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Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Falls Behind Paying Out Federal Unemployment Dollars

The additional $600 of weekly CARES Act funding could take weeks to add to EDD unemployment checks

By Evan Symon, April 9, 2020 2:28 am

California has fallen behind on adding the $600 of additional federal funds to each person on unemployment payments.

At a Tuesday news conference, Governor Gavin Newsom confirmed that the federal funds provided by the CARES Act to add additional relief for those affected fiscally by the economic fallout of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic would not be added to unemployment checks in the upcoming weeks. He cited the more than 2.3 million Californians who have filed for unemployment with the Employment Development Department (EDD) in the last few weeks, and the massive number of new claims tying up the system a the prime contributing factor, with other factors such as lingering details on how to apply the money also contributing to California’s lag.

The EDD has been pushed to their limits since mid-March due to the more than two million people filing for unemployment in the last few weeks alone. As the California Globe previously reported, the EDD has been stretched so thin that they have brought on recently retired EDD workers and other government workers to handle the explosion of claims.

“It’s exactly why,” said Mary, an EDD worker who wished to remain anonymous. “No one knows what to do about that. You’d think it would be as easy as putting on $600 on top of what benefits they get each week, but it isn’t. There’s a lot of factors here the public just isn’t seeing. I know that an accurate count is very much needed so we know what to ask for for, but it’s more than that.”

“And we’re just not processing fast enough. It’s been pushing a lot of us. I was chatting with another worker the other day who would hang up immediately after getting all needed info because they didn’t want to hear any follow-up questions. Someone else I know practically screamed ‘file online’ at somebody in a moment of stress. Now with this $600, we’re just going to get a ton of calls about that coming up, and we aren’t looking forward to that.”

California Secretary of Labor Julie Su. (labor.ca.gov)

California had previously been on track to begin the CARES payments this week. As late as last week, California Secretary of Labor Julie Su had confirmed that payments would begin the week of the 5th. “We are gearing up to get those payments out,” Secretary Su said during a press conference.

However, as EDD’s situation became more and more stressful, the date was moved back. Currently it’s not known when those payments will go out, with only hints that it may come sometime around late April. As unemployed workers may make as much as $1,050 a week through state and federal CARES payments, scrutiny will be higher than normal. Unemployment watchdog groups, now with more time than usual, will also be more alert, potentially putting even more pressure on the EDD.

“The old three-week framework” noted Governor Newsom, explaining what the EDD’s goal was for payments. “We all have to do more and to do better.”

New nationwide unemployment figures are due tomorrow, where it is expected to have another rise of around 5 million new unemployment claims, many of those being from California.

Update: The EDD will add the $600 starting on April 12th as the process and fast-tracked much sooner than expected.

Evan Symon
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117 thoughts on “California Falls Behind Paying Out Federal Unemployment Dollars

  1. So basically California just wont end up paying it out. They will find every way possible to tie up and keep the money. People need it desperately and California has nothing but excuses. Lol.

      1. I have had no issues receiving my unemployment and $600 from Cares Act. The problem is I never received a card, so there is no way to access the money. I went to B of A and they said sorry Charlie we can’t do anything. Crazy I have an account with B of A, so you’d think that they would transfer the money from EDD to my account. After all B of A is holding all the EDD funds issued in their banks. How am I supposed to pay my bills.

        1. I’m currently having the same issue. I contacted Bank of America and they said they just facilitate the services. My benefits show available just in “limbo” until i can activate my card. This whole thing will be almost 2 1/2 months since the day i applied. Seems like the money is being stalled for other purposes…ugh…

        2. contact the card number and they will western union it. tell them its emergency funds. I have been doing it that way.

        3. Contact B of A card agent and request money in your acct be sent via Western Union. If amount requested is over $500 I recommend having it sent to your local Walmart they have “cash” on hand vs other locations may not…

        4. Hi Annie. B of A edd debit card phone number is 1-866-692-9374 B of A branches dont seem to have any idea what the phone number is, but I found this on google and it is the correct number. they will mail you a card quickly.


