa” so basically just go ahead and do what Republicans and the right do Best every other kind of Ridiculous crap that you people can think of it ain’t gonna happen and trump flipping California red Hahahaha LMFAO oh brother wtf are you Drinking you Poor Delusional bastard ????????????????

    1. Hey Robert, do you like having your constitutional right to chose being taken from you without your consent? I also consider Trump to be narcissistic , self appointed king of an empire that he does not control, but he is not out there suspending our rights to assess the risk for our selves and make decisions based on those assessments! If you’re too scared to leave your house because of possible exposure, then that is your right to choose, but that is NOT a valid explanation as to why the rest of society must be quarantined. Darwin’s theory of evolution: the process of natural selection will ensure the survival of the species. Read this into it, you can’t control what nature will challenge us with but at the same time you cannot attempt to manipulate the course of that particular event. The most prudent coarse of action is to let nature take it’s coarse, and let the strong survive, there by strengthening our entire gene pool: herd immunity. Newsom has effectively suspended our right to choose what’s best for ourselves and our family’s. To quote the sheriff of San Diego Co.: We elected a governor, not an emperor. Recall, Remove, Incarcerate Gavin Newsom, he’s criminal who needs to be held accountable for his reprehensible behavior towards the citizens of California!

  11. I’m a Democrat and voted for Newsom. I want him recalled because he’s failed California in containing and stopping the spread of COVID19. He’s failed at protecting all counties from eviction, leaving it up to local governments. He’s failed all around. Recall him.

  12. sanctuary state: I would like to see the assembly provide the means for the citizens of CA to vote as to whether or not we want to be a sanctuary state. We should be the ones who decide and not the legislature. The citizens of CA are being placed below illegal persons under the sanctuary provisions. It would be in the best interests of CA citizens to cancel the Sanctuary status.






  14. Where do we go in person to sign this recall petition? So they say the Change.org website petitions are not legit… These are Republicans saying this, so that is why we can’t force a special election to get rid of this governor that wants to give money “Reparations” (from Taxpayers) to people that involve criminals… How Black do you have to be to get it and what about all the rest of us minorities that suffered discrimination by Jim Crow? That itself is discriminatory… This guy is a disaster of a governor. Register voters need guidance to how and where we get a recall form to congress signed by 1.5 million people.

  15. The writer of this article must have his head up his ass or is related to Newsom. I don’t know anyone who is in support of this jackass or thinks he’s doing a good job as governor. I think Newsom knows his time is short so he is cramming as many new laws through as possible to further destroy the quality of life here in the tarnished state. I hope he ends up living in some doorway with the rest of the homeless crapping and shooting up in the streets of San Francisco.

  16. I want people to know the sign up sight that you see on the Recall Gavin 2020 has changed. That is no longer a legal page. Don’t send money there either. The only legal petition is the whole petition given out by the State of Ca like the one we had to print out before. All legal petitions must be filled out and signed in person. It will not do any good to fill out this form. Dems, I think, have changed the website to fool people. Stop giving away money you think is going to the “cause” It isn’t. Just another scam so we will fail to get rid of Newsom. Call the State of Ca. and have them email you a REAL petition and pass it around. There is less that two months left to get this done.

    1. What are you talking about? Call the State of Ca and have them email you a petition? NO. This is not true. Nice try, though!
      The official recall website is still the same:
      Download the petition, print it out, read the instructions, fill out all relevant parts, sign it, and put it in the mail to the address found at the bottom of the page. Legal-size paper is NOT required, which is convenient.

  17. Would love to see this governor get the boot….but it is a lost cause in California…and just who would be the replacement???

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