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Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Governor Newsom’s Sleight of Hand in the Age of COVID

Are positive tests ‘three-card Monte?’

By Katy Grimes, November 11, 2020 2:30 am

Gov. Gavin Newsom issued his big, overarching statewide coronavirus lockdown order March 19, 2020 – eight months ago, ordering all Californians to say at home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus so hospitals would not be overwhelmed. “Non-essential” businesses were ordered closed.

Not long after it was schools, colleges and universities that were ordered closed.

Have Californians been subjected to a “long con” by Gov. Gavin Newsom, perhaps in coordination with Democrats in Washington D.C.?

Since the early lockdowns, California businesses have been whipsawed between opening, closing, partially opening, limited to 25% occupancy, performing services outside, mask mandates, and other arbitrary restrictions.

California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. (Photo: https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/)

Tuesday, just in time for chilly fall weather, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly ordered restaurants in 11 California counties to move dining outdoors again. He is basing his decision on an increase in “positive cases.” The governor has dramatically ramped up testing throughout the state, so naturally, “positive cases” will also be increasing. But there is a difference between positive cases and people sick with COVID-19.

“Today Gov. Newsom forced more businesses to close and stopped schools from opening, even though yesterday he didn’t say either was responsible for new cases,” Assemblyman Kevin Kiley commented. “This erratic leadership is why California is struggling as much as any state.”

“But what about the most damaging order, the arbitrary and unscientific lockdown scheme, which Newsom is using again today to impose restrictions on several counties? The good news is it’s newly vulnerable.”

Remember, Assemblymen Kiley and James Gallagher sued to stop California Governor Gavin Newsom’s “one man rule,” as California Globe has reported over several months. They were in Sutter County Superior Court October 21st, arguing that Gov. Gavin Newsom has exceeded his emergency powers in issuing Executive Orders having nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

State Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman ruled in favor of Gallagher (R-Yuba City) and Kiley (R-Rocklin) in their abuse of power lawsuit against Governor Newsom, and declared the Governor’s recent Executive Order N-67-20 unconstitutional. More importantly, Judge Heckman’s ruling places a permanent injunction against the Governor which prevents him from unilaterally making or changing state law moving forward.

Is that why Gov. Newsom doubled down Tuesday on the state’s businesses, restaurants, schools and residents, ordering 11 counties back down a notch or two in lockdown restrictions?

The state explains what the color-coated tiers mean by industry on this page. You can look up a specific county here.

On Tuesday, California Globe reported the following county changes were made, sending these counties back to the woodshed:

Yellow (Minimal) to Orange (Moderate)

  • Modoc County
  • Siskiyou County
  • Trinity County

Orange (Moderate) to Red (Substantial)

  • Amador County
  • Contra Costa County
  • El Dorado County
  • Placer County
  • Santa Cruz County

Red (Substantial) to Purple (Widespread)

  • Sacramento County
  • San Diego County
  • Stanislaus County

In my county, Sacramento County, the state says this: “Many non-essential indoor business operations are closed.”

Unsure? Here it is:

COVID closures, ca.gov. (Photo: https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/#county-status)

It’s all about the “cases.” But as we explain ad nauseum, “cases” do not mean sick people in hospital beds. “Cases” to Gov. Newsom and Dr. Ghaly are those who test positive for coronavirus, most of who are asymptomatic. And rather than allow people to go about their business, and school, and achieve herd immunity as we do every year with the seasonal flu, Democrat governors have locked down and quarantined healthy people, in lieu of focusing all available resources on those most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Here are current COVID-19 statistics for California:

  • 19,918,479 tests given to California residents for COVID-19
  • 971,851 “cases” = people who tested positive for COVID-19
  • 18,946,628 Californians tested negative for COVID-19 (California COVID dashboard does not include this number)
  • 17,977 deaths in California attributed to COVID-19

California is a state of 40 million residents. What about the other 39,982,023 residents who are restricted in one way or another because of Gov. Newsom’s lockdown, mandatory mask wearing order, or the businesses with limited re-openings and restrictions?

California Globe spoke with a restaurant owner Tuesday after news of the governor’s latest restrictions were issued. The restaurant owner said he can’t survive this latest shutdown, and is already barely holding on at 25% capacity allowed inside his restaurant. He added that during Newsom’s business restrictions orders and 25% capacity limits, even as he was stretched financially, his suppliers prices increased dramatically. One example he provided was a case of latex gloves was $40.00 before the state lockdown. Today a case of latex gloves is $130.00, and restaurants go through these daily.

His comment about the increase in latex glove cost is particularly interesting given Gov. Newsom’s Executive Order #19 – N-44-20 “Prohibition of Price Increases of More than 10% on Consumer Goods, Food and Medical Items, dated April 3, 2020.