        1. What the hell? The check are distributed by the state. Trump wanted to send out extra $600 but nooooooooo the fucking governor wants to control it. So stfu about Trump. I’m sick and damn tired of the nonstop bashing.

          1. You are right! I saw that too when he announced states want to distribute the $600 and I said, “Well we’re all screwed. now!”

        2. President Trump has nothing to do with us not receiving the benefits on time. Why do ignorant people have to blame him for everything? He wants to help us! He actually cares about us. He is not part of the Cabal like Obama and the Clintons, So sick of negative comments about him.

          1. The reason people blame President Trump for everything has many causes. The most important is our leftist education system that grooms our children to be useful idiots of the Democratic party. Conservatives and true liberals (not leftists) have put up with this for decades because they don’t fight. The second most important problem is the leftist mainstream media and tech companies controlling the social media. I listen to their narrative because it’s everywhere, and I am convinced they will lie about anything to forward their agenda. The leftist will run and hide from any argument that challenges them. The have been taught to block, censor , protest, destroy, anyone or any organization that differs with them. This necessary to protect the useful idiots from realizing they have been lied to about everything.

          2. This is the funniest comment of all: “He actually cares about us”…HILARIOUS!!! He cares more about stupid old ass statues than people!!! STFU

        1. impoverished red state, get a first grip, California is the most impoverished state. Highest homelessness, highest cost of living, lowest wages in proportion to cost of living, lowest in education and graduation rates, I could go on and on. Much better standard of living in your so called impoverished red states.

    1. I applied Unemplyment last Mar.29,2020 and got my UI benefit payment Apri.12 amounting $810.00 I did not get the additional $600/week. And that is the first and last UI payment I get. Now it is May20,2020 WHERE IS MY UI benefit and the additional $600 Cares act EDD? Please if anybody could help me, been calling EDD everyday a hundres times eversince but got no luck to reach and talk to a live person. I’ve been certifying my claims every 2weeks online… but until now I don’t get any? Please i am so desperate enough, i have 3kids to feed and rent and bills to pay. Anybody here could help me out? Been emailing the news station for help even the office of the governor buy got no answer. Will I ever be back payed with all the weeks I am unemployed together with the additional $600cares act /week? Thank you to whoever could enlighten me.

      1. I have been retro payed all the money owed including the 600$ per week all the way back to March. I received my card and payments on time each time . Don’t know what the fuss is about with everyone or what your doing wrong .

        1. I got my first 2 weeks and that was may 9th, ever since then NO EDD PAYMENTS! they say paid but not issued!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. I applied March 29th and went back to work May 9th and still have not been paid anything from EDD . Have certified for 6 weeks and can’t get a hold of anyone there they don’t answer e-mail messages through their website , is anyone else not been paid at all like me?

    2. F*ck these c******rs, I hope Newsom and all those pieces of shits get sick and die, f*cking 3 months and still no benefits

  2. Gee, do they think that maybe AB5 has something to do with the huge number of unemployment claims? If it was simply repealed, many hundreds of thousands of Californians could legally work again. Not only that, but CA isn’t giving UI to self-employed people, even though the FEDERAL CARES act does stipulate that we are eligible for benefits. Fuck Newsom and Lorena Gonzalez, they’re both Union shills who want to obliterate small businesses in CA.

    1. Everything you said is accurate. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Covetous and affluent politicians like Newsom and Lorena Gonzalez are trying to destroy hardworking contractors. Also, these politicians only want to get their hands on more tax money and more bribes from special interest groups.

    2. I’m absolutely 100% in agreement with your comment. As an IC what that Gonzalez and Newsom had done i9s despicable!


      1. You can go on IRS site and hit “Where’s my stimulus money” and it will update you. I got mine direct deposited on April 15th, but my daughter still has not because she transposed one digit in her bank account number. They had to issue her a paper check, which shows was mailed out May 15th and should arrive today. My other daughter and her husband just received their stimulus funds last week. Daughter and I live in SoCal and other daughter in Santa Rosa. Hope that helps.

        Now my employment is another story. I received one payment in April, but other 5 weeks continue to show as “pending.”

