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Oakland Votes to Require Proof of Vaccination at Restaurants, Businesses Starting February 1st

‘If we don’t comply, we are fined and lose money; if we do comply, we lose money from people we have to turn away’

By Evan Symon, January 31, 2022 3:57 pm

The City of Oakland is due to become the latest city in California to require vaccine proof to enter restaurants and other similar establishments on Tuesday, leaving many owners worried about increased financial hardships.

The Proof of Vaccination Ordinance, authored by City Councilman Dan Kalb, had been introduced and passed just last month. Under the ordinance, proof of vaccination will be needed for restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and other places where food and drink is served, as well as theaters, concert venues, indoor entertainment venues, gyms, senior facilities, and any large indoor event.

“There are benefits here even if it will temporarily cause someone not to go to their favorite bar,” said Kalb earlier this month. “It’s all done very reasonably and logically. Common-sense logic is really what’s going to rule the way that this is implemented. The ordinance will remain in effect until any state of emergency in the city is lifted. The first time that a restaurant owner or a business or a gym fails to comply, they’ll get a warning letter. And then after that, they’ll be subject to fines.”

While the City Council unanimously voted for the mandate and many businesses are already complying ahead of the Tuesday start date, business owners in Oakland largely voiced concern and disdain for the new ordinance, as many believe it will negatively harm them financially. Orders in other proof mandate areas, such as Los Angeles, have noted not only lost profits but also numerous ways to get around these laws.

“We’re looking to restaurant owners in Berkeley, San Francisco, Concord, LA, and other places this is happening to see what we can do,” said “Tyler,” an Oakland restaurant co-owner, to the Globe on Monday. “We’re finding a lot of ways to barely change and still allow everyone in regardless of mandate status legally. I don’t want to name them, but the things other restaurants told us were pretty incredible and I suspect the law will be updated as soon as they start seeing more and more places adopt them.”

“We’re also scared of losing business from non-vaccinated people, as well as out-of-towners who are much more likely to not be vaccinated. We talked to other restaurant owners that have been hit by similar mandates and they’re seeing business fall 10%, 15%. I mean, even 5% is big for the independent restaurant. If we don’t comply, we are fined and lose money. If we do comply, we lose money from people we have to turn away. Either way, we lose money and no one wants to pay us for how much we lost that isn’t our fault.”

The ordinance is to go into effect in Oakland on February 1st. Oakland will be the latest to join other proof mandate areas such as Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Contra Costa County.

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Evan Symon
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14 thoughts on “Oakland Votes to Require Proof of Vaccination at Restaurants, Businesses Starting February 1st

  1. Is it true public officials are bonded? Seems to be a trend of people making claims against those personal bonds.
    What a great idea.

    1. I like this idea, too. So, how do we require public officials to be bonded? A school superintendent can be required to be bonded if it’s written into his/her contract by the school board (who hires him) I would assume.

  2. Hey! Hey! Hey! Having to show photo ID is racist! Oh I forgot, that only applies to voting in elections. Vote early and vote often especially if you are Democrat! If you get pulled over for a traffic ticket and the Officer wants to see your drivers license and you don’t have it, just say you are on your way to vote.

  3. These people are not using data or science when they mandate vaccines. This Jerk Dan Kalb tweets that they are going to stop the spread with this mandate because it will force people to get the vaccine. Does Oakland have another vaccine that we are not aware of? The world knows that the covid 19 vaccines currently be used does not stop the spread. You can be triple vaxxed and still get and transmit the virus. That is an undeniable fact. So what the hell is Dan tweeting about stopping the spread with their mandate? We know this mandate will put stress on businesses still struggling to recover from being locked down. So I really would like to know what science mr. Dan is using that determines a mandate benefits the people in Oakland and what is the benefit. These people need to be held accountable for these mandates they pass. It’s effecting our lives and they need to prove that there is a valid reason for the mandates. Stopping the spread is not a valid reason. It ticks me off this jack ass Dan Kalb has the nerve to tweet they are stopping the spread. This guy thinks we are all dumb. We all now these mandates are nothing more then an attack on our freedom. We are not weak people who live under authoritarian rulers. This is America. So screw Dan and all these other jerks. Do not comply. We got your back . . Please send him a message . We must not tolerate this tyranny because it will only get worse. This guy needs to resign. He is not fit.


  4. Natural immunity.gained some attention a month ago but has faded again. It appears to me many many CA Democrats failed science classes, or maybe they were given a pass related to leveling the playing field.

  5. Democrat Oakland City Councilman Dan Kalb and the rest of the deep-state/dark-cult Democrat cabal on Oakland’s City Council must not have gotten the memo that mandates like vaccine passports are being temporarily rolled back ahead of the midterm elections?

  6. This is simple since everyone knows this entire exercise is BS: direct customers to the fake vax passport dealer near-by and they give them a little cash and it has a special mark to give them a discount at restaurants that take these special passports and the restaurant kicks a bit of cash back to the passport dealer and everyone is happy. When the officials show up to crack down, a bit more cash goes to them, a free meal, all good. Goodness gracious, they been dealing drugs in Oakland since forever, think they can’t do this? Nobody has ever obeyed the law in Oakland anyway, especially not the city govt., why start now? Come on, man!

  7. I’m Jewish. I can make this statement without the Progressive Karens who are clueless having any stance.

    This is how All Tyrants destroy the populace.
    Blame a group, remove their freedom.

    Now if we had a true justice system, they’d never get away with this.
    This is unconstitutional, segregation, divisive, discrimination.
    Isn’t interesting The Democrats pontificate that they are all about Equality, Fairness on and on with their emotionally titillating, narcissistic verbiage.
    Democrats and Rinos sold our State and Country to China, Soros, Klaus Schwab WEF.
    Destroying it it the end game.
    Destroying small businesses
    Destroying POC
    The shots are killing and maiming people, close to 2 million reports on VAERs of injuries and deaths. No VAERs cannot be used by just anyone. Too much information must be provided to make a report.
    Until arrests are made of these Treasonous Politicians, we won’t have our freedom.
    They’ve sold out.
    Our freedom is not what they want.
    Our sheriffs have the constitutional duty to make arrests. Make phone calls. Demand justice for We The People.
    51 % of democrats believe sending the people who made a different choice to a Camp.
    Seriously, that is a psychosis, a mental derangement to believe that putting people in camps is ok.
    The people that are getting sick, are the vaxed. The variants are the vaxed.
    Please wake up.
    United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

  8. Vaccine cards are all but useless. You can show your ID and vax card, enter the restaurant, sit down, take your mask off and have the covid. Forty percent of the people entering Placer Co hospitals as of today, are fully vaccinated. I’ll bet they all have their cards.

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