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Gov. Gavin Newsom announces new statewide vaccine incentive program, May 27, 2021. (Photo: ca.gov video screenshot)

Governor Newsom, State Legislators Approved for Hefty Raises by Compensation Commission

‘This is just more fodder for the recall, to be honest’

By Evan Symon, June 11, 2021 3:40 pm

Uproar continued on Friday over the decision by the California Citizens Compensation Commission (CCCC) earlier this week to approve 4.2% pay increases for Gavin Newsom and 132 other elected state officials.

The Governor-appointed, four-member commission had previously voted for raises every year between 2013 and 2019 following the end of the 2008-2012 California budget crisis. The streak was broken last year as the CCCC didn’t approve a new round of raises last year due to the $54.3 billion budget deficit brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, with the state reporting a $38 billion-$76 billion surplus this year, as well as rapid success in pushing down COVID-19 rates, the CCCC once again voted for salary increases. Effective in December, the Governor will now receive an additional $8,809 a year, moving his salary up to $218,556 a year. State Assembly members and Senators will also see significant bumps in pay, getting an extra $4,824 a year, bringing their salaries up to $119,701 a year.

Recall Candidate John Cox (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

While the CCCC routinely meets every year by June 30th to decide on making salary changes, the 2021 increases have been controversial due to lingering economic effects of the pandemic. Most other sectors of California’s economy have not seen significant pay increases in years, with concern over the Governor-appointed group giving lawmakers their largest such boost in pay since 2013 when pay went up by 5%, but only having been reduced by 5% the previous year to the the continuing budget crisis.

Candidates running in the upcoming recall election have called on Newsom and other officials to not accept the raises and have noted that they themselves would not accept an increase if they were in a similar situation.

“It’s an insult to taxpayers,” said 2018 Gubernatorial candidate and 2021 recall candidate John Cox in a statement on Thursday. “Over the last year, millions of Californians have lost their jobs and thousands of small businesses have been closed forever. The last thing Newsom and the political insiders should do is accept higher government salaries.

“He needs to apologize to Californians who have suffered through the pandemic while he and his family made millions from a charity that raises money from companies and individuals doing business with the state.”

Former San Diego Mayor and 2021 recall candidate Kevin Faulconer also called on Newsom to turn down the pay increase in a video posted on Friday on Twitter.

“After costing millions of Californians their jobs and income, Gavin Newsom now believes that he deserves a salary increase,” stated Faulconer. “I’ve called on him to reject the salary increase and he refuses to do so. It’s clear that he cares more about his bank account than serving the Californians he was elected to serve. Gavin, decline the pay raise.”

In a previous statement, Faulconer also noted that “Now is not the time for a salary increase for Governor Newsom. Millions of Californians have lost their jobs. We have $30 billion in unemployment fraud. Governor Newsom, reject the salary increase today.”

Nearly $9k more a year for Newsom

The CCCC has responded to the backlash to their decision by pointing out that others have already received raises and that the California economy is improving enough to warrant a raise.

“I don’t know what the rationale is for not giving elected officials raises,” said CCCC Chairman Tom Dalzell earlier this week. “By any measure, California is doing very well in terms of vaccination and infection containment. The economy is moving back.”

However, experts point out that many other crises that may require additional funds, such as the Northern and Central Californian droughts, the upcoming wildfire season, and continuing homelessness and affordable housing concerns shouldn’t warrant raises just yet.

“California is still behind on so many other things, and isn’t even fully out of the pandemic just yet,” accountant Morgan Lopez, who consults on several cities budgets in Southern California, explained to the Globe on Friday. “Last time the CCCC didn’t have increases was ten years ago. For several years they actually reduced the salaries of the Governor and Senators and everyone because of how bad the shape of the California budget was.”

“And the thing is, many, including the Governor, can afford not to accept a salary, or at least a salary increase, for a few years while the state gets back on track and they avoid several emergencies. Newsom is worth $20 million. I think he can go without an extra nine grand for another year.”