    4. You can go on IRS site and hit “Where’s my stimulus money” and it will update you. I got mine direct deposited on April 15th, but my daughter still has not because she transposed one digit in her bank account number. They had to issue her a paper check, which shows was mailed out May 15th and should arrive today. My other daughter and her husband just received their stimulus funds last week. Hope that helps.

      Now my employment is another story. I received one payment in April, but other 5 weeks continue to show as “pending.”

  3. I applied for ui on 3/16/20 and received a letter stating that my claim I will receive is 0. It is going by my previous employer, last year I was self employed, and have dissolved my business since then. I have only been working at my current job for 2.5 months when this the pandemic hit. So since I am not getting unemployment will I still get the $600 relief?

    1. No. If you are not eligible for unemployment you don’t it. But you could be eligible for PUA — but you will have to prove your self employed status. A lot of freelancers work under the table. They knew that when they took the unemployment numbers to Washington.

    2. I’m in the exact same position. I’ve sent a letter a day by mail and 2 emails a day to EDD . They will not respond. They clearly do not have the means to respond to the PUA victims. There is no application. The federal government needs to be the one to disperse just like Canada did… they just sent out to all who applied and they will ask questions later and if you don’t actually qualify then they will attach to your taxes or some other way to recoup. It’s the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT policy and they need to execute their program and they knew this shit. I don’t believe we will ever get it unfortunately.

  4. California seems to state on their EDD website that they intend to bypass the federal Cares guideline on Section 2107. This says that all who exhausted their benefits from 7/2019 onward would be eligible for a 13 week extension. Edd says only those who exhaust benefits during the period of March 2020 until the end of 2020. This means that those whose claims have not expired but benefits have will have to apply for PUA who initial qualifiers ace a lot of folks out. Which means that the unemployment numbers that went to Washington were inflated.

  5. Keep spending big dollars on a train to nowhere or on suing the federal government or paying for health care to illegal aliens or a commission to “solve” the homeless problem or any number of wasteful pet projects. The people in this state had better wake up and start voting into office people who have the citizens of this state as their main priority and the improvement of the systems that are used to service us “the people.”


      1. Daniel are you waiting for your EDD payment to fix your broken caps lock key? It must be exhausting shouting all the time

  6. Man. Fuck this.. I was looking forward to getting $1000 a week after reading California was supplementing CARES this upcoming Sunday 4/12

  7. I applied for CA unemployment benefits on 3/16/20 and have not received any follow up from EDD at all. No letter, no email, no phone call. I have been trying to call but their system just hangs up without giving option to speak with a representative due to high call volumes. I don’t know what to do as I am in need of money ASAP. Is anyone else having this problem? Please help!

    1. Yes, exact situation here with no foreseeable solution. I filed a claim over a month ago and have recieved no imformation since. Desperately trying to find a way out of this limbo.

    2. Yes I applied March 15 still waiting I got in-touch
      With some one they said this week I should get something 😡🤬

  8. California has (as usual) over promised and under delivered. The politicians will say anything to get elected but dont care about people suffering.It is impossible to get through to EDD and they know that. Help is not on the way*!


  9. Typical, the California government is really good at taking money from its hard working middle class. When it comes to helping the people that they keep nickle and diming to death they drag their heals in every way they can. Robbing us in another way in this desperate time. Us newly unemployed, because of the shut down order, need this money to feed our kids and pay our bills. It would be nice for once to see the California government get their shit together and remember they are suppose to support their people and not screw them!!!!
    Get us our unemployment checks NOW!!!!!

  10. Newsom loves to take credit for things that go right but does not take credit for when things go wrong. Today he’s announcing that the federal funds of 600 dollars will begin starting the second week in April, like he’s doing everyone a favor. That money was supposed to go back to when people started getting laid off, for many mid March. So where is all that extra money going that they are short changing everyone? Newsom scam.

