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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Congressman-Elect Harley Rouda share some good conversation in what will soon be Rouda's office.

Rouda and Rohrabacher Prove Politics can be put Aside

Once Fearsome Opponents share good Conversation

By Sean Brown, November 28, 2018 2:25 pm

Although lame-duck sessions don’t usually prove to be good for much, Congressman-Elect Harley Rouda is looking to make the best of his time before transitioning into office come January.

Tweeting today from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s D.C. office, the once fearsome opponents, appear to have an ‘lived and let live’ attitude as the two have put aside their political differences to share some good conversation.

Rouda said “thank you to Congressman Rohrabacher for having me to his office today and offering his help in this transition. This is how Democracy works. A spirited exchange of ideas leading to working together for common good.”

The fight over California’s 48th Congressional District between Democrat Rouda and incumbent Republican Rohrabacher was one of the tightest races statewide and took almost a full week to finally call. Eventually winning by over 20,000 votes, thanks in part to Election Day post-marked ballots, Rouda was able to defeat the 30-year incumbent in what many originally though was a far stretch.

Campaigning on issues such as health care, people with pre-existing conditions, and immigration reform Rouda heavily resonated with a changing Orange County demographic.

Rouda’s victory will certainly re-shape the district for years to come while also helping Democrats count on a usually solid red district, however, for now the two show that Democracy and American decency is alive and well.

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