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Gov. Newsom Breaks State COVID-19 Guidelines For a Birthday Party in Napa County

Many chastise Governor for breaking state guidelines and months of touting them for all Californians

By Evan Symon, November 13, 2020 6:52 pm

On Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Governor Gavin Newsom violated state health guidelines and attended a birthday party with over a dozen people of differing households at the famed French Laundry restaurant in Napa County.

The party was held for longtime Newsom political advisor and Axiom Advisors lobbyist Jason Kinney at the famed Michelin-starred restaurant in Yountville. Held on the night of November 6th, many other notable Californians, including Newsom’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom, were also in attendance.

French Laundry restaurant, Napa. (Photo: Wikipedia)

New guidelines by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released in October did allow for small gatherings to be allowed, but also said to include no more than three households due to the higher risk presented to spreading COVID-19. According to those at the party, there was more than the state maximum attending last week.

After the story broke early Friday, representatives for Newsom and Kinney immediately attempted to downplay the violations, noting that the party was outside with proper COVID-19 precautions being taken such face masks on all guests.

“This was a small, intimate, 12-person dinner held outdoors with family and a few close friends to celebrate a 50th birthday,” said Kinney representative Molly Weedn on Friday to the press, noting that all health and safety protocols were also being followed.

However, many, both Republicans and Democrats alike, soon criticized the Governor for failing to follow guidelines he himself has touted for a month and for not leading by example during a crisis.

Some, such as RNC Committeewoman and Attorney Harmeet Dhillon directly contradicted Newsom’s actions last week with an earlier announcement on severely restricting Thanksgiving celebrations in California.

“Oh…but no Thanksgiving for you,” tweeted Dhillon.

Continued backlash against Newsom

The continued backlash led to Newsom releasing a statement.

“While our family followed the restaurant’s health protocols and took safety precautions, we should have modeled better behavior and not joined the dinner,” said Governor Newsom in a statement.

As of Friday evening, many are still continuing to question the Governor over his decision to attend.

“It was only a few weeks ago that Newsom was chastising people for taking their masks off, getting a lot of people together, and generally ignoring protocols,” said Rhea Powers, a Los Angeles-based publicist who specializes in lawmakers, to the Globe. “Now he’s breaking it himself.

“It’s not the worst way possible. By all accounts, the party was social distanced and was following every other state protocol there. If it had been some other politician, they probably would have been ok.

“But this is the Governor, who has led by example. Even worse, he just gave speeches against this very thing. So it hurts him, makes him look like a hypocrite. And, by doing this at the French Laundry of all places, which is one of the top restaurants in the world and costs hundreds for even a basic meal there, it makes him look out of touch and as someone elite who doesn’t have to play by the rules.”

“President Trump got a lot of guff earlier this year for not wearing a mask in many situations, and Democrats had a field day with that. But for a Governor who has made these guidelines a bedrock of his Governorship, and now breaks them in the most ostentatious way possible? It really hurts him. And it can be even worse down the line in 2022 when his actions during COVID-19 are brought up.”

Many political experts have since added the Newsom will likely make a more formal apology for the incident sometime this weekend.”

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Evan Symon
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15 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Breaks State COVID-19 Guidelines For a Birthday Party in Napa County

  1. Comrades
    Napa inspired Borscht with a dollop of organic sour cream and crunchy buttered brown bread anyone??????

    For you chumps……this is ordinary Russian peasant soup….
    …. .Caio-

  2. Newson you are a tyrant and have no sympathy or empathy for the common person. You are classically overindulged in all aspects of you life. Your political survival is supported by corruption and the stupidity of the sheeple that follow voting orders.

  3. Yes, we must obey the science.
    Silly Peasants, masks are for kids!
    So inquiring minds want to know, did he and his merry revelers, bite, mask, bite or mask,bite,mask?
    Also was any sipping involved? That would really throw the science off because then you have to sip,mask,sip or mask, sip, mask.

    Fun Times, California, Fun Times🤪

  4. Screw the apologies, let’s RECALL this jackwagon and then he can eat all the frou-frou French sewage-ingestion all he and “Jennifer Siebel Newsom” want AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN!!!

    http://www.recallgavin2020.com to print out your own recall, or locate your local recall signature gathering locations….

  5. Typical democrat. Rules are only for those who can’t defend themselves against this kind of hypocrisy.
    Democrats love this kind of behavior. For them, it is a feature, not a bug.

  6. “So it hurts him, makes him look like a hypocrite.” On the contrary, it the very definition of the word.

  7. Comrades

    It hurts to be ruled……just gotta get comfortable with it.

    Maybe that Fox News “Super Beets” will soothe-

  8. The King is not subject to the rules you peons must observe. Is there anyone in this state that does not understand that the ruling class is special and you are not?

  9. I don’t think anyone really cares or wants an insincere, unapologetic apology from Newsom. We know he is a puppet being told he can do whatever he wants as long as he keeps our mouths covered, our heads bowed, our livelihoods in shambles, our families in crisis and our minds filled with lies and fear. Well, the initial effect is wearing off and people are ready to storm his castle and put him, Aunt Pelosi and C.A.I.R. in the moat. I think what the Islamic terrorist group has forgotten in its assault on our freedoms is that we are Americans. That, by definition, means that we are arrogant, privileged, egoistic, gun-owning FREE PEOPLE. People who are used to getting what we want. People who can say, with confidence, “I have rights!” People who have what most of the world wants. To imagine that we will stand for this shows you just how detached they are from us. They don’t even know who we are. I think they are going to get a speed course in American Justice pretty darn soon.

  10. If you still live in the failed state of California than expect to get more of this hypocrisy down the road. After 26 years there I left when the clueless voters re-elected Moonbeam Brown years after he screwed up the state in the 70’s. It’s time the state becomes its own country so it doesn’t ruin the one it’s in.

    1. CW: I’ve figured out you’re correct 99% of the time (maybe more) so why not this time too?
      Oh please please please make it so…..

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