  11. Im confused. Is this article based on old info? as of 4/9/20 the EDD website says the following: “Starting Sunday, for the week ending April 11, 2020, the EDD will begin paying an additional $600 on top of your current weekly benefit amount with the extra money coming from the federal government as part of the federal CARES Act. Here’s what you need to know:

    Claimants do not need to do anything to receive this extra funding. The EDD will automatically add the full $600 to each week of current benefits that are paid every two weeks, as long you are eligible for at least $1 in a regular payment each week.
    For someone receiving the most recent average Unemployment Insurance payment of $340 a week, a usual biweekly payment would equal $680. With the extra payment, that biweekly payment would increase to $1,880.
    The first week the additional payments can be made is for the week ending April 4, not before. Separate retroactive payments will be automatically issued soon to those who had an active claim that week, and the $600 extra payments can continue to those who remain impacted and otherwise eligible for benefits through the week ending July 31, 2020.”

  12. this is ridiculous. it feels like they are using this to further their agenda of erasing independent contractors like they have been doing since the ridiculous passage of AB5. i get it. uber and lyft should pay more benefits and even classify their workers as employees but they have turned this whole thing into a witch hunt and now people who are truly independent contractors are being punished during a pandemic. and if you follow their instructions then they come after your clients trying to reclassify you even if you really are an independent contractor. perhaps they should take a look at new york city who has their system up and running. there is not even a mention of coronavirus on the edd landing page. they brag by saying that they have a team working around the clock for over 2 weeks to design a new form??? i read an interview with newsom where he said he was not even aware that the offices were only available form 8 am to noon every day.

  13. i called the EDD 8 working days in a row for the 4 hours a day they work. i too was given only recordings that hang up on you. never reched a human. it was at least 30 hours of trying to call. if you are a self employed person which is supposed to be for the first time eligible for benefits there is no way to fill out the form if you do not have a W2. so i called newsoms office (916) 445-2841. the people there are super rude and unhelpful and told me that i would receive a call back from the edd within 5 days from a blocked number. no one ever called me. i then called kamala harris office (310) 231 – 4494.
    her equally rude staff told me that she was a us senator and not a state senator and that they suggested i call a state senators office. i then called benjamin allens office (916) 651-4026. a guy there was very nice and told me he would look into it and call me back. i never heard from him again but at least he was not arrogant and snarky like newsom and harris’ offices.
    i invite everyone reading this to call all of these offices. no one i spoke to was even aware of the problem. the more noise we make the faster this will probably happen. or at the very least we know who not to elect again.

      1. Louis – What do you mean “claim came 2 times” ? Like the certification email stating that you have weeks to certify? Does the certification state “pending” on the edd website?

  14. Producers have nil use of EDD unless they are employers who get ripped for outrageous employment fees…If a first experience of terrifying true need….result ……….”Let them eat cake”.

  15. I understand that the website and the people working for EDD are over whelmed, but people are struggling and it has been weeks for many with little pay or no pay. It is after 4/12 and there is nothing showing online the extra 600 added nor back pay.
    Saying they are trying to work it in the system is a bunch of s**t! The money was given to Americans and so it should be added now. Not weeks later. By the time its received, we will be starving, homeless and our children will have no diapers. How much can we all take before we loose hope and not completely stressed out? The possibility of people’s homes getting broken into for the need of food or even shelter? All because they couldn’t afford the rent and all the bills that come every month. This is not okay to put everyone on hold.

    1. Be prepared for all hell to break loose and slaughter of blood of most citizens Will be seen flowing in the streets of the USSA. The REAL riots will start and the real cause will be made known throughout the whole world. They don’t care about us and only themselves. This is all sickly planned. Hold on and arm yourselves and do not hesitate to shoot because we ain’t seen nothing yet! It’s going to be a kill or be killed situation…

  16. Is there any explanation why I didn’t get the extra $600 for my first week? But I got it for my 2nd and 3rd week.

    1. I believe they started sending the additional 600 for starting week of April 4th on forwarding.. Anything before that process wouldn’t be accounted for.

