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CA Attorney General Rob Bonta. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

AG Bonta Launches New Office of Gun Violence Prevention

‘Californians are least likely to die of a gunshot than in any other state in the U.S’

By Evan Symon, September 22, 2022 2:33 am

California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Wednesday the launch of a new branch of the California Department of Justice aimed at addressing gun violence in the state.

The new branch, to be known as the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, will develop strategies and work with stakeholders across California to address gun violence. Bonta, who called the amount of gun violence in California an epidemic, also noted that a nationwide search for the first Director is now underway and that a new website for the Office of Gun Violence Prevention has been launched. A press statement for the new office even began with the words ‘Gun violence is a true public health crisis that requires immediate and proactive attention.’

AG Bonta, appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, gave a statement on the new office on Wednesday, noting, “This moment of crisis demands more than thoughts and prayers — we need action now. That is why as California Attorney General, I am doubling down on California’s gun safety efforts: I am defending our commonsense gun safety laws in court and cracking down on the surge of untraceable ghost guns. I am proud to lead a team of special agents that remove firearms from the hands of dangerous individuals. And today, I am establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention to advance a strong, statewide, public health-focused effort as we continue working together to put an end to this crisis once and for all.”

At a press conference in Oakland, Bonta’s wife, Assemblywoman Mia Bonta (D-Oakland) added, “Gun violence is a national crisis, a state crisis, a local crisis, and a public health crisis. This year, gun violence has hit close to home with mass shootings blocks away from the State Capitol, shootings in close proximity to my district office, and shootings that have personally impacted members of my staff. Each gun violence tragedy sits heavy in my heart. I mourn with the families of the victims and wonder, what it will take to finally end this gun violence epidemic. The establishment of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention is a testament to the Attorney General also recognizing the need to elevate this matter statewide to identify comprehensive and effective solutions. I look forward to working with this office on this matter and I will continue to push for gun violence to be recognized as a public health crisis to develop a health-based approach to ensure that our communities have the resources available to uplift them from the root causes of gun violence.”

Heavy opposition against new gun violence prevention branch

Despite support from gun control organizations, many others heavily criticized the new department on Wednesday, saying that it is not needed and would only further restrict second amendment rights. Opponents also said that Californians are least likely to die of a gunshot than in any other state in the U.S., with a mass shooting being 25% less likely than anywhere else in the country.

“Bonta is crazy for doing this,” explained Xavier Rowe, a  gun violence statistician and legislation researcher in Dallas, to the Globe on Wednesday. “California doesn’t have the most restrictive laws, you’d have to go to others states in places like New England for that, but west of the Rockies, yeah, most restrictive.”

“And each year it tightens a bit more. In that past few years look at the new microstamping laws and Governor Newsom signing that gun law based on Texas’ abortion law. And now look. They’re trying to tie firearms in with public health. Through a new agency no less. They’re saying it is to reduce gun violence, but honestly, it seems like it won’t do anything.”

“Ask any responsible gun owner and they’re as horrified by the mass shooting incidents as any other person. But the thing to tackle is mental health here. Go to the root cause. Study these incidents. Look for early warning signs. Because, as we’ve seen in Europe and other places with restrictive gun laws, it doesn’t really stop these people. Look at how many prominent knife attacks and using a vehicle and, like with Shinzo Abe’s assassination in Japan, just building a gun out of things you can buy in a hardware store there have been. More government offices and red tape aren’t going to do much, if anything. We need real tried and true ways to reduce this via mental health services and studying these issues. But Bonta obviously isn’t doing the smart thing.”

As of Wednesday, there is currently no timetable in finding a new Director for the new agency.

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Evan Symon
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15 thoughts on “AG Bonta Launches New Office of Gun Violence Prevention

  1. Want to stop “gun violence”? Stop this “no bail” BS. Stop letting thousands of violent felons out of prison like Governor Climate Change has been doing the last few years. Not only will that have an effect on reducing “gun violence” but on reducing violence in general. Yes this demands “more than thoughts and prayers”.

    1. Agree completely, John. AG Bonta is a phony. He SHOULD know better but this is theatrical Dem nonsense and he willingly goes along with the Gang of Useful Idiots. Apparently it doesn’t matter if people die or are maimed for life or are law-abiding citizens put in a position of being utterly unable to defend themselves and their families. It’s really disgraceful but what did we expect from someone who was originally a Gavin Newsom appointee?
      Please Vote Nathan Hochman for Attorney General and you will see a change and discover, for perhaps the first time in a L-O-N-G time, what our State Attorney General is really supposed to be doing with his time and his office.

  2. Bonta and democRATS in this state are not to believed about anything to do with crime and violence, as long as they don’t enforce gun enhancements and gang enhancements in sentencing, and don’t send hoodlums illegally carrying and using firearms to long prison sentences. Anything else besides that is hot air and pandering in an election year.

  3. Hispanic gangs are biggest abusers of gun violence in our community. Hope he does not intend to use this additional layer of Deep State employment to harass legal gun owners, whom he now brands as “white extremist domestic terrorists”, while giving the lethal hispanic gangs their continued free pass. If it were not for the lavish trials of gang members in our community, you could run the DA’s office on bake sale profits.

    Gang crime means full employment for the criminal justice deep state: Judge, jury, DA, Asst DA’s, police officers testimony, expert witnesses, public defenders, translators, bailiffs, court personnel and enhanced trial security screening. All to ensure gang bangers with lists of priors as long as your arm get a “fair trial” – and the deep state gets full their reimbursement.

  4. Red flag alert! Stakeholders? Just who are they? Odds are they are all radical left gun grabbing groups hand picked by the Democrats. Not one responsible gun owner or group such as the NRA or CRPA will have any voice at all.

    When leftists announce such a move the outcome is predetermined. All the rest is a show for the useful idiots.

    Good thing for us and bad thing for them, the US Constitution will not be overturned by this poltiburo.

  5. Maybe AG Bonta’s task force can investigate whether the two handguns that were recently stolen from Democrat Congresswoman Karen Bass’ LA house were registered and properly stored by her?

  6. Both Rob and Mia Bonta are the problem, not the guns. This is why I am running against Mia Bonta for State Assembly. What California needs is a cultural change. If this state was still a industrial, agricultural productive state we would not have the violence and crime. If this state had an education system which was developing the minds and souls of our children inspiring them to do good for humanity, we would not have the violence and crime. It is not the gun that kills. The creation of this office is another crime against humanity by the Bonta team, as well as all their support for cannabis. Why has Rob Bonta not gone after the drug cartels and stop the Fentanyl, he has the power to do that? . Why does California allow you to steal up to $950 worth of goods from any store? It is time to get at the source of the problem, vote out the Rob and Mia Bonta in the November 8 election. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican candidate for State Assmebly 18–I am running against Mia Bonta

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