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Re-Open California StateCapitol protest. (Photo: Doug Tatara)

20 Months After State Closure to ‘Flatten the Curve’ California State Workers Still Working from Home

Monday’s protest at the State Capitol and school walkout by parents, students and teachers throughout cities across the state, opposes school vaccine and mask mandates

By Katy Grimes, October 18, 2021 2:30 am

Why are California’s state employees still working from home 20 months after Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order March 3, 2020 locking down the state to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infection spread?

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According to state records, “Fewer than two-thirds of state workers — about 62% — were vaccinated as of Oct. 7,” MSN reported. “That compares to a rate of about 72% among all Californians, according to state data.”

MSN reported that the employee data is incomplete, accounting for about 213,000 of the state’s 238,000 employees. “But the relatively low rate identified so far suggests many workers weren’t moved by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s July orders to workers to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing.”

“Several large state departments had planned to start requiring all employees to begin reappearing in offices at least one or two days a week as soon as Sept. 1, but many of those plans have been delayed.”

Why, if over 60% of state workers are vaccinated, aren’t they back at work? Other states lifted the emergency order and have been back at work for months.

A majority of the state’s governors have lifted their emergency orders or allowed them to expire. Even by April, 25 Republican-controlled states opted to end the $300 weekly expanded unemployment benefits prior to the federal cutoff date; SNAP emergency allotments could follow a similar trajectory as unemployment levels fall and vaccinations rise, the Counter reported.

Map of COVID-19 emergency orders by state. (Photo: Ballotpedia.org)

Yet, teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, military troops, and airline pilots are getting fired for refusing to capitulate to COVID vaccine mandates.

The CDC admitted in September to the high number of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated population, even deaths, Newsweek reported, along with data collected by The New York Times. The CDC issued an advisory over Labor Day weekend that those vaccinated should not travel and use all precautions as they can contract, and if symptomatic can transmit the variances to others. Dr. Peter McCullough and former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Michael Yeadon have challenged the CDC and WHO vaccine orders, and repeatedly asked, ” why are we not treating newly diagnosed COVID patients before they are critical and showing up in hospitals?” McCullough has challenged the medical communities’ suppression of effective early treatments such as Ivermectin, and the “robust, complete and durable” qualities of natural immunity by those who already contracted COVID and recovered.

Could the state be hesitating because the breakthrough infections are coming from the vaccinated? A recent British study by the Department of Health & Social Care found the infection rate in double-vaccinated people in their 40s was 100% higher than in the unvaccinated. It’s higher for everyone over age 30, the study reported.

Or is it because with the Governor’s emergency order still in place, he can continue to govern by executive order and edict?

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Granite Bay) reports Gov. “Gavin Newsom is asking a Court of Appeals to remove the vaccine mandate for a union that gave him $1.75 million.”

“At least now we know his exact price,” Kiley said.

California’s Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly “expressed frustration with the pace of vaccination in a Sept. 28 letter to state employees, and urged employees to get vaccinated for their families, noting the vaccines are safe and effective and have helped keep the delta variant of the virus at bay,” MSN reported. But nowhere in the article did it say why Ghaly is pushing vaccines on children who have a 99.997% survival rate of COVID.

Notably, “The true vaccination rate could be higher than the reported 62% figure, even among the 213,000 employees included in the Human Resources Department’s data,” MSN reported.

Monday there is a protest at the State Capitol and a school walkout by parents, students and teachers throughout cities across the state, opposing school vaccine and mask mandates, as well as Critical Race Theory mandates, and sexualized school curriculum for K-12.

Many of the very frustrated parents are state employees.

While the governor still holds emergency powers, the people, voters, and parents say they are protesting contravention by politicians of the very basics promised and mandated in the state Constitution.

The Globe will be at the Capitol protest talking with parents, doing interviews, and will report on what the protestors are saying and doing.


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7 thoughts on “20 Months After State Closure to ‘Flatten the Curve’ California State Workers Still Working from Home

  1. Some people are getting sick from vaccines an Some dying. WHY AREN’T YOU published the millions of people that recovered from virus. . Be for vaccines. That causes variants I hear?

  2. Having state workers work from home – SAVES money – and if they can be productive there – why not?!
    I prefer state saves money – but not bloat the gov’t either. Selling off or buildings and cutting on leases is good for CA right?! but can we trust them with the savings?! that is the main question

      1. As a nurse ,!!! No I will not comply there is no scientific evidence for this bs and I am sure he would get rid of everything if he got enough money. He is a money hungry assphat and could give a shit about California people are leaving now and they will not be back things are out of control

  3. As more information on the safety and efficacy are released, we know that the “vaccinated” are in no better position than the “unvaxxed”. After day 20 the mRNA efficacy wanes.
    Are the employees willing to take a booster every 6 months to stay employed and not understand what the long terms side effects will be?
    Could this be the driver to work from home?
    The government response has been a disaster!
    As Ronald Reagan once famously said, “ The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

  4. It absolutely SLAYS me to see licensed medical doctors publicly declare that “this shot mandate is no different than any of the others that are required” to attend school or work…

    Are these people that ILL-INFORMED or are they that AFRAID that their licenses that they worked & sacrificed so much for will be taken away by Little Anthony and his band of merry health tyrannists…

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