  17. Does anyone know if we will be getting that 13 week extension, It shows I recieved my last payment on feb.2.2020 will I be eligible for that extension, I was working after feb.2nd but once this all started the job got put on hold and it’s getting harder to get through each day

  18. where is the fact check?

    here is a link to the official announcement by governor newsome: https://www.gov.ca.gov/2020/04/09/governor-newsom-announces-additional-unemployment-benefits-for-workers-impacted-by-covid-19-as-unemployment-claims-reach-record-levels/

    and i quote: “Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that starting this Sunday, California workers who are receiving unemployment benefits will begin receiving an extra $600 on top of their weekly amount, as part of the new Pandemic Additional Compensation (PAC) initiated by the CARES Act. ”
    “For more information on how to apply for unemployment insurance benefits and what claimants need to know about these new $600 additional payments, visit the EDD website.”

    and here is the info from the edd website: “We have reviewed the federal CARES Act and are pleased to report that on Sunday, for the week ending April 11, the EDD will begin issuing the new $600 additional unemployment benefit payments funded by the federal government.”

    i rate this article: “pants on fire”

  19. Please help, I originally filed about a month ago I’m self employed now unemployed they did not list or make it clear to put yourself when filing a claim with unemployment so it never asked me for amount of $, now I have a certified $0.00 claim a week and literally no way to fix it. I can’t fix it online anywhere? All I can find is if there is an error contact us right away. The phone number just hangs up on you right away it’s not even clear on how to cancel the claim just says contact us right away. Now when the new system rolls out on the 28th for self employed I will not be able to enroll because of this active glitch of stuck at 0.00 dollars a week Benifits and if somehow I can I will not be able to use the same dates and months out of work because it was already listed on the $0.00 claim. I have a daughter and now we’re stuck in limbo with no way to fix this. Does anyone have a solution of what to do ? Please help

    1. Print out a new form and FAX it! I did and it went much more quickly than online, and you can write in things you need to say…Take care!

  20. In March 2020, just before the lock down, I was approved for unemployment benefits. I received a letter stating the 1/4 that I worked and would be drawing down against. I had 1 week waiting period that ended on 3/14/2020. I was paid for one week so far but I have 3 weeks certified and showing as “pending”. I have no idea why and I can’t seem to get an answer why I am not receiving my weekly benefit as approved. If it has the added $600 I will be thrilled but I am grateful for the weekly benefit. But it sucks that I can’t seem to get a reason why 3 weeks are showing “pending”. Is this happening to anyone else? BTW – I don’t blame the Governor or EDD – I blame the virus. Keep in mind if your work load increased 60 times+ over night – would you be able to handle the it?

    1. I have the exact same issue! I received my first PARTIAL payment (because I was sick one week), but I now have 3 weeks showing PENDING. I certified last week and still waiting for a payment. When I certified previously, the payment was on the EDD card within two days. I am desperate! Got kids to feed and bills to pay! I have called and called and called for all four hours the customer service department claims to be open and NOTHING! I have emailed and no response. Now the site isn’t even working!!!

      1. Wow exactly my issue. This is bullshit right. How would they like it if Calif just stopped paying then and no reason why. I understand the case load is overwhelming but thats their job and somewhere along the line they are not doing it

      2. Did you ever get your payments?? I’m in the same boat. Received first payment and now have four weeks pending. I suppose my identity verification letter is still sitting in a pile somewhere in Sacramento unopened. Lame

      3. Hi Chris, this is my same problem. I applied in March 23. Got my retro and first payment on 5/29. I certified for the past two weeks on 6/6 and it’s been reading ‘pending’. Did they ever end up paying you?

    2. Wendi- Has there been any update? Have you been paid benefits yet? I filed on april 7th and received an email stating i had weeks to certify on the 19th. My certification has showed “pending” since the 19th.

    3. I’ve applied on February and was approved. I’ve been getting paid with no issues until my last certification. I submitted my weekly certification on the 3rd and since then it’s marked pending.

  21. I filed on 3/18/20 and found out that I was receiving the $450 /week max but I havent received any benefits payment yet.

      1. We all did what we were supposed to do that not the problem it’s the system you should be pointing fingers at. You obviously are not in the same boat as us. I’m sure all the people having issue including myself are not getting paid because we can’t follow instructions.. don’t make matters worse by saying crap like that ,that is the last thing we need to hear that we screwed ourselves.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I’m eligible but there are no certifications appearing for me to claim. There are only 2 showing from the 1st 2 weeks that I was apparently disqualified from.

