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The California Workforce Innovation Act

For California to remain prosperous and globally competitive, it needs to have a well-educated and highly skilled workforce

By Chris Micheli, July 3, 2022 5:15 pm

California has a number of formal acts in statute. Unemployment Insurance Code Division 7 provides the California Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which is contained in Section 14000 to 14531. Division 7 was added by Chapter 111 in 2001.

Section 14000 makes numerous legislative findings and declarations, including that, in order for California to remain prosperous and globally competitive, it needs to have a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. Specified principles must guide the state’s workforce investment system. In addition, state and local workforce development boards are encouraged to collaborate with other public and private institutions to better align resources across workforce, training, education, and social service delivery systems and build a well-articulated workforce investment system.

Section 14002 provides legislative findings and declarations, such as screening should be designed to detect unidentified disabilities, including learning disabilities, improve workforce preparation, and enhance the use of employment and training resources. In addition, the Legislature encourages one-stop career centers to maximize the use of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act resources and other federal and state workforce development resources for screening designed to detect unidentified disabilities, and if indicated, appropriate diagnostic assessment.

Section 14003 provides that grants or contracts awarded under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, or any other state or federally funded workforce development program, may not be awarded to organizations that are owned or operated as pervasively sectarian organizations.

Section 14004 provides that, in order to be eligible for state or federal workforce development funds awarded by the state under the California Community and Faith Based Initiative, an organization must be a separate nonprofit entity or affiliate that is a tax-exempt organization.

Section 14004.5 creates the Consolidated Work Program Fund in the State Treasury for the receipt of all moneys deposited pursuant to the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The Employment Development Department is the entity responsible for administering this section.

Chapter 1 contains General Provisions, and Chapter 2 contains Definitions and Severability. Chapter 3 concerns State Responsibilities. Article 1 establishes the California Workforce Development Board, while Article 2 provides for State Planning and Sectors. Article 3 establishes the Removing Barriers to Employment Act. Article 4 establishes the Prison to Employment Program. Article 6 provides for the Social Entrepreneurs for Economic Development Initiative.

Chapter 4 concerns Local Service Delivery. Article 1 establishes the Local Workforce Development Board. Article 2 concerns the Local Workforce Investment Plan. Article 3 provides for the One-Stop Career Center System. Article 4 establishes the California Creative Workforce Act of 2021. Chapter 5 concerns Educational Services. Chapter 5.1 provides the Community Economic Resilience Fund Program.

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