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Governor-elect Gavin Newsom says "We have to do more." (ltg.ca.gov)

Chairman Newsom? LG Appears Infallible in School Textbook

Gavin Newsom Draws Heavy Criticism Over Propaganda-Like Depiction

By Sean Brown, September 25, 2018 4:15 pm

Finding himself on the ‘hot seat’ today, Lt. Governor and current candidate for Governor Gavin Newsom is under heavy fire from critics for appearing in a first grade textbook.

Appearing in the textbook isn’t necessarily the problem in itself; however, some are describing his presence as propaganda. In 2004, Newsom was mayor of San Francisco. During that time he ordered the city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now, the textbook that is being tested in the Elk Grove Unified School District refers to that decision and Newsom as “A Champion for People’s Rights.”

Gavin Newsom appears in book being tested at the Elk Grove Unified School a ‘Champion of People’s Rights.’ Photo by Greg Burt

Specifically, part of the textbook reads, “Gavin said that people could marry who they choose. Sometimes, Gavin helped marry people. Some marriages were not between a man and a woman. He made sure that people’s rights were respected.”

Not only does the paperback declare Newsom a “champion for people’s rights,” but according to the SacBee, Greg Burt, a parent of a child in the school district and spokesman for the conservative Fresno-based California Family Council, said, “It looked like the text had been written by the (Newsom) campaign.”

According to sources, this individual book was one of six to be chosen and is currently offering only a preview of what will become the full-scale version. It is certainly eye-catching, however, to see Newsom, a current candidate for governor in a hotly contested race to lead the nation’s largest state, in a book alongside Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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One thought on “Chairman Newsom? LG Appears Infallible in School Textbook

  1. Gov Newsom proves himself to be a self serving propagandist throughout his political career. Always seems to be directing state money into his own pockets and projecting his immoral agenda on the public. Newsom is just another Democrat pushing an immoral unhealthy agenda on Californians.

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