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Wm. Land Golf Municipal Course, Sacramento. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Woman Attacked By Half-Naked Homeless Man While Jogging In Sacramento’s Land Park

The only thing separating the woman attacked and me is my German Shepherd Hans

By Katy Grimes, June 9, 2022 7:56 am

A woman I see on my daily morning hikes in William Land Park in Sacramento was attacked by a homeless man this week. Her attack took place as I was finishing my walk and returning home nearby.

The only thing separating the woman attacked and me is my German Shepherd Hans. And Hans and I have been attacked by a homeless woman’s Pit Bull.

William Land Park is a large regional park of 207 acres located in the City of Sacramento. It is home to the Land Park Golf Course, Fairytale Town, Funderland, the Sacramento Zoo and hundreds of acres of open park, picnic areas, jogging trails, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, an amphitheater and a kiddie wading pool and playground.

Hans Gruber Grimes. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

People feel safe in the park. Or at least they used to. I won’t venture into the park alone without Hans and pepper spray.

The woman attacked screamed as the homeless guy pinned her to the ground and she couldn’t get away. As she screamed, an employee at the golf course hopped in a golf cart and rode to the woman’s rescue, CBS Local reported.

“He and another citizen had to pull this individual off of her,” Curt David the PGA Pro at the William Land Golf course told CBS.

I regularly photograph the homeless who live in the park. Some days tents are erected. Some days the homeless are hanging out by the public restrooms buying, selling and doing drugs. Some days they are passed out in the bushes or on top of picnic tables.

Recently on a morning hike, my dog stopped to sniff something in the grass, and I saw a pile of vomit near a pile of feces. A homeless man was passed out nearby.

There is a woman who lives in the park. She is clearly very mentally ill, and screams profanities at people passing by. A almost always shirtless man who lives in the park often chases people while screaming at them.

On any given day different homeless men in various stages of drug stupor are seen masturbating.

So, what was the outcome with the homeless attacker and the woman he attacked?

CBS Local reported:

“Sacramento police arrived at the scene and did not make an arrest. They took the suspect to a hospital for a mental health evaluation at the victim’s request. Police issued a statement reading, in part:

“For a police officer to take enforcement on a misdemeanor that does not occur in their presence, an involved party would need to declare their desire to perform a citizen’s arrest, which the police can facilitate. The involved person in this incident did not desire for any criminal enforcement to take place…”

The woman attacked did not press charges and the police did not arrest the homeless attacker. Thanks to Propositions 47 and 57, attacking a woman in broad daylight while high on meth is no longer classified a “violent felony.”

A friend asked, “How many people end up dying not because they were let out early, but because someone didn’t press charges.”

Another friend said (ironically), “if he just had a home that would’ve never happened.” I replied, “Exactly. He would have been tucked in to his tiny home drinking his morning coffee.”

Messages about woman attacked in Land Park. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)




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7 thoughts on “Woman Attacked By Half-Naked Homeless Man While Jogging In Sacramento’s Land Park

  1. Several things comes to mind when I read this.

    1. Feminists constantly tell men they don’t need men. Then when they are under attack, and the same feminists expect men to help them.
    2. Saving a woman, or anyone, from an attacker is risking your life. You don’t know if the attacker has a weapon or not. One guy was saving a pregnant women from her boyfriend kicking her, and the savior was stabbed in the neck by the women and died. Police will tell you domestic disputes are the most dangerous of all police calls.
    3. This women probably just got through voting for Newsom and all the other Democrats in the last election.

  2. Kind of like the lady with her toddler that got ran over in LA by a repeat juvenile delinquent. She admitted she voted for Gascon. Based on what I have seen from all the mom’s groups in California EVER, it is required that you vote Democrat/Progressive or face banishment. The DNC cult runs strong here. To that woman’s credit, she did go on Tucker and talk about this and it sounds like she certainly will not be voting for Gascon again.

  3. Katy Grimes, it is beyond dismaying to read about the continuing dangers and disgust and degradation of what otherwise sounds like a perfectly lovely local park; one that I would definitely want to explore on a visit to Sacramento. The silver lining might be that your account makes the abstract term “skyrocketing crime” much more personal and real. Cold comfort, I know.

    My husband is a former L.A. Deputy City Attorney who prosecuted criminal misdemeanors. He tells me that once upon a time this meth-addled vagrant attacker would have likely been charged with battery, for sure, sexual assault, depending, and being under the influence of meth if he tested positive for it. Under the influence of meth, cocaine, or heroine once meant a mandatory minimum of 90 days in jail (this is where the very useful drug rehab diversion came in, by the way, a prod to reduce or eliminate jail time), same for the sexual assault, and if he was on parole at the time of the attack he could do up to a year. If deemed worthy of more than a year the case would be bumped up to the D.A. to be charged and prosecuted as a felony.

    And all of this would have been done by the prosecuting office whether or not the victim agreed to press charges. For instance, many domestic violence cases were prosecuted as criminal misdemeanors, depending on injuries and evidence at the scene, whether or not the spouse/partner agreed to it. This takes the onus off the victim and puts it on the State as a public safety matter, because the State has an interest in taking this guy off the street, rehabbing him, having justice served, etc.
    But it appears those days are now mostly in the past. I wholeheartedly hope they will come back.

  4. Hans Gruber Grimes! Great nod to Alan Rickman’s Die Hard bad guy, Katy. I hope he’s equally ruthless if you need his protection.

  5. Mayor Darrell Steinberg and his Democrat cronies on the Sacramento City Council who have controlled the city for YEARS are directly responsible for the crime and degradation of Sacramento and William Land Park in particular. They are despicable excuses for human beings.

  6. This is the second time in two days that I have read in an article that the police “would not arrest for a misdemeanor offense without having witnessed it “.
    So, we have a shortage of police officers BUT they must be at the scene of the crime to make an arrest.
    I think they are just making sh*t up now.
    Besides, the police in Oakland watched the old lady get run over and they did not go after the SUV , just called it in.
    I think that assuming (albeit jokingly) this woman voted for Newsom is the wrong direction to take this thread.
    I think that Katy is making the point that without Hans, it could have been her- and I am pretty sure that she did not vote for Newsom.
    Boiling this down to feminist’s not wanting help from men or a domestic violence issue also makes grand generalizations that minimize the violent and random crime that happened here.
    Show and Tell is right about the fact that ab109, PROPS 47 AND 57 have removed the very
    critical ‘contact and evaluation’ of violent criminals into the system and off of our streets
    I am 100% disgusted with California and the total lack of change after Tuesday, but we do not want to give these a**holes a pass on doing their jobs .

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