      1. I was disqualified too? But I shouldn’t at all. The forms are set up for an expired situation. When the asked if you are looking for work, the obvious answer is no, because where would that be? I have qualified, but somehow, I was disqualified for the first two weeks. They sent me a letter that arrived April 19th, and then told me I need to fax it or mail it by April 19th. I did an online fax, but they’re line was busy all day. Something very sneaky there. I faxed it exactly at 8am the next morning. They are trying to snag me on technicalities. There’s no one to talk to or even email to explain or work out anything. And the system is so slow, they would make me write an appeal, by snail mail and go through this whole process. It’s junk. Disgrace.

        1. To add…I had unemployment during the recession of 2008 along with a few of my neighbors. This was exactly as terrible as it has ever been. I know they have more people applying by a significant amount, but don’t let them fool you, there system was outdated and overwhelmed then. It has always been trash. Pathetic.

  22. Everybody think about this…yes i’m here in New Mexico but resided in Cali for 40+ yrs. I am 5 weeks into pending and eligible UI benefits. My old friend owned 2 banks in his day. Money moves 24/7 everyday around the world and the longer FUNDS are held banks earn interest. Feds send deposits to States….You get no help or answers, they push as far as they can and no LAW or investigation will ever assist the taxpayer. You will never get the truth. Wall St. comes first.

  23. I filed unemployment over a month ago. I still have yet to receive a penny. There is no way to get in contact with a live rep to assist. I’ve never been out of work or needed assistance. Now that my family and I truly need it, there is a dead end with the EDD. California is a joke, and so are the departments they create.

  24. I have applied and EDD online shows two payments of 1050 each. Which is right for the time I have been laid off. BUT, I have tried several times to contact BofA for my debit card… and I still do have it nor access to my benefits. I will keep waiting and calling.

    1. All my certifications since March 16th say pending why is this and I’ve yet to receive a debit card so when I do get paid I can access my money I’ve tried calling and emailing EDD with no luck of being able to get ahold of anyone for a response anyone know what I can do or should do

  25. I have my edd debit card went online and says that i have been paid yet no deposit has been made to the card just says you have been paid for weeks 3/8 and 3/18 but no money any ideas the bay area is expensive and rent is due on the 1st

  26. These politicians need to take a pay furlough and start sending out our money! And BofA handing the cards?? That’s just perfect. Just perfect. SMH. God help us.

  27. I filed on 3/18 for unemployment because of the virus. Waited until 3/30 for a response letter then I got approved for $450. I mailed in my certification on April 2nd. It’s been almost a month I’ve been wanting for my payment and nothing has come yet. I went online to see my status and it says I was disqualified. I did everything correct when I mailed in my certification and I’m still waiting for why I was disqualified and why I haven’t received any money yet. I’ve been trying to call for 3 straight weeks busy or truly your call later BS. Frustrated as hell at EDD.

    1. Well more I read more I understand that we all are in deep shit, I don’t wonder why they are trying to take guns away from people. A lot of people are getting desperate 😔😔😔

  28. California arranged this month to borrow $10 billion from the federal government to pay unemployment claims. Just like they did in 2008. If you are owed Covid benefits you will be paid.

  29. I don’t think we will see any movement until we increase the loud grumbling into a full blown roar. If we each sent emails to several people/places of our choice each day, someone will have to start asking questions. I don’t think they are aware outside of California that this is even at the level that it is. Contact via email your congressmen, senators, news stations, radio,…. anything that you can think of. It may sound a little stupid but today I sent long emails to my landlord, my county case worker, Governor Newsom, Salud Carbahol, President Trump, Sean Hannity, and am finishing one to even Ivanka pulling heartstrings comparing her chilldren and the children in her country, in California. I don’t know… I am just desperate and believe that this all could very well be intentional. The state is making interest on the federal money, they are denying and assessing penalties for ridiculous reasons, among all the other payment avoidance schemes they are actively involved in. How many of us are they banking on giving up, so that payments will never dispersed. It adds up fast. I would be interested to hear from anyone that joins my army of one here, and who you decided to contact and how.