“This is just more fodder for the recall to be honest.”

All salary increases are expected to come into effect at the end of the year.

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Evan Symon
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29 thoughts on “Governor Newsom, State Legislators Approved for Hefty Raises by Compensation Commission

  1. This would be a good survey question. Does Governor Newsom deserve an $8809 pay raise this year? I wonder how many would say YES. My vote: HELL NO.

      1. Stay tuned…. But maybe he just can’t help himself from being a jerk. That’s probably it.

        1. Stacy and Showandtell, I think that the two of you are getting very warm; that is, very close to the answer. He is acting like he believes that, no matter what he says or does, no matter how corrupt, that he won’t be held responsible. To Thomas on another thread, I compared Newsom to the famous Mafia boss, John Gotti – the Teflon Don. Law enforcement could never make their criminal charges stick; he always got off scot-free. What finally nailed him was his own arrogance; which made him careless. Gotti started breaking the Mafia’s own rules. Normal people like us have difficulty understanding this kind of criminal mindset. I believe that Gavin Newsom was born and bred into it – it comes naturally to him. That’s just my OPINION, of course.

          1. Yes Raymond — I saw that post and the comparison fits. I follow your argument and I think you’re probably right. I certainly prefer to think that his off-the-charts arrogance will be his undoing, as you say, than that his recklessness comes from knowing the election shenanigans are all lined up for him.
            We’ll see..

          2. Raymond, you make a great point. His arrogance and teflon coating does make me suspicious when in all actuality, I just don’t have the mindset to understand his criminal nature.

          3. Stacy and Showandtell, I really don’t know if this is right or wrong. And it doesn’t matter much to me either way. What DOES matter is that problems won’t be solved unless partisan divisions can be overcome; or put aside at least temporarily: Democrat vs Republican, Conservative vs Liberal, so on and so forth…name your groups. In the past, it was easier; not so much now. Here’s something to think about:

  2. Of course Newsolini will keep the pay increase. What’s an extra 8,800 dollars compared to the millions he has wasted of our tax dollars?
    In his mind, he deserves it for the challenges he has faced.
    One wonders how his wife can justify her 250,000 dollar salary from the charity she created making female empowerment films supported by the likes of big campaign donors such as PG&E. Gavi has some catching up to do with his wife.

  3. No words.
    Newsom ruined businesses and put citizens in the poor house with his useless arbitrary policies over the last year. If he doesn’t refuse the raise, he should donate it to charity.
    This is just making it easier and easier for even democrats to decide that he needs to be put out of office.
    Vote the Recall!

  4. Take the legal settlement for his bigoted and unconstitutional attack on churches out of his paycheck, retroactively!

  5. Comrades
    To the victors go the spoils…..you know this…get over it…after the recall the Commissars and Publicans will really clean you out.
    Sorta sad.
    You see it coming and nothing can be done to stop it.

  6. Newsom: “I’m pretty, I come with powerful connections, and I’m a Democrat! I’m UNTOUCHABLE! Go ahead and play your little games you little people, nothing will ever come from them because I’m here for good and there’s not an effin’ thing you can do about it! I’m KING OF CALIFORNIA! Get used to it! YOU DON’T MATTER, I’M ALL THAT MATTERS! Here’s my two middle fingers to prove it — take a photo and put it up on your walls! I’m GAVIN NEWSOM, GAVIN NEWSOM, GAVIN NEWSOM!!! Don’t you get it yet?”

  7. Comrades
    Capitalism can be cruel….similar to politics….

    my daughter weighed 20 minute ride to Walmart! …..45 minutes in store shopping etc., 20 minutes return home trip, her work time lost, truck gas and wear and tear VS her internet order picked/packed in Walmart and she ONLY paid a six dollar delivery fee to her residence……

    how can Walmart do it for six bucks? This is obviously a loss for Walmart that will translate into higher in store cruel price increases for the rest of us unsuspecting saps…
    The heck with this, I don’t want to be in this we are altogether b.s. stuff.

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