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Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. (Photo: Kevin Kiley for Assembly)

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley May Enter California Recall Election

‘We endeavor not just to fire America’s worst governor but to save America’s greatest state’

By Katy Grimes, June 8, 2021 2:42 pm

The California Assemblyman who wrote the book, “Recall Newsom: The Case Against America’s Most Corrupt Governor” is reportedly considering entering the recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Granite Bay) published the book earlier this year, and has traveled to all corners of the state promoting the book, speaking to groups and meeting with supporters. And everywhere he goes, people beg him to run for governor.

Articles at the Globe about Kiley include readers’ comments telling him to run for Governor.

Kiley has had a very busy year between writing and publishing the book, preparing for court in his lawsuit with Assembly colleague James Gallagher. The two sued Gov. Gavin Newsom over his abuse of California’s emergency powers and “one man rule,” as Kiley and Gallagher say in their lawsuit.

Kiley says he got involved with the Recall in a supporting role “to help support the countless Californians who worked tirelessly, heroically, to build the greatest citizens movement in our history. I didn’t do so with any intention of being a candidate.”

Kiley’s quasi-announcement from his blog:

“As I’ve traveled the state, I’ve had the chance to meet many of you in person. I’ve listened to your input, and have learned so much. I’ve thought about what it will take to get our movement across the finish line. And I’m ready to play whatever role gives us the greatest chance to make that happen.”

“To that end, Orrin Heatlie, the Lead Proponent of the Recall, has offered to organize a committee of Recall leaders to explore that question: whether my candidacy would best serve the goals of removing Newsom and bringing the fundamental change California needs.”

Kiley’s blogCapitol Quagmire” has become quite popular as he writes posts about inner machinations in the Legislature, updates from the Recall, lawsuit updates, among other updates. Kiley is known for his knowledge of the law, rational responses to legislative lunacy, straight talk, sensibilities, and a straight, strong spine.

An excerpt from his recent blog post “Newsom Spins His Wheels” is enlightening:

“Yesterday Gavin Newsom spun a giant wheel of fortune in a scene that brought cartoon parodies to life. Then in an instant, he went from Pat Sajak to Julius Caesar.”

“’We’re still in a state of emergency,’ Newsom declared. Chillingly, he added that ‘the emergency remains in effect after June 15’ because COVID ‘has not vanished.’ Since cases may never equal zero, this can only mean one thing: an unending dictatorship in the Roman mold.”

“Newsom’s press office then lied about what he said, prompting sharp rebukes from the Sacramento Bee, LA Times, NPR, and other journalists who aren’t quite ready to succumb to a 1984-style Ministry of Truth.”

Kiley is a fighter and uses all of the tools in his tool chest to push back against the abusive governor including trying again to pass ACR 196, his Resolution to terminate Newsom’s emergency powers. “But frankly, his refusal to end the emergency hardly matters: either way he’ll keep abusing his power until he’s removed from office.”

The Recall is getting really interesting. As Kiley notes, “At this point, much about the race remains unsettled. That includes the election date, which is looking like September but could be November. The field is also still taking shape. For instance, former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell is still considering a bid, and he’d be an immediate frontrunner.”

As Kiley concludes, “Running for Governor is never something undertaken lightly, and that’s especially true at this moment. Any candidate must approach the task with the greatest measure of humility and the highest sense of responsibility.”

“But also, with a sense of possibility: an earnest excitement for what we can achieve together, as we endeavor not just to fire America’s worst governor but to save America’s greatest state.”

“We’ve already made history. Now comes the fight for California’s future.”

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6 thoughts on “Assemblyman Kevin Kiley May Enter California Recall Election

  1. Assassination would remove Gruesome the fastest and would likely be easier and less expensive. Not that I would suggest such a thing (wink/nod).

  2. Kevin Kiley has stood up for us the citizens time after time during this unconstitutional lockdown! He would have my vote!

  3. Additionally, it has not yet been established whether an annual Covid 19 booster will be needed, but the U. s. Surgeon General is already recommending it. Comrade Newsome may anticipate no end in sight to his astonishing mishandling/ruination of this State.

  4. While I’m going with Kevin Faulconer based on his experience running California’s second-largest city, Kiley would be my second choice. I’ve gained a lot of respect for him when he became one of the most vocal opponents of AB 5. Maybe a run as Lieutenant Governor first, then on to the Governorship.

  5. PLEASE do it! Kevin Key has done more to fight for Ca than anyone in the last four years. Please run for Governor!

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