  30. I don’t get it! I paid my taxes in California for more than 15 years, never ask for UI and now because the civid 19 I had to asked. And of course I haven’t gotten any money yet. Why are we paying taxes? Is EDD going to pay me with interest? What a such BS.

  31. This is bullshit alright I was getting my money and the 600 extra payment for 3 weeks now all of a sudden I can’t even get my payment at all.. won’t say why can’t get ahold of anyone I’m pissed and there is not a god dam thing I can do about it. Because I can’t get in contact with them. How would they like it is Calif just quit paying them and didn’t say why.. so just screw us people that worked our asses off and didn’t ask to put in this situation. My whole family is suffering and they don’t give 2 shits about us. I work to be able to pay for the monthly meds my child needs now what. She is supposed to suffer so that the rest of world doesn’t get sick.. think about that for a minute. They say don’t worry about bills and house payment but do they not realize when this is over that debt is still there so now I have to make all that back payments to catch up. They are not just paying it for us they are just pushing it back until we have money to pay it then I will owe triple on everything. Wtf they are flat setting us up for failure I’m going to be drowning in debt before this is over. I’m done. This is a nightmare I can’t do this crap no more. Thanks government for uprooting all our lives. All this to protect us from what. A virus that had less mortality rates than obesity and drunk drivers or cancer even how about suicide . Exactly.

  32. I filed the beginning of April, certified for my weeks as asked, waited, and wondered why the weeks were still pending even though it appeared everything looked good to go. Suddenly I receive a letter asking me for documents to prove my identity because their system didn’t match what I entered (I go by my middle name, legally, however, everything in CA goes by your DL and your birth certificate) so I sent everything off, even though they should have had it anyway given I had been on SDI and my job was dissolved while out on SDI. I had a phone interview, all good. I was paid for one week but three weeks left still pending – what? I called to try and find out why, they said because they’re still waiting on the identity documentation, which at this point they should have had three weeks ago. Set up for a call back to discuss etc. The person who calls me is totally rude, disrespectful and condescending as can be, now at this point, I’m sitting at 5 certified weeks waiting to be paid, it’s ridiculous. You should be able to upload documents within the portal, it’s 2020 for God’s sake! Unacceptable, we have paid into this, our taxes pay the salaries of those who get a paycheck to treat people so poorly. I’ll call every day, keep faxing the info, whatever until they pay me because this cannot stand, enough excuses.

  33. Yes that’s what the money was for for people who were NOT eligible for reg unemployment. You people giving out false info need to get your facts straight.. telling people shit that isn’t true. Do Your dam research before commenting and replying.

  34. The same thing happened to my Mom. We figured that the card got lost in the mail. We called B of A EDD Debit Card Customer Service phone number and requested a new card be sent in the mail. The wait time was about 30 minutes. We pressed on the option that says to report a card lost or stolen and then when the representative got on the line they asked for the SS# and address and then sent out a new card. She got it about a week later! Call: 1.866.565.5913

  35. Certified for 8 weeks; all pending. Called and used contact feature in UI online. From what I have read, only 1 in 8 claims have been paid. They site the number of applications received and “processed,” but conveniently do not provide the number of applications paid (just a dollar amount, so it looks we are getting paid). People who have applied after us have been paid; claims are not being processed in order received. If we made a mistake, let us know. It is a communication desert. EDD management should be fired.

  36. Certified for 8 weeks; all pending. Called and used contact feature in UI online. From what I have read, only 1 in 8 claims have been paid. They site the number of applications received and “processed,” but conveniently do not provide the number of applications paid (just a dollar amount, so it looks like we are getting paid). People who have applied after us have been paid; claims are not being processed in order received. If we made a mistake, let us know. It is a communication desert. EDD management should be fired.

  37. The Governor lie he made so many promises that will the hard working Americans will not be forgotten. The only thing I have received from edd is certification letter every two weeks . But no payments since April 2020 . I reach out to my state senator and more false promises.