The restaurant owner said his friend nearby who also owns a restaurant, just called it quits, ahead of the governor’s latest lockdown restrictions on business.

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21 thoughts on “Governor Newsom’s Sleight of Hand in the Age of COVID

    1. What can we do to stop it? It seems as though, even though the lawsuit against him was won, he’s still acting as a one man show and nobody is standing against him. I’d literally like to know what we can do to stop this immediately. I haven’t heard anyone provide any solutions.

      1. That’s because it only had to do with voting . He still has power to do what he wants with the pandemic. You all don’t understand. Kiley is a moron . Our hospitals are filling up
        From all the cases. He is doing the right thing

    2. Time to get this Nazi out of office. Can we get someone with a brain in there and someone who is NONPARTISAN?????

  1. This entire scam is so analogous to the Dems’ election-cheating enterprise it’s not even funny. YES, as has been repetitively explained here by Katy Grimes, “positive cases” don’t matter. Not with a 99.9% recovery rate they don’t. What matters is the (declining) rate of serious illness and death, which means that at this point on the bell curve we should be using what we have learned to protect the vulnerable and free the healthy and get back to normal life, damn it.

    Unfortunately we can’t even trust the “positive case” numbers anyway, for all the reasons that have been repetitively stated here earlier. But let’s say we PRETEND to trust the numbers, and make believe they mean something that prevents us from getting back to business and normality, it still doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. That’s because the whole house of cards set up by Gov Gavin et al, of “positive cases” and color-coded tiers and the rest of this con job was designed in the first place so that conditions for re-opening COULD NEVER BE MET. More mass testing means more “cases.” Thus counties will always uncannily go back to the purple tier, the con artists point to their phony chart, and the whole state is shut down again.

    The scam is extremely transparent in its way, in that it has the Dem Dictators’ M.O. and fingerprints all over it; i.e., the cherry-picking of “facts,” the fake science, the fear factor, the important parts of the story shamelessly ignored, etc., and thus this method and all of its eight-month fallout of devastation strikes me as purposeful torture that these sadists enjoy. That is, they know we know they are full of it, but because enough people are in a fear trance from the scary propaganda and are buying into it, the rest of us are between a rock and a hard place. We can’t proceed until the gullible get the go-ahead and the all-clear from the “leaders.” We’re no longer in a box because of the politicians but because of our fellow citizens. Seems to me that’s always how this stuff works for those who want to rule us.

    Where is the supreme court? RECALL GAVIN NOW!!

    over 99% survival rate for this virus and more people are now dying and going broke for this communist “fix”


  3. Bravo, @ShowandTell, thank you for so eloquently stating what is really going on here.

    Fear is the true motivator for a majority of citizens to keep going along with this bizarre, manipulated use of data and science. Do not let fear be your guide.

    The fall out is the manufactured division over the use of masks , social distancing, and only outdoor dining in 40* weather in some parts of California as we enter the winter.

    Keeping us divided will prevent us from banning together and getting at the truth of the matter. This is how revolutions begin!

    As stated by Katy many times and stated by the CDC, Covid19 has a 99.9 % survival rate for healthy adults.

      1. Much thanks, ShowandTell.
        I so appreciate all the thoughtful commenters especially in these
        Interesting times.

  4. Here’s all you need to know from this important article :

    “cases” do not mean sick people in hospital beds. “Cases” to Gov. Newsom and Dr. Ghaly are those who test positive for coronavirus, most of who are asymptomatic. And rather than allow people to go about their business, and school, and achieve herd immunity as we do every year with the seasonal flu, Democrat governors have locked down and quarantined healthy people, in lieu of focusing all available resources on those most vulnerable to the coronavirus.”

    We are allowing our livelihoods to be RUINED by Democrat Governors and a fear-peddling media!!!

    This is all a political hit job on Trump by the Dems and their ChiCom funders…


      1. No the hospitals are not filling up with COVID patients. California has 74,180 hospital beds spread out among more than 440 hospitals. The CDPH says there are currently 4,000 Californians with COVID in the hospital.

  5. Here’s more proof that Democrat Governors are in collusion for a political coup :

    Governor Polis in Colorado is destroying email evidence related to Covid reporting :


    Katy, you should collaborate with the publishers of ColoradoPeakPolitics and blow the lid off this scamdemic and political fraud & electioneering…

    The Epoch Times is also documenting the coordination of Covid with the Chinese Communist Party & the Democrats…

    As more time passes, it’s becoming more obvious…

  6. My God! The thought that this Gov. Is shielding California’s from the truth, is nothing less than Benedict Arnold’s treacherous act!

  7. Fear peddling and lies are the biggest “symptoms” of this scam, and as long as people continue to fall for it, we will continue to be held hostage by the power-hungry Democrats.

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