  38. I have certified with EDD for five weeks on the 29th of May and I have not got a single payment yet. My online account does not work because I do not have the ten digit customer account from EDD. I have called for many hours and days and cannot contact anyone. This is not the same EDD that I used every time I got laid off since 1991. In those day EDD was like our family that cared for us. They use to have big offices that were open eight hours from Mon-Fri which would answer your questions and solve your problems right a way. Even they answered the phone right a way. I am dealing with my UI with EDD after thirteen years and all of a sudden I find it very different. It is so hard and impossible to contact them. If you have a problem you cannot get an answer why?

  39. I’ve been in pending hell since April. I
    . Keep certified as they request but continue to stay in pending does anybody out there have any idea how to get a hold of EDD I’ve tried all their phone numbers to no avail I’ve emailed several times I got nothing back in my inbox or through the mail truly is pending hell

  40. You need to have an EDD customer account number to manage your unemployment claim, see what the staus is or certify for benefits. Its been 3 weeks and no EDD number mailed to me. No tel number every reaches a person to ask why? Anyone been down this road?

  41. You need to have an EDD customer account number to manage your unemployment claim, see what the staus is or certify for benefits. Its been 3 weeks and no EDD number has been mailed to me. Every EDD number you call says they have a high volume of calls and cannot answer your call. Anyone been down this road?

  42. I’m self employed with some 1099s. Filed in April and got $0.00 ! Refiled May 5th. Now going on 8 weeks and not a word. No letters, no emails. Have written three times in the “contact us” box, but still nothing…….

  43. I received my first payment on May 11 for weeks ending 5/2.
    Its 6/21 now, after 3 UI Online certification, I have NOT received any payment.
    THAT IS 6 WEEKS payments missed by EDD. Does this situation rign a bell with anyone>
    Tried calling but no answer.

    1. Greetings. I am in the same position as you. I was being paid regularly by EDD then two weeks ago I was paid for only one week with the other week pending. No notice from EDD. I even have submitted my income from my part time teaching work to satisfy EDD. Now, I certified for this week and my payments are pending again. How could the system go down like this after they were doing so well?

  44. EDD is a criminal fraud run by the State of California. I know many, many people that applied for unemployment benefits 3 months ago, are stuck in “pending,” and have received nothing. Politicians, judges, prosecutors, and state employees should have their paychecks put on “pending” until everyone that has filed a valid claim for benefits with EDD gets paid. California prioritized funding a failed “high speed train” project rather than updating 30 year old EDD computer systems.

    1. They should be ashamed of themselves. The media should be contacted on a daily basis to expose our governor and state representatives! We can’t get our economy back up until they pay us for our loss wages, duh!

  45. I filed back on May 8, 2020 with EDD. The temp agency I was working for said they filed my COVID paperwork folder with EDD, and I have certified al the weeks I have been out of work, and have an active B of A EDD card, but still no deposits??
    How can someone survive like this playing the waiting gamr? I even emailed the governors website asking for help?

  46. I filed at the end of March, before Covid-19 filing was available. My claim was rejected. I could not file again when the new filing for Covid-19 opened so I made hundreds and hundreds of calls for a solid week and finally got a “temporary” worker on the phone who said she couldn’t do anything, but she would have someone call me. 3 days later someone called and filed for “pandemic” unemployment for me. It took another month and I got paid (2) times and now it has been frozen. I have sent emails and called hundreds of times and cannot get through. No one will email me back. I have now not been paid for 5 weeks and I just got an eviction notice. I cannot pay my bills nor my rent. I lost my job and my husband did as well. He also lost our small business and had to hire a lawyer to stop the eviction. It is devastating. California is the ONLY state in this much of a mess and they truly don’t care.

  47. I was being paid regularly and on time by EDD up to June 16 where only one week was paid and the other week was pending. I reported my part time earnings, about $150 a week, and now, for the third week in a row, my payments are pending. All this without and explanation from EDD. I am beginning to worry that EDD suspects from on my account.

  48. everyone should email or text CNN, MSNBC or FOX NEWS, and let them know what were going through here in California, tell them your story that people are on the verge of being evicted, cant pay your bills or buy food. If enough of us take this action it will come out and our reps. will have to take action ,or explain what’